Gear Review: HI VIZ AK Front Sight

HiVizfront sight

I really enjoyed my AK47 build with the folks at the Dead Goose Society. In fact I’m looking at my next AK build now, this one just bought straight from DGS. But even though I was getting solid two-inch groups at 100 yard with my AK, it was pretty hard to do with the stock sights. Even after polishing up the front sight and then putting some nail polish on it, those sights are just plain hard to see. Frankly, they left me with new appreciation for the people who shot at me with those guns with any accuracy at all. They are hard to see in slow fire, and just damn near impossible in fast transitions or in low light . . .

So I reached out to DGS and they suggested a HI VIZ fiber optic replacement front sight and a rear sight from an RPK. I’m a huge fan of fiber optic sights on my pistols and some of my shotguns, so I decided to give it a try.

RPK rear sight

Three days after ordering I received a padded envelope with my new sights. Leaving the post office I had to fill up the truck and while waiting there, since I already had my AK47 in the truck, I decided to swap out the sights. I should have taken some pictures of the installation, but really, it was that quick and simple. The tools I used consisted of my Gerber Multitool’s pliers and its flat head screw driver. Seriously, that’s it.

I measured the old front sight height with a piece of paper, then unscrewed it with the pliers. The new one was then screwed down to the same height. For the rear sight (I learned this trick from YouTube) place the rear sight at a 45 degree angle. Position the flat head screw driver more or less perpendicular to the spring, but touching the end of it (closest to the front sight) and also touching the sight itself. Hit down very hard against the back of the screw driver/multi tool and the sight will pop right out. You can then force the new sight back in while pressing down on the spring with the screw driver and, using hand force, drive the new one back in. It’s that quick and simple.


Driving to the range, I immediately saw a huge difference. Before, in dim light, that front sight just disappeared. Now, under trees in an overcast day, the green fiber dot just popped right out. It was really so much better. The kit I got also came with replacement green and red inserts, and a small plastic tool to swap them out that makes the task very simple. The rear sight is the real joy. Not only is elevation easily adjusted for, but so is windage, requiring no tools to change at all. Since my sights were in relatively the same place as before, I was re-zeroed and confirmed in 9 rounds total.


If you are looking for a way to improve the low light accuracy and speed of target acquisition with your AK, these are an outstanding option. The front sight is online in a few places for between $25 and $30, and made the biggest difference in actual sight acquisition. The rear sight cost vary widely. I found them online from $49 to $85, depending on manufacturer and condition. I got mine from DGS in excellent quality. I got the front and rear together as a package for $90, including the shipping, making the total package pretty inexpensive and well worth the cash. This is the way I’ll go to start with on my next AK build, and how I would recommend anyone improve the sights on their AK.

Ratings (out of five stars):

Ease of installation * * * * *
I did it while I was waiting for my tank to fill up with a multi tool. An AK47 front sight tool and a flat head screw driver would make this just too easy.

Effectiveness * * * * *
The fiber optic front sight made a massive difference in low light and fast swinging to the target. It will be my go to for any new AK. The rear sight makes sighting in so much easier and adjustments that you just can’t do on a stock rear AK47 sight.

Value * * * *
This should be broken into two pieces. That front sight is a 5 star value any day, and the rear sight a 4 star as a replacement. But if you are going to build one, start this way and you’ll be happy with it.

Overall * * * * *
Outstanding sights that I’ll move to for any future AK. A massive improvement over stock.


  1. avatar Scrubula says:

    That’s cool, but for $90 you could mount a cheap red dot sight (maybe a TRS-25).

    1. avatar Dracon1201 says:

      Or, you know, just do both.

      1. avatar Vhyrus says:

        Since it is somewhere between difficult and impossible to co witness an AK, there’s not much point to do both.

        1. avatar Xanderbach says:

          Even with a trs-25 mounted super low on an Ultimak gas tube sight mount, my cowitness is basically in the bottom 1/10th of the sight. Just don’t worry about it, gets the sights lined up, mount the red dot, and ignore the sights unless you have to.

        2. avatar Sixpack70 says:

          I don’t worry about cowitness with my AKs. If my AK has any issue, like the red dot going down, I will just put the circle of the optic on the bad guy’s center mass and pull the trigger. At home defense ranges it’s going to be a hit. I also use side mounts so I can easily remove my optics to use iron sights. I think a lot of people overly worry about cowitness. It’s almost an obsession on some gun forums. I have found the Midwest Industries side mount for 30mm red dots is a 1/3rd cowitness for Aimpoints and Vortex Strikefires.

    2. avatar jwtaylor says:

      scubula. You may pay only $90 or so for a cheap red dot sight, but probably just as much or more for the mount to put it on.

    3. avatar Jeff Hunter says:

      Yeah, it`s not that easy for an optic to co-witness with an iron sight on AK-47. So I would recommend you to stay with this, even for $90, because at least you get a quality, usable in low light iron than one of the cheapest, fragile optics out there like TRS-25, because you just can´t expect more from a red-dot in that price range. Especially when it comes to self defense, tactical situations it`s always preferably co-witness, but if it`s not possible then either iron sight only OR durable, proven, quality and often expensive red-dot ( NOT the TRS-25).

      That`s my 2 cents anyway.

    4. avatar Gunzoga says:

      That’s true! I agreed.

  2. avatar int19h says:

    FWIW, you can get windage-adjustable rear sight separately. Given the number of AKs with canted front sights, it can be a very solid investment, especially if misaligned front sight post drives you nuts.

  3. avatar SC2TX says:

    What SixPack70 said and forget the rest.

  4. avatar I1ULUZ says:

    Another option for the rear sight: Uses a Glock rear sight.

  5. avatar Docduracoat says:

    Another vote for red dot on a side mount
    Brings glorious rifle of Motherland into 21st century
    If dot goes down, use glass as giant rear peep and shoot center mass of enemy of state.
    Two moa with Ak? Hard to believe.
    Even my AR in x 39 only shoots 3 moa
    My Arsenal holds 4 moa with five shot groups from a rest at 100 yards.
    What ammo do you claim this accuracy?

    1. avatar int19h says:

      >> Two moa with Ak? Hard to believe. Even my AR in x 39 only shoots 3 moa. My Arsenal holds 4 moa with five shot groups from a rest at 100 yards.

      For starters, not all AKs shoot 7.62×39. 5.45 ones are usually more accurate, and 5.56 ones are even more so.

      Then, of course, most people who shoot 7.62×39, shoot cheap Russian steel-cased ammo. Try Yugoslavian M67 instead for starters.

      On an unrelated note, a “micro” red dot (Aimpoint Micro, Primary Arms micro-dot etc) on a dedicated side mount, like RS Regulate AKML (that replaces the dot’s base) is actually low enough to cowitness. As others have noted, it’s more of a “lower 1/5 cowitness”, but with AK’s open sights requiring less vertical space, it works just fine.

    2. avatar jwtaylor says:

      My best recipe is 123gr Hornady sst on top of 28.8gr of h322.
      Call the Dead Goose Society referred to above about getting a rifle worth shooting.

      1. avatar seans says:

        How many rounds are you shooting for a group.

        1. avatar jwtaylor says:

          Usually just 3.

  6. avatar eric crayon says:

    I was using this gear for my ak47 years ago . It was amazing and I have never forget the tastes of shhoting with it . Now I have Ar15 and I realized the importance of scope for gun . I am using Nikkon p223 . You cant imagine how its awesome for shhoting and hunting .

  7. avatar alex raymond says:

    I have same opinions on this.
    I have used this gear for my AK47 for almost 1 year and I was so addicted to it that I can’t even explain it in words.
    Keep sharing such articles.

  8. FWIW, you can get windage-adjustable rear sight separately. Given the number of AKs with canted front sights, it can be a very solid investment, especially if misaligned front sight post drives you nuts.

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