UPDATE: Entertainment Industries Council Removes Anti-Gun “Depiction Suggestions” From Its Website

In a recent post — The Entertainment Industries Council: Hollywood’s Anti-Gun Star Chamber — the NRA revealed a low-profile Hollywood-based anti-gun rights org. “The EIC provides those in the entertainment industry with a list of ‘Depiction Suggestions’ for how firearms should be portrayed on television and in film. Of the more than 30 ‘suggestions,’ a handful target the criminal misuse of firearms. However, the vast majority seek to portray legitimate firearm ownership as destructive and dangerous.” You can read the “best” of those suggestions at the link above. Meanwhile, know this: the EIC has pulled the webpage. Somehow I don’t think that’s the end of it. You? [h/t DrVino] UPDATE: The EIC has re-posted the page!


  1. avatar Big Jim says:

    The reason why they’ve done this is simple,It’s because they realized That we will not watch The shows depicting so-called Heroes using guns unsafely on TV and in movies. There’s no place in the entertainment industry for anti-gun Bullshit! We the people will not put up with watching crap that depicts anti-gun bullshit on our television which we paid to watch Exclamation point I have completely stopped watching TV that depicts Unsafe gun handling An anti-gun bullshit Including the media Exclamation point We should all boycott The media industrial complex that promotes anti-gun bullshit Exclamation point

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      I think your talk-to-text program needs a software update.

      1. avatar dave s says:

        Pleads autocorrection software?

  2. avatar younggun21 says:

    Bad PR? Old information that needed updating? Perhaps the NRA has more sway over the liberal elite in Hollywood than previously thought. Or it will just go under the table rather than being available to public eye for scrutiny.

  3. avatar Mr. 308 says:

    Hang on, is this like they don’t want us to see their internal-ish plotting and planning?

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?

    Eff them, they get none of my money anyway.

  4. avatar Wood says:

    Looks like they couldn’t stand the sunshine. Too bad this president and his flunkies have such capable sunscreen.

  5. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    This seems like something that was hidden because it unmasked the propaganda machine.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Yup, man behind the curtain is running for cover. What you see…didn’t happen. Supposedly.

  6. avatar Robby Wilshire says:

    Holy Ghost of Goebbels Batman that was too easy!
    Quite right boy wonder, I doubt we have seen the last of those bastards

  7. avatar Reggie Browning says:

    Well… This is certainly surprising. I wasn’t even surprised at the list if depictions. They seem like standard Hollywood BS. I can’t think of any reason they would want to take down the suggestions.

  8. avatar knightofbob says:

    I’m curious how Disney is going to put the anti-gun spin on the inevitable Punisher series.

    1. avatar Joshua Graham says:

      Karen Page packs a .380. Frank is, like, good choice.

      Iris West packed a Sig (239?) and fought off Dr. Light.

      Major Lillywhite dispatched a ton of zeds with illegal arms.

      And Wade tookout the big bad with a .25.

      Sometimes Hollywood surprises you.

      1. avatar knightofbob says:

        Karen also had a moment of, “this guy killed a murderer, but he used a GUN!” I thought it was a little sloppy. Well, most of the season was at least a little sloppy. Four times now I’ve watched Frank Castle struggle to insert a mag into an AR, then casually smack its side like he was giving it a congratulatory pat on the butt. I don’t know what that was supposed to be (I think I know what it was SUPPOSED to be), but it was painful. Granted, I forgive a lot for that prison fight (shades of Oldboy, in a good way). And that last scene with Stick: just got used to the idea of hating Stick and he pulled a flawless Adrian Paul. I don’t expect a lot from my superheroes, I’m just happy to be surprised from time to time.

        I’ll admit it’s going to take a lot to get me to stop watching. Marvel has been picking up actors and directors who seem completely wrong for the part (other than Robert Downey, I can’t think of a more fitting choice for a superhero with a substance abuse problem) yet generally knocking it out of the park. Here’s hoping Guardians 2 has more hints of Super, Dr. Strange gets to have black magic, and Frank Castle gets to shoot without moralizing his choice of weapon. Oh, and can we get a Squirrel Girl?

        1. avatar Joshua Graham says:

          Good comments. Brother from another mother? But the fact that Karen was using just a typical mouse gun and it was viewed as a positive? But, yeah, Shane, I mean, Frank, gotta work his reloads!

          And, yeah, Stick is an asshole but his heart’s in the right place. In the end, well, there can be only one. The Hand gotta get served and Scott, like Adrian, can really sell that sh*t. (Matt Murdock = Richie?) The fact he must be pushing 70+ and can still pull off action hero is pretty cool.


        2. avatar knightofbob says:

          Hey, Josh, I can’t always afford it, but I like to buy a random bourbon when I travel. My hope is that the recipient is someone I was friends with online. A guy once picked up my tab at Zaxby’s because I was in uniform, and I try to pay back that little kindness. I hope one of the random Maker’s Marks went to you.

          And here we are, the Princes of the Universe.

  9. avatar RD says:

    The site is still available.

    1. avatar CentralIL says:

      Yep. It is for me too.

      1. avatar Patrick says:

        Here too

  10. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Although it would be nice if these roaches scurried for dark places when the light got turned on them, I can still see to page AnOregonian pointed out.

  11. avatar AnOregonian says:

    And as an aside, I’m actually shocked that they left a major one off their list of suggestions: “depict a gun as being so easy to use they’ll expertly (but accidentally) dispatch innocent people with ease but contradictorily that guns are so hard to use that one would be nothing but incompetent against bad guys.”

    Maybe they left it off because it’s such an old tried and true tactic?

    1. avatar Wood says:

      Right, anyone who flips the switch from suburban father to total psycho is portrayed as an expert in dealing death. But the good guys are all Don Knots.

  12. avatar 10mm says:

    Does anyone NOT know how to use The Pirate Bay? Seriously, I’ll help you. Download a browser with a built in bit-torrenting client, my personal favorite is Torch.
    Go to a torrent host site like TPB and search for whatever.
    Click “get this torrent”.

    1. avatar Wood says:

      Dude, I don’t even know what you’re talking about, let alone know how to use it.

    2. avatar Publius says:

      You mean the FBI Bay that’s been known to be monitored for months now? Yeah, have fun with that.

  13. avatar Achmed says:

    The other day my (gun ambivalent) wife mentioned “You know it’s funny all the hot shows people like to watch (like TWD) are not on the networks anymore”. Yeah no shit, gee I wonder why.


  14. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Interfered with profits.

  15. avatar Sian says:

    Still up so far as I can see.

  16. avatar Hank says:

    These must be the hacks writing Hawaii Five-O scripts.

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      I know, right? Those morons never pass up an opportunity to take a dig at gun owners.

  17. avatar FedUp says:

    Oops, we exposed our true plans!
    Get that off the public web site, pronto!

  18. avatar THC says:

    Mat Dillon, steps into the dusty Dodge City streat, turns his cowboy hat backwards, grabs his crotch n whips out his “peacemaker”, holds it sideways, an kills the bad guy we never see

  19. avatar Frank in Spokane says:

    “Meanwhile, know this: the EIC has pulled the webpage.”

    Then what’s this?


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