Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Owen


Another tech guy, another concealed carrier. This tim it’s Owen and his GLOCK 42. Plenty shootable and eminently pocketable. Check out the rest of what he’s carrying Everyday Carry.


  1. avatar Geoff PR says:

    That Gerber EAB Lite is a really neat little inexpensive box cutter, I had a chance to play with one.


    A minimalist design, made in stainless, can double as a money clip, and is less than 10 bucks.

    Since I’m a Spaz when it comes to sharpening, it’s nice to just pop in a new blade.

    If you go somewhere where you get wanded, you can just toss the blade, instead of the whole knife.

    Overall, a neat concept…

    1. avatar Missouri Mule says:

      A few of the old style EAB’s (shown) are still available and are lighter to carry.

  2. avatar Jaffas says:

    I guess I am too simple. No offense to others intended. I carry a Hi Point C9 which I have 1000 plus rounds through. I like its weight, the way it feels, the way it shoots and accuracy. I also carry a 3 1/2 ” folding blade Buck Knife.

  3. avatar Art out West says:

    What does everybody think about pocket carrying a Glock 43 (the 9mm not the 42 in .380)? Is it doable? I generally pocket carry a J-Frame 642 and occasionally a P3AT when the 642 is too big. For me, the J-Frame works great 90% or more of the time. Is there a 9mm auto that matches that? I don’t trust the Diamondback, and am not sure if I trust the PF9. Anybody pocket carry a Glock 43, LC9, Shield?

    1. avatar HB says:

      I think that all 3 of those (G43, LC9, Shield) are going to be a tad big for pocket carry. Unless your’re a big dude wearing pants with big pockets. I’m 175lb and 6″, and other than putting it in a cargo pocket, I can’t get away with comfortable pocket carry with any of those 3.

      1. avatar Art out West says:

        That is kind of what I’ve thought as well, hence the 642. The J-Frame seems to hit a sweet spot for pocket carry. I do feel much more comfortable with the .38 revolver than I do with my P3AT.

    2. The G43 is my EDC, but I find it a tad too large for pocket carry. It’s doable, but I prefer something slightly smaller. Nick, however, is a good four inches taller and pockets his 43 all the time. So there you go.

      1. avatar Art out West says:

        Thanks for the input Dan. I’m tall like Nick, and tend to wear pants with larger pockets. Maybe I could make it work.

  4. avatar Shire-man says:

    What?!?! No four flashlights, three guns, seven knives, two multi-tools?
    From what I’ve seen of the EDC blog this guy is doing it wrong. He needs at least thirty more pounds of crap in his pockets. Thirty pounds of hipster “minimalist” crap.

  5. avatar Wood says:

    PM9 in a Recluse holster. A little heavy for light shorts, works fine in a back pocket or front pocket with sturdier fabrics.

  6. avatar Greg says:

    I sent an email and didn’t get a response so I will ask here.

    Why do I get emails about new articles that are never published to the website? The article about smart guns being an example.

    1. Occasionally we’ll mistakenly hit the publish button when we mean to hit the save draft button. Our fault.

  7. avatar Missouri Mule says:

    The Gerber “EAB” exchange a blade razor knife is a great EDC addition. I have carried the very same knife for over 8 years. I took the clip off to make it lighter and more compact.

  8. avatar JTPhilly says:

    I love the keysmart pictured here. Mine has been been great.

  9. avatar Rob says:

    I absolutely love my Sig P938 for Pocket carry in the winter and OWB with a suit. P229R in .40 for everything else. I love the idea of that Gerber too, sharpening knives gets old fast. Especially when you avoid cutting things for fear of damaging the blade.

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