TTAG On the Air: RF Talks TTAG’s Comments on 2A Today


Podcast producer and TTAG comment section denizen YaDaddy runs the popular 2A Today podcast. He recently wrangled our maximum leader into an hour of gabbing about firearms, gun rights and the brilliance of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia as expressed every day in our comments section. It’s a fun listen that’s definitely worth your time (click here to listen).


  1. avatar Caveman says:

    Tried to listen to it, but the caves walls r interferring with download data

    1. avatar YaDaddy says:

      Heidi Ho! Glad to see this one “run up the TTAG pole.” Thanks Dan for the notice and thanks to RF for his participation. He delivered a surprising and impressive performance.
      If you like this one there’s a part two of TTAG comments in the works with another special guest joining us to help read your comments.

      If you find the direct links inconvenient and prefer to listen on your handheld device you can catch episode 40 and subscribe to 2AToday at the following online venues:

      Search “2AToday” at the following outlets or use the direct links:

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      Android or Windows devices – Stitcher radio or tunein radio apps

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  2. avatar JustAMan says:

    Ignore my comment

  3. avatar JustAMan says:

    I tried to delete my last comment… Wouldn’t let me.

  4. avatar Chris T from Ya 1q22 says:

    I will add it to my growing list of gun freedom podcast I listen to.
    Thanks for the tip.

    1. avatar YaDaddy says:

      Thanks Chris!

      Be sure to catch the back catalog of shows. Some great guest experts in there, including episode 39 with David Codrea talking about the “ATF, the devil you know.” David reveals some previously unheard details around the “Fast and Furious” scandal in that episode.

  5. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    As a true gun geek, I listened to this while tuning up my .22 mag. Installing a new scope, cleaning, etc…
    That was pretty neat.

  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    Listened to the whole thing.

    Ralph is in trouble. 2A Today references a comment Ralph said that was simply too inappropriate to read. Robert even said he should have caught and deleted it.

    Lots of good comments from Chip Bennett of course as well as Silver, Accur81, Joe R, Cliff H and many others.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      It ain’t Ralph’s first rodeo. He’ll be OK.

    2. avatar Ralph says:

      Hey, RF said I’m a nice guy. I certainly can’t argue with that.

    3. avatar Cliff H says:

      God podcast and I enjoyed hearing my comment read, even though RF took some exception to my point. The second comment attributed to me, however, was not actually anything I wrote. I was a late bloomer. Whoever actually wrote that one, I got a chuckle from it and I regret you did not get the credit you deserve.

      Note: The comment was a quote I took from the video attached to the article.

    4. avatar Cliff H says:

      As a response to RF’s concerns over the post attributed to me that he took some exception with:

      I was making the point that you, as an acknowledged Second Amendment purist should appreciate, that there is no provision in the Second Amendment for the government to determine any circumstances under which a person may be deprived of their Second Amendment protected right to keep and bear arms. This includes scary people such as those with potentially dangerous mental disorders. Where we agree on this is that if someone exhibits that level of instability they should be hospitalized and monitored to protect themselves and others, but this is strictly a medical condition, not something under the purview of the government directly. Historically there are too many cases where a government has claimed this authority and abused it to oppress their political enemies.

      My over-all thesis is that the Second Amendment was intended as an absolute injunction against the government interfering in any way with the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This includes people that many may find scary, be they punks, thugs, or clinically insane. The protection of the RKBA exists so that every person can, if necessary, protect themselves and others from those hazards when they are imminent – innocent until proven guilty. In a well armed society one would have to be truly insane to attempt any sort of murderous attack on the public, but until that attack commences the government has no authority to enjoin the person from exercising their Second Amendment protected right any more than it has the right to muzzle a street-corner fire and brimstone preacher.

      “The right of the people to keep and bear arms is a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right not subject to the democratic process nor considerations of social utility.” (Paraphrased and probably not 100% correct.) Government commitment of the mentally ill and/or the denial of their Second Amendment protected rights is the very definition of “social utility”.

      “If you concede that the the government has the authority to create, maintain and enforce a list of people who, in the opinion of the very government the Second Amendment was intended to protect us from, may not exercise their right to keep and bear arms, how will you keep your name off of that list?”

      1. avatar YaDaddy says:

        Oooh Cliff H. That last bit just got copied and pasted into the list for the next episode of 2AToday featuring TTAG comments or maybe the quote at the end of another show. Excellent stuff, my friend.

        Wait a minute…was that you quoting someone else again?

        1. avatar Cliff H says:

          Thank you for the compliment and for your podcast. That quote is 100% mine and is an evolution from the original idea you quoted previously. As a 2A absolutist we cannot concede any authority to the government regarding RKBA without getting a peek at the camel’s nose. Although in this regard I suspect the better metaphor would be the camel backing into the tent.

  7. I rarely listen to podcasts, but this time I did and it was actually rather enjoyable, if you don’t mind listening to people preaching to the choir, as they say.

    1. avatar YaDaddy says:

      I refer to it as “yelling at the choir.” I yell at gun owners about their 2A rights.

      It took a year or so to figure it out, but the mission of 2AToday is to educate the PotG about everything 2A. The past three years doing the show has been a serious education for me and I hope to bring that to other converts. See our “NFA is not OK” series (#32-36) or the “Shooting Blind” episode (#28) for the best examples.

    2. avatar Cliff H says:

      Just because you are in the choir does not mean you are not a sinner.

  8. avatar Jake_in_AK says:

    So this comment has nothing to do with this post- I’m just not sure where else to voice this complaint.

    I love reading TTAG. I’ve been reading TTAG for several years. I almost can’t read any articles anymore. Not because of content- because of ads.
    My iPhone is my only connection to the Internet, ISP’s not being interested in providing services where I live, and I don’t work in a computer friendly environment.
    When I open TTAG I can’t scroll past the first block of ads before the page freezes and crashes, giving me the “this page had a problem, and so was reloaded.” message.
    I can’t click through more than three posts before the page is force closed and the Apple App Store is opened to some crap game or another. When I reopen safari TTAG is gone and some add tracker page is open.
    This is getting bad enough that it’s alomst not worth fighting the adds to read the otherwise excellent articles.
    I’ve tried third party browsers, and various add blockers to no avail, and ensured my phone is malware free.
    While I understand that TTAG, along with being an excellent blog, is a business. To make money, they must sell advertising space, under the current model. However, having advertisers who’s ads turn readers away is counter productive.
    If I am the only one with this issue, then it’s rather a non-issue for TTAG, but I don’t think I am.

    It’s been brought up before, but I’d like to encourage Robert and the other staff at TTAG to consider an add free mobile friendly paid version of TTAG. I assume it hasent happened yet because the perceived revenu from such a mirror site was thought to not break even, but such subscription services have been successful for other blog type sites, even when the subscription provided no additional content to the subscriber verses the free, add supported versions.

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      Sweet Jesus, you wrote all that on an IPhone?

      When I open TTAG I can’t scroll past the first block of ads before the page freezes and crashes, giving me the “this page had a problem, and so was reloaded.” message.

      I have a brand new IPhone 6s+ (iOS ver 9.1) and I get this error only when I zoom in on the page. I will admit my last phone, iPhone 5, crashed occasionally on the TTAG site. Not quite with the frequency you are describing however.

      I can’t click through more than three posts before the page is force closed and the Apple App Store is opened to some crap game or another. When I reopen safari TTAG is gone and some add tracker page is open.

      On my old phone, this happened to me occasionally, on my new phone – this never happens.

    2. avatar lowhouse5 says:

      “I can’t click through more than three posts before the page is force closed and the Apple App Store is opened to some crap game or another. When I reopen safari TTAG is gone and some add tracker page is open.”

      ^^This^^ It has gotten really bad lately. To the point I won’t open TTAG on my phone anymore.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:


      2. avatar YaDaddy says:

        The ads with audio are the ones that get up my rear end.

    3. avatar AdamTA1 says:

      That’s weird I’ve never once had an issue with TTAG on my iPhone. Every time someone has complained about the ads I’ve assumed it was someone pulling it up from a PC. I’ve always gotten the “Go here to make this bigger” or “look at these pictures what she did will surprise you” ads but they’re just picture ads you can click on no auto play anything in my iPhone or iPad for that matter. I wonder what the difference is.

  9. avatar CarlosT says:

    Nice feature. Do you think you’ll be back to go over some more “greatest hits” in the future?

    1. avatar YaDaddy says:

      If you’re talking about another episode of 2AToday dedicated to TTAG comments…you betcha! There is one in the works with a familiar name lined up to help us read the comments that I hunt for here just about every day. Stay tuned to the show, so you won’t miss it. We recorded this episode late last year and it had a December release. Subscribe to the show at iTunes, stitcher radio pot tunein radio and you won’t Have to wait.

  10. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Enjoyed it, thanks!

  11. avatar Geoff PR says:

    Now here is a true rarity.

    A podcast that is actually interesting *and* listenable.


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