Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Alex Borelli


Alex, a firefighter and paramedic, sticks with what works. Namely, the trusty Smith & Wesson 642 in a Galco Pocket Holster and couple of speed loaders. What’s more reliable than that? See the details on the rest of his loadout at Everyday Carry.


  1. avatar BLoving says:

    Paramedic (re: huge pockets) . That would explain it…

  2. avatar Carl says:

    Yesterday was the first day of spring. Today, it has been snowing for several hours. When spring weather catches up with the calendar, my EDC will switch from a 6-shot Taurus 856 38 snub in an OWB pancake, to a snubbier Charter arms Undercover in a pocket holster. Pocket carry for OFWGs still buying Levi’s 501s in college days size ain’t so good, however the baggier Wranglers accommodate pocket carry better. Pretty much any kind of slacks or casual shorts makes pocket carry a breeze with a j-frame size revolver.

    No matter what, the K frames stay outta the pockets for me.

    I just love me some 38 revolver no matter what.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Snowed here this morning, too. Up until about 11:00 am it was coming down pretty good and accumulating. Wasn’t expecting that one haha

    2. avatar James69 says:

      +1 Nice to see another olde fashioned revolver toter! I carry a stainless Rossi in .357.(6 shot) Before that I carried a Charter Arms Undercover in .38.(5 shot) for about 12 years. After reading on here I started getting paranoid and started carrying a speed loader as well.

  3. avatar Rokurota says:

    Huh. Another cheap flashlight. Anyone else have a J5? Reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive.

  4. avatar Katy says:

    A fireman, huh. I’m curious to know where he works. Our department, along with all the departments I’ve talked to around here, prohibits carrying while on duty.

  5. avatar Stan says:

    Way too much superfluous bs being included in these dumps. More every time. Why do I care about you lip balm. Smh

  6. avatar Russ says:

    Glad to see a real pocket dump, instead of a staged one! He is prepared. Reloads,fire starter,light source, keys….
    This guy is for real, doesn’t live in his parents basement. Revolver or semi-auto , your choice…but carry a reload! So many of the pretend photos show some custom semi-auto, but the dude doesn’t have a spare mag!
    I really enjoy these photos. I use them as a checklist for my own EDC. This guy comes the closest so far!

  7. avatar joatmon says:

    This, to me, is pretty realistic.
    My personal EDC is very small and I’m fine with it.
    S&W 3913 in a Remora Micro Clip holster
    2 spare magazines
    Gerber blade
    Cell phone
    I have a nice light but I’m rarely anywhere where it’s completely dark so it only gets carried sparingly.
    To each his/her own though.

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