On The Range With HK’s MR762A1 Long Rifle Package II

On a whim, I plopped down behind the MR762A1 Long Rifle Package II at SHOT Show’s Range Day. 100 yards with this rifle ain’t much, so I went straight for the head. Yup, it was dead-on and shot smoothly. As you may guess from its name, this bad boy does indeed ship as a complete package with everything seen below . . .


That’s a Leupold 3-9×40 VX-R Patrol scope with Leupold base and rings, HK G28 buttstock, LaRue/Harris BRM-S bipod, ERGO grip, Blue Force Gear sling, OTIS cleaning kit, HK multi-tool, and one 20- and one 10-round magazine all in a Pelican 1720 case.

MSRP is $6,899. It’s also available without the scope, mounts, and rings for a mere $6,399.


  1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Egads.They sure are proud of their product!

  2. avatar NDS says:

    Not that there is anything wrong with that scope, but that’s a borderline criminal offense on that rifle.

  3. avatar rob says:

    Wait for it….Wait for it…MEH.

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    But can it core a apple?

    1. avatar John L. says:

      Laptop or tower – it’ll do either.

    2. avatar jean says:

      Hah – thanks for the honeymooners reference!

  5. avatar Timmy! says:

    Ok, is it just me or is it really dumb to put a rifle in a case so that when it is carried the optic is on the bottom? Sure, it “looks cooler” when you open the case and the rifle is “right side up,” but… I mean… c’mon! This really bugs me.

    1. avatar B. Well says:

      Typically, the weight of the rifle is supported by the buttstock and handguard so the scope or optic is fine.

  6. avatar NotaTTAGreg says:

    How is a 16″ .308 rifle “long range”?

  7. avatar Jimmyjames says:

    $6900 for head shots at 100yds. I have a PSA .308 AR that I paid $1000 for and a $250 SWFA 20X scope that will do the same thing all day long. That case is worth maybe $200 and the scope is way over priced at $500. I just don’t get it.

  8. avatar Accur81 says:

    The Leupold VX-R patrol scope has great bang for the buck. The rest of the package? Not so much.

  9. avatar DUG says:

    The question that needs to asked is if it is a sub-MOA barrel.

    Standard MR762 are not sub-MOA

  10. Especially revealing, looking forwards to coming back

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