Rugged Suppressors Introduces Obsidian 45


At this year’s SHOT show, I was tasked with covering the various silencer manufacturers in attendance. I figured this would be a day long task, but it ended up taking the better part of three days to visit all the manufacturers I found, and I still missed some. It seemed like the majority of the companies I visited have started to get aggressive with their pistol cans, as most manufacturers are now offering something for your favorite 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP host. Rugged Suppressors was no different and had their brand new Obsidian 45  on display. . .


Like the Surge 7.62, the Obsidian is a modular silencer that offers the ability to run a short or long configuration dependent on your needs. The long configuration is 8.6 inches long, 12.8 oz in weight, and will hush a .45 ACP down to <130 dB according to Rugged. Running 147 gr. 9 mm through the same can is purported to meter around 123 dB. The short configuration cuts nearly two inches off, bringing overall length to 6.7 inches. Weight in the K configuration is advertised at 10.7 oz. As you’d expect, it is a little louder at this size with .45 ACP running 137 dB and 9 mm running 130 dB.

In either configuration, the Obsidian is full auto rated for all pistol calibers up to .45 ACP as well as .300 BLK subsonic rounds. Rugged has elected to use a non slotted piston design to cut down on gas blowback in pistols, and that piston is included with the purchase of your silencer. Additional thread on end caps and a three lug mount are expected to be released in the next month or so. MSRP is $850 and local silencer dealers in Austin are starting to receive shipments as this is written.


  1. avatar John in Fayettenam says:

    Please, let the hearing protection act pass. Getting the local sheriff to sign off on a military members ATF paperwork from out of state is like trying to part the red sea.

    1. avatar K-Bizz says:

      And is no longer necessary. You have to inform him, but he can’t stop you anymore.

      1. avatar MeRp says:

        Careful, I thinkt hat change doesn’t go in until June or July… just make sure to read up on the current rules before actually doing anything!

  2. avatar Joe T says:

    Irregardless if it passes or not, after July 2016 you will no longer have to get a CLEO Sign off anyway.

    1. avatar Bob in MI says:

      Godammit, Irregardless isn’t a word. Sorry that one drives me nuts.

      1. avatar 80 D says:

        Bob is correct.

        Department of Redundancy Dept.

        1. avatar Jason says:

          I’ve learned to let most of these slide but I agree that irregardless is about the most annoying double negative you run into.

          – Dr. Jason DDS

    2. avatar Lawbob says:

      Irregardless is not a word.

      1. avatar Splitlip says:

        Christ kids, you’re like a gaggle of yellow labs in a roommfull of tennis balls.

        1. avatar TomB says:

          A gaggle is reference to a flock of geese.
          A bunch/group of dogs is called a kennel.
          Sorry, but in accordance with this thread, I must correct you 😉

          To the rest of you:
          irregardless, no matter how painful to hear, is in fact a word.

  3. avatar Daniel M says:

    Very interested in what Rugged is putting out, including this one. The Obsidian and Dead Air Ghost-M are on my “next” list…

    1. avatar GWHNick says:

      Don’t overlook the Griffin Revolution 45 can. It features the same k length or fullsize configuration and it can be disassembled with a 2″ fender washer and uses SiCo pistons.

  4. avatar Mmmtacos says:

    Not to try and steal the spotlight from Obsidian, but is TTAG planning on publishing an article on any of the suppressors from OSS? They had some very interesting looking technology, a fundamentally different approach to suppression that claims to mitigate recoil and offer fantastic noise suppression as well without the use of baffles.

    1. avatar Tyler Kee says:

      I did not do any hands on with them. But we can reach out and try to organize something.

  5. avatar JNZ says:

    The silencershop youtube video is up on the Obsidian45… Looks like the quietest 9mm can out right now. And that’s with the 45 end cap. 34db reduction is pretty great!

    I don’t expect the Ghost to be any quieter. Comparing the two the DeadAir has some aluminum baffles and I’m just not crazy at all about the gap between the two section. But the wipe holding end cap is pretty cool. It’s not like you can go wrong with either one. I like the styling of the Obsidian a little better, plus a major factor is the Obsidian takes the SiCo and Griffin accessories – that’s huge.

    I strongly suspect that there will be an Octane and Obsidian and Griffin end caps out soon that hold wipes.

  6. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Wow, I sure hope that can has real effective sound reduction, it is HUGE! Or is that an illusion, Tyler, it looks twice as big as the gun?

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