Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Jo Ad


Lawyer? Paralegal? Parole Officer? We don’t know what Jo Ad does for a living…he/she simply describes it as ‘legal’. Which is probably better than illegal. What we do know is we like his/her choice of gear. Functional. Reliable. Versatile. Easy to carry. We’d like to know, however, where he/she stows that baton. Check out his/her Everyday Carry gear details below . . .

  1. ASP P12 Baton
  2. Knives ship free pocket shealth.
  3. Swiss Army Tinkerer. 
  4. NSR Tactical Holster
  5. Nightcore MH12
  6. Extra Mag. Underwood xtreme defender 90 grain. 
  7. Round eye knife. Hobbit fang. 
  8. M&P Shield 9mm.


  1. avatar wrightl3 says:

    ” We’d like to know, however, where he/she stows that baton.” In the Tactical Anal Baton Holster of course. Right next to the field notes.

    1. avatar Shocktastic says:


  2. avatar defensor fortismo says:

    The baton in question actually comes with a pocket clip, I have the 16 inch version and it fits easily into a cargo pocket.

    1. avatar Sian says:

      Even a 21″ baton isn’t that hard to carry in pants with deep front pockets.

  3. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Solid set up.

    I really like the baton. No batons for us in Texas.

    Never understood that; I can shoot an attacker, I just can’t womp the attacker in the head. Unless it is improvised, then womp away.

    1. avatar LKB says:

      Yup. There’s a great post-Heller RTK&BA case that I think could be made on this.

  4. avatar Anner says:

    Batons can snap a femur if given a solid full-range swing, or do nothing if the BG catches your arm with his hand. There is a narrow standoff distance where batons excel. Anything farther or closer and they’re useless. I’ve taken ASP training, hoping this would be the perfect answer to CHL-restrictive areas, and I saw how limited they are. That said, I’ve carried one in places I knew I may run into dogs. Better to smack an aggressive dog and send Fido home relatively unharmed than to irreversibly draw and fire. Circumstances permitting, of course.

    And a huge fan of that Nitecore. Almost identical to the P12 or Fenix PD35, my EDC lights.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      Your description is accurate. Batons are supremely limited in their effective functionality and anytime I see a mall-ninja trying to figure out a reason for carrying one without understanding their limitations I roll my eyes. This example is funny because that one is small enough that it is even more useless. The dog example is better than most I hear but pepper spray is probably a much better choice, to be honest.

      1. avatar Sian says:

        Pepper spray is the go-to for animals. More effective against a dog than a person.

        Batons have their place, but it’s a narrow place.

  5. avatar Dr Brainwash says:

    You know. I honestly want a shock baton.

  6. avatar Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the post. Hopefully soon patent law when i pass the bar exam.

    I recently changed from knife to baton for a backup. Deployment is a gross motor movement, more reach, looks like a light in the pocket, and the p12 was affordable. Ill always have a knife, but something smaller. Thinking about a bark river featherweight hunter in elmax. 2.6 ounces.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      As a backup? What possible circumstance is going to arise where you need a backup to a gun and a cute little baton will suffice?

      1. avatar Jonathan says:

        Yes, nonleathal option. If you only have a hammer, all you see is nails. After starting to do some hand to hand classes, i.e systema, i realized i might want to try other options other than a knife.

        1. avatar Anner says:

          Given a choice between a baton and a knife for a fight, I’d also go baton and understand that once within hugging distance it’s at best a pry bar.

          And, of course, a pistol would easily top both. Even with a BG grappling around, as long as I have one hand free I can use it, same as any other defensive weapon.

        2. avatar Dr Brainwash says:

          Oh, so you buy the Antis argument that carrying a gun suddenly makes you think differently? Well, then I guess that ass whipping baton your bad self wants to carry is just going to magically make you want to walk around an hit people.

        3. avatar Jonathan says:

          The gun is a last resort when lethal force is justified. There are going to be other times when you need to defend yourself that lethal force is not justified. Thus, I am seeking out other options and tools for my toolbox. A gun may be the ultimate self defense tool, however it has its limitations. Im not sure how being more prepared makes me buy into anti-gun agreements. It is better to be more prepared and trained than have one tool that you plan on relying for everything.

  7. avatar Hannibal says:

    This ‘everyday carry’ photo has two knives, a gun (extra mag), a flashlight and a baton but no cell phone?

    I am disappointed there’s no field notes. Check yo swag.

    1. avatar Jonathan says:

      Phone took the pic?

      1. avatar Sian says:

        Reminder to self: look for ‘field notes’ wrapper for phone.

  8. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    One of these days I’m going to get my photo in for the ECPDD, but first I need to pick up a pistol grip pump shotgun, S&W X frame, machete, and tactical tomahawk. Then I’ll be ready.

  9. avatar Larry says:

    I had a Round Eye Hobbits Fang. Nice knife , certainly not common . I Gave mine to a fellow forum member on USN for his kid to use .my cord wrap was a bit different .

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