Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Erik


Ah, the XD Mod.2. Small, shootable, concealable, and in .45 cal, it packs a punch. Erik carries his in a snazzy Reign Tactical rig with a durable Spyderco Pacific Salt blade. Check out the rest of his EDC collection at Everyday Carry.


  1. avatar Deano says:

    Clark Kent’s glasses?

  2. avatar 38Specialist says:

    Wear glasses if you need ’em. – Webb Wilder

  3. avatar Lucas D. says:

    How are you finding these? I don’t see any section of the site dedicated to showing off people’s individual loadouts, and they only seem to post pictures on their main page that don’t include any guns.

    1. avatar Ing says:

      TTAG has a content-sharing deal with everydaycarry.com; they link to TTAG’s gun and gear reviews, and we get a daily gun-related EDC post here (presumably generating revenue for both sites).

      You can see a ton of gun loadouts by clicking on the little “firearms” tag below the photos at everydaycarry.com. Makes for some interesting browsing.

      1. avatar Lucas D. says:

        I knew about everydaycarry.com, I just wish it was a little easier to find their full collection of submitted pocket dumps, because the way to locate them on their site isn’t even close to obvious.

      2. avatar Lucas D. says:

        Holy crap, anybody else see the guy with the UZI pistol, the wad of Benjamins, and the Trojan Magnums?

        Dan, you’ve gotta put that guy on an EDC of the Day. The comments will be hilarious.

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:


          (I must say, tho- it would be hilarious to come up with a good parody EDC and see if they will post it…)

        2. avatar Lucas D. says:


          Between the aforementioned items, the floor cleaner, the floppy disk and the 7-sided dice, I’m pretty sure he’s kidding, but I also really hope he isn’t.

  4. avatar Hannibal says:

    Would be the advantage of having a cutout in the holster like that? Seems like a way to get crud on your gun.

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