Unboxing the TASER Pulse

Robert and Dan just got one of TASER’s new Pulse devices in at the TTAG secret above-ground bunker, and at first blush it looks like they really like it. Stay tuned for a full review of the device in the days to come.


  1. avatar pwrserge says:

    Is that a Gurkha I see you smoking there?

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      I’ve got a Camacho. Dan’s smoking a Montecristo.

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        Good choice.

        1. Actually, mine was a Flor de las Antillas.

      2. avatar Kevin Fisher says:

        You guys need an Ammodor – http://www.ammodors.com 😉

  2. avatar Steve in MA (now RI) says:

    Not seeing you guys listed as a channel on full30.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Working on it . . . Also, apologize for the poor quality (that’ll be fixed) and the autoplay ads. There’s a coding issue that really sucks, but we’re going to spike that ASAP.

  3. avatar Mmmtacos says:

    I think that’s the first time I have seen Robert’s face on here… I was beginning to wonder if y’all made him up.

    Nice choice on the cigar.

    1. avatar CLarson says:

      +1 It’s great when one can actually see a person’s facial expressions and body language when handling a product. Too many videos are just close ups of hands. It’s harder to get a sense of scale and if the person really likes the product or is just meh about it.

  4. avatar Commenter says:

    Freud said ‘sometimes a cigar is just a cigar’ … but in this case I’m not so sure.

    Are you guys trying to make some kind of statement or something? I ask because the cigars – or, more specifically, your constant manipulation of them throughout the video while trying to review the taser – was too annoying. Sometimes it was even difficult to understand what was being said because putting the cigar down, in a tray, instead of keeping it somewhere on your person (in this case, your mouth) seemed not to be an option.

    Listen fellas, I fire up a stogie every now and then myself. When I’m relaxing at home, or out with friends somewhere that it’s still legal, especially. I think a situation like this review, however, is the wrong situation to be lighting up.

    Please take this criticism as it was offered: Constructively.

    1. avatar N says:


  5. avatar Ralph says:

    Wow, the Taser Pulse looks a lot like a Royal Corona or a Churchill.

    Those readers who can’t handle cigar smoking on this site or other TTAG properties may now go to their safe spaces. The Deeply Offended Window is unofficially closed.

    1. avatar Commenter says:

      I love cigar smoking. I hate reviews that become more about the cigar and less about the device being reviewed.

      Last I checked this was “TheTruthAboutGuns”, not “HeyLookAtMe&MyCigar”.

      1. avatar Pwrserge says:

        I don’t think anyone was all that psyched about the product review. This the truth about Guns, not the truth about questionable police gear useless to average citizens.

        (Fun fact, in many places, it is harder to carry a stun gun than a real gun.)

        1. avatar N says:

          It may be true that in my places it difficult to carry a Taser or other electrical weapon but that does not mean it is “useless to civilians.
          If anything that highlights exactly why there are laws that need to he changed.

          My wife and many other people do not want to carry a gun because they are worried about young hands geting ahold of it. Where if young ones were to get ahold of a Taser, the consequences would be minimal.
          Many people also do not want to carry a gun because they don’t want to take a life, and Tasers are arguably the best nonlethal/less lethal self defense tool out there.

          Personally I would love a small affordable taser to carry either as a nonlethal tool, or in places that guns are not allowed. Which hopefully will be more places, especially if this is popular.

        2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

          This wasn’t a review. Just an “unboxing.” It’s super caj (as in, casual). If you’ve learned anything from watching my terrible videos, you’d know that a review has to be at least one million hours long 😛

        3. avatar jwm says:

          You channeling Nut’nFancy?

  6. avatar William says:

    I like it.

    1. avatar Geoff says:

      Agreed, good to see new design replicating a small hand gun. This is what TASER needed, something for the civilian that wasn’t clunky and outdated looking. Not too many stores around here carrying these so I looked online. There are authorized online dealers selling at $399, plus about $100 for replacement cartridges (2 pack). Seems like an appropriate option for the wife/girlfriend who won’t carry a firearm but does want protection. FYI, store where I got the info above for TASERs and stun guns.

  7. avatar Patrick says:

    This made my day, because I always wanted to know what it would like if the Sicilian from The Princess Bride and some guy wearing Google Glass ashed all over a card table.

    1. That’s inconceivable!

    2. avatar Mighty Mo says:

      You killed my father……prepare to die!!!

    3. avatar Ing says:

      Hey man, we’ll have none of your biting sarcasm here. And I mean it! (Anybody want a peanut?)

  8. avatar Geoff PR says:

    TTAG, do you think it was wise to advertise the exact make, model and likely location of your firearm safe?

    If a thief were so motivated, they could come fully prepared to crack it.

    Given the proper financial remuneration (read -bribe), you might talk me into being zapped by that thing…

    1. avatar jwm says:

      For the proper bribe I’ll catch Geoff in the shower and zap him for you. Film on youtube.

  9. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Great video guys!
    (I’ve got a fresh a traviata for relaxing after work)

  10. avatar C.S. says:

    Kudos Nick for inhaling all that second hand smoke… :p

    1. avatar C.S. says:

      … and I just saw the snapwidget/instagram photo of Nick holding a cigar… nevermind…

      1. avatar CLarson says:

        If cigars are going to be a thing, TTAG should get some product placement deals!

  11. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    Forget the review, when and where will I be able to get the TTAG cigars? 🙂

  12. avatar LJM says:

    Padrón ’64 or FuenteFuente OpusX myself.

  13. avatar Lee says:

    No thanks, completely useless

  14. avatar 'liljoe says:

    Anyone else have a flashback to the two old guys in the Muppets?

    1. avatar AdamTA1 says:

      Nice! Thanks for the laugh.

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