New From EOTech: Precision Rifle Scopes

Courtesy Joe Grine

EOTech is known for its holographic sights, but the company is now unveiling a set of three precision rifles scopes that they say is intended as a lower priced alternative to the Nightforces, Leupolds, and Vortexes of the world. We  had a chance to paw them at Media Day and our initial impression is that these scopes may fill a market niche for guys who want full-featured scopes but at less cost that the top tier brands . . .

Courtesy Joe Grine

EOTech has taken a PR hit lately regarding the performance of their holographic sights, so it may be fortunate timing for that they can release a set of conventional riflescopes intended for tactical rifles. Personally, I think the whole brouhaha is much to do about nothing.  After all, it cant be that big a deal if it took 20 years to come to light.

In any event, my initial impressions of these scopes is favorable, as they feature all of the things that we expect of modern tactical scopes. The 1-6 was of particular interest, as it weighs in at a rather svelte 19.75 ounces.  My only potential negative I noticed was that the turrets could be adjusted with a fairly low amount of force;  I prefer turrets with more positive clicks.

All three of these new scopes feature the following:

  • First Focal Plane, Glass etched reticles
  • Illumination with push button controls / CR 2032 Battery
  • MOA and MIL options
  • Made in Japan.

Going down the line, here’s a quick rundown of their salient features:

Vudo 3.5 -18 x 50

Courtesy Joe Grine

Courtesy Joe Grine

  • 34mm tube
  • Side Parallax adjustment knob
  • Tactical Turrets with “EZ Chek” Zero Stop
  • Optional Horus H-59 reticle
  • XC High Density Glass
  • Elevation and Windage adjustment: 15 min MRAD or 50 MOA
  • 33.23 ounces
  • MSRP $1629.00

Vudu 2.5-10 x 44

  • 30mm tube
  • .25 MOA or .1 MIL Adjustments
  • Tactical Turrets with “EZ Chek” Zero Stop
  • Optional Horus H-59 reticle
  • Elevation and Windage adjustment: 15 min MRAD or 50 MOA
  • 26.8 Ounces
  • MSRP $1,549.00

Vudu 1-6 x 24

Courtesy Joe Grine

  • 30mm tube
  • Objective Lens Diameter -24 mm
  • .5 MOA to .2 MIL Adjustments
  • two reticle options
  • 19.75 ounces
  • MSRP $1,299.00


  1. avatar Cuteandfuzzybunniess says:

    They don’t sound cheap to me. They are more than vortex.

    1. avatar Tex300BLK says:

      Unless they meant “competitive” with the Razor HD and HD Gen 2, in which case they are nearly $1k cheaper.

    2. avatar california richard says:

      I think they are meant to compete with mk8, vcog, and other scopes with 34mm tubes that range from $2000 on the low end up to $4000

  2. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Some reason Eotech and precision look odd in the same sentence. I’m not a fan boy of any optic, I’m just glad I found Vortex before making any costly mistakes. P.S. Vortex has been good for me. But If I was in the market and these get good reviews I might look into them.

  3. avatar MurrDog says:

    Eotech had better do something to get some income and restore faith in consumers. This might do both for them. Also these aren’t cheaper alternatives to nightforce and Leopold. They’re about the same prices as you can find those other two companies for. They are cheaper than vortex, but that’s because vortex sucks.

    1. avatar Tex300BLK says:

      “because vortex sucks”

      11 out of the top 15 shooters in the Precision Rifle Series might disagree with you. Realize that just to get in the top 50, people will spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to gain an advantage, it has very little to do with sponsorship at that level.

      1. avatar MurrDog says:

        I guess I’ve used their low end stuff too much then. But the next time I spend 4 figures on an optic it will still probably be from someone else.

  4. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    “for guys who want full-featured scopes but at less cost that the top tier brands . . .”

    Who are they trying to fool? The people who think they can get something for nothing, or the people who think $1,299 for a 1-6×24 is “less cost”?

  5. avatar Tim U says:

    Will they have zeroing issues too? I’m still waiting for my money from the holographic sight fiasco/recall

    1. avatar John Boch says:

      I’ll second that motion.

      Their 24-hour response to RMA requests ran closer to 24 days for me.

      No, EOTech has fooled me to the tune of thousands of dollars on products that fail.

      I won’t go down that road again, until and unless they rebuild their shredded reputation with me and plenty of other gun owners out there.


      1. avatar Tile floor says:

        Yup they’re crazy if they think I’m going to stop 1200 bucks on a scope for a precision rifle when they can’t even make a holo that I trust.

  6. avatar W says:

    $1299 for a 1-6x? That sounds to be in the Leupold ballpark (multi gun 1-6). Is EOTech making these or are they merely OEM/ branded product made by someone else? Did you catch a “made in —” on them?

    1. avatar Billy says:

      Made in Japan, according to the article above.

  7. avatar JSW says:

    “… intended as a lower priced alternative to…”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA… fool me once…

  8. avatar James in AZ says:

    Just copy an Aimpoint and make a big, square window around it. And make more magnifiers, 4x 6x etc

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Then mount it on a Hi-Point?

  9. avatar Mike says:

    What’s the temperature rating on these?

    Now and 10 years from now.

    Can I see the testing data

  10. avatar Almost Esq. says:

    1649 bucks! So it looks like my $20 NCSTAR but has eotech on the side so its worth $1649 bucks! Are they nuts! No thanks! LOL For that kind of money i will save up for an Elcan Specter.

  11. avatar josh says:

    I do believe after seeing said prices ill stick with a Leopold made in the u s of a.

  12. avatar Geoff says:

    “lower priced alternative to the Nightforces, Leupolds, and Vortexes ”
    Do you buy $5000 scopes as a normal everyday day thing?
    I’m happy with under $300 Nikon scopes.
    Maybe even a $300 to $400 Nikon scope someday.
    If it holds zero and I can see the target, good enough for me.

    1. avatar Nate says:

      Some people are willing to spend money on *quality* glass.

    2. avatar Joe Grine says:

      “Do you buy $5000 scopes as a normal everyday day thing?” Not $5000, but $3000 scopes? Yes. Buy once, cry once.

  13. avatar Brooke says:

    Pretty heavy, though it can target far, I think we can ignore that heavy actor. 🙂

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