Barrett Introduces “Fieldcraft” Bolt Action Hunting Rifle


When you think of the name “Barrett” what usually pops to mind is a firearm that is closer to field artillery than your grandfather’s hunting gun. Barrett is looking to change that this year, launching a line of fine sporting shotguns at SHOT Show. Now at NRA they’re showing a lightweight bolt action hunting rifle specifically designed for the civilian sporting market dubbed the “Fieldcraft” line . . .


On paper the gun looks pretty good. The stainless steel receiver is hand bedded into every lightweight carbon fiber stock, making for a strong and durable rifle that should do extremely well in any environment. The fluted bolt not only reduces the overall weight but also looks amazing. And the bolt handle is a finely polished stainless steel work of art that is visually striking.


In the hand, the gun is a little different. The bolt is difficult to work, feeling heavier than many of the other competitors in this market. The action is somewhat smooth but definitely not smooth enough — it needs some additional polishing in my opinion. Finally the trigger is set a bit heavy for my taste.

Barrett has set the MSRP for the Fieldcraft rifle at $1,799. For that money I expect a damn fine gun, and the final production version of this rifle might fit that description. The problem for Barrett is that companies like Tikka and Sauer keep raising the bar, cranking out remarkably good rifles at a fraction of the MSRP that Barrett is asking. We’ll have to see if the final product is worth the money in its own right or if you’re just paying extra for the Barrett brand.


  1. avatar jwm says:

    Ruger American. Under 500 bucks and no problems.

    1. avatar Anner says:

      Same. Even those flimsy polymer mags have functioned 100% for me.

  2. avatar billy-bob says:

    Heavy, difficult to work bolt, crappy trigger… they’ve stuck a Mosin in a carbon fiber stock for the low, low price of $1800. Pass.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    “Lightweight carbon fiber” is often a euphemism for “whippy as a puppy dog’s tail.”

  4. avatar James in AZ says:

    Given my Costa grip square stance, my wrist hurts seeing that grip

  5. avatar Robert Duchien says:

    Manufacturers should work on straight-pull receivers that will accept all the ar15 barrels, bolts, bolt carriers and fcgs. Will need a non-Stanag magazine. Strip those soon-to-be illegal AR15s down and make a nice non-semiauto shooter with those high dollar bling parts. No pistol grips, please – too military-looking.

    1. avatar Steve in MA (Now RI) says:

      K31 in 5.56? Eh, Keep it .30 cal and I’m interested. But not as long as K31 or k11 are below the $1500 minimum it would cost to produce.

  6. avatar Some Bloke says:

    Another Barret dumpster fire. Overpriced nothing special with the kind of easy to identify shortcomings common to a package gun. Take a R700 clone then ruin it and flute the bolt and charge double.

  7. avatar Rimfire says:

    For less than half that price you can have a new Winchester model 70 that is superior in every way.

  8. avatar Wibbins says:

    Dear gun industry, there are more people that can afford a gun under 400-500 than those who can 1700. It’s like shotshow or any gun manufacturer/reporter circle jerk don’t care that >70% of their customer bsse cannot afford the guns, but damn it they sure will try to swindle fools out of 2k for an ar just because of the name.

    I bought a winchester model 70 .30-06 for 300 bucks, and I’m building an ar for less than 400

  9. avatar A A Ron says:

    Next year Barrett will unveil a new line of pistols – their own versions of a 1911, a striker fired pistol Glock-style, and a truly retro Webley style revolver.

  10. avatar Greg H says:

    Some of u guys are full of crap. I own a Fieldcraft and it is as close to perfect as u can get. Some of u complained and had never seen one, much less handled one.
    Anyway ur ignorance is evident.

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