Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Joshua Koonts


Nothing fancy…just simple, effective utility. That’s apparently the way Joshua Koonts rolls with what he describes as his “bare essentials.” He carries his Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in a DeSantis SOF-TUK (a holster I just received and will be reviewing soon). Get the details on the rest of Joshua’s gear at Everyday Carry.


  1. avatar Brent says:

    I use that same flashlight for my EDC. Good choice. Coast makes a good product at a great price. I have one of their knives with me most of the time too.

    1. avatar HandyDan says:

      That light works well for you? The reason I ask is I was using one of those lights for my light at work, and after I dropped it 3-4 feet a couple of times, it only worked intermittently for me. I am wondering if I just got a bad one and should give Coast a try again.

      1. avatar Brent says:

        I have two Coast HX5 Single AAA lights. The one I use for EDC/work has been with me for about a year and a half now without any issues. I work in Law Enforcement so it sees hard daily use and has been dropped a few times, but still works like new. Try contacting coast about your light. They have a great warranty.

      2. avatar AdamTA1 says:

        I’ve had a coast headlamp burn up while on my head in a crawl space. It’s unlikely I will ever own a coast product again. Seeing sparks fall in your face when you’re crawling around in dirt and soon to be dark is disconcerting.

  2. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    I love me some Kershaw knives.

    Good choice. Especially, if it’s one of the American made ones.

  3. avatar LordGopu says:

    I have the glassbreaker version of that knife and so far I like it more than a lot of other popular knives (like the griptilian). Nice to have a glass breaker on it too though it can shred clothes if you don’t position it right.

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