TTAG Daily Digest 3.31.16

We’ve suspected for a while now that it’s only a matter of time before Facebook’s Mark “Fight ISIS With Love” Zuckerberg pulls the plug entirely on all gun-related content. They banned all FB-facilitated firearms transactions a few months back but, well, you just can’t stop the signal. But if Marky-Mark ever does enact an outright […]

GunTV Launches Tomorrow (April 1)

According to GunTV’s promo video, the cable TV service’s goal is to “spread a social responsibility message.” It’s all about promoting firearms-related education, information and safety. Yes, well, GunTV is QVC for firearms. “Our unique platform allows industry manufacturers to showcase products through our talented and experienced on-air hosts,” their presser [posted below] proclaims. “Viewers will receive in-depth, entertaining […]

Texas Republican Convention Allows Open and Concealed Carry

“While gun rights advocates wrangled with the Secret Service over firearms at the Republican National Convention,” reports, “the Texas GOP confirmed it will allow both open and concealed carry at its convention in Dallas in May.” Although permitted open carry only became law in The Lone Star State last January, the pro-pistol policy is not new. Legally […]

Boundary Violation: Gun Politics in Doctors’ Offices in 2016

By Dr. Timothy Wheeler Well before Florida’s Amber Ullman incident in the summer of 2010, gun control activist doctors had been poking and prodding a sore spot.  The American Academy of Pediatrics in particular had declared a culture war on gun owners and advanced the battle into exam rooms across America.  They were questioning their patients and their parents […]

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Does the Bible Enshrine a ‘God-Given Right’ to Shoot in Self Defense?

That’s the question posed about an article by Peter Manseau over at Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop machine The Trace (yes, them again). To be fair, Manseau attempts to be fair about the scriptural underpinning to Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms — at least until the last paragraph. Like this […]

President Obama Commutes Sentences of Drug Dealing Firearms Felons

By his own admission, President Obama used to snort coke (a.k.a., “a little blow”). On Wednesday, by his own decree, the President commuted the sentences of some 61 drug dealers. Most of the 61 mid-week commutations free felons convicted of cocaine possession with intent to distribute, the rest relating to the illegal distribution of other controlled substances. Wait. What’s this? Twelve of the felons listed by the were […]

TTAG Daily Digest 03.30.16

H.L. Mencken didn’t suffer fools gladly. He liked to hand out free financial advice, too! Like when he wrote that you’d never go broke underestimating the intelligence of common people. We tend to disagree and find that the majority of Americans — and most gun owners, in particular…just read the comments around here — put the […]