ODIN Works Adjustable Gas Block, Adjustable Compensator, Handguard, and Bipod Mount


ODIN Works had a bunch of new parts to show off at SHOT Show this year, and we got the lowdown on most of them. Seen above is the 2.15 oz, adjustable gas block with Inconel bolt and spring. It’s adjustable from the front of the rifle and the 20, quarter-turn adjustments are marked by a smooth, solid detent. All for $89. But wait, there’s more . . .


Next up is the K-Pod Bipod Adapter, which is made for KeyMod but models are also available for M-LOK and Pic rail.


It’s a sleek, low-profile unit that also works as a hand stop. Well, at least as a good index point.


New forends are pretty cool looking as well as light weight.


I found the angled ramp up to the 12:00 Pic rail to be an ideal thumb rest. Repeatability is a good thing for consistent shooting.


Finally, the ATLAS Compensator brings something unique to the table. No need to time it, just crank it down right to your barrel shoulder. Then slide the titanium sleeve on and time that however you please. The muzzle cap holds the sleeve in place, and three set screws ensure it’s there to stay, too.


This one will be appearing in muzzle brake shootout #3, which I’m planning on running in February.



  1. avatar Randy Taylor says:

    Looks just like the Syrac Ordnance block. If their copy works as well, it should be a great product.

    1. avatar JNZ says:

      Knockoffs…. Yay?

      Buy the Syrac, or better yet, but the SLR that is a far better design. But never support blatant copies.

  2. avatar Jon in CO says:

    I have experience with standard Odin gas blocks and a couple of their rails. Gas blocks, awesome. Rails, awesome, trim, and very hand-friendly when you grab onto it. Very comfortable.

  3. avatar Austin in MT says:

    Tom and the folks at OdinWorks are the salt of the earth. Great people, great products. I highly recommend.

  4. Another spark throwing machine then. Titanium is nifty but it sucks for brakes.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Maybe. It’s only the sleeve that’s Ti, with all of the blast baffles and ports and endcap, etc, made from steel. We’ll see pretty soon if it’s sparky or not. Cerakoting does fix the Ti spark issue, btw…

  5. avatar James69 says:

    I have the Odin Works k-mod 5.5 handguard on my 7.62×39 AR pistol. Fantastic, solid nothing has moved even with the bigger recoil and very,very well made. I also like the MI grip panels better than any I have used.

  6. avatar Tex300BLK says:

    Lots of really slick looking stuff here!

    Ditto to the guy who said it looks like the Syrac Ordnance gas block, maybe it wont cost ~$100 though?

    I really like that bipod adapter, the ones currently on the market leave me less than impressed, this one looks like it was ground up designed for keymod, will definitely be grabbing one.

    That rail too! it looks really nice, the only thing I notice is that it doesnt look like you can mount anything to the top of the rail. Did they say why they went with generic hex holes over additional key slots? I know 99% of people probably dont use their top rail for anything other than front irons or maybe a flashlight, but if nothing else it would be nice to put one of those grip panels up there. I’m not planning on building anything new anytime soon, but this will be a consideration if the money tree in the backyard blooms some 6.8 SPC parts in the near future 🙂

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      The gas block is only $89. I added that to the text of the article, as it’s definitely pretty relevant (it’s like $18 less than comparable).

  7. avatar PeterK says:

    Ooooo no timing required? Genius.

    1. avatar Randy Taylor says:


      That has to be one of the slickest ideas I’ve seen. I didn’t read much about it, because I can’t stand brakes.

  8. avatar Christian S. says:

    I’ve got the adjustable gas block on their 18″ DMR barrel and it’s been great so far. Easy to tune to my loads and buffer

  9. avatar Joe Grine says:

    That muzzle brake is awesome looking.

  10. avatar Dustysa4 says:


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