Show Us Your Weapon of War: Mossberg M590A1


T’s Mossberg M590A1 with Hahn Precision Safety and top rail, Mesa Tactical 6-shell carrier, Hogue tamer, grip and fore-end, GG&G combo mount, GG&G follower, Cerakote in sniper grey and armor black and a Carlson’s Tactical breecher choke


  1. avatar jwm says:

    Yow. That looks like it’d hurt at both ends.

    1. avatar WRH says:

      I’ve tried a couple pistol grips on my 870. The Hogue Tamer is the only one I’d ever use again. It actually mitigates recoil enough that you can shoot it more than a couple times. A stock is always preferable though.

  2. avatar Joseph Quixote says:

    Nice trench/home defense gun. A shotgun might be the most useful tool for many if not most of us.

  3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Nice shotgun.

    I sure wish all of the 12 gauge options were available in 20 gauge. After all, when we are talking about home defense, what can you do with 12 gauge that you cannot do with 20 gauge?

    1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Spread and range are important when hunting, but largely become irrelevant in self-defense at room distances. One of our wall-leaning guns is a Mossberg 500 all-purpose shotty in .410, which we load with buck. I think it’s 000 buck, currently, but sometimes 00. It’ll hold up to 3″ shells, so you’re looking at five or six nice sized shot per shell, roughly the diameter of a 9mm bullet. That’d be really nasty, but still provide easy follow up shots for a defiant invader or his accomplices.

    2. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      I bought my Daughter a 20 gauge and ammo. Choice of ammo at stores is less than 12 gauge. I was thinking of getting a 20 gauge for myself, but I think I will stick with 12 gauge.

      1. avatar Marc says:

        “……choice of ammo is less than 12 gauge.” You get the understatement of the year award. Years ago, I looked into getting a 20 gauge, then I saw (or didn’t see) the ammo options and quickly nixed that idea.

  4. avatar JK says:

    Yeah, weapon of war on your hand….

    1. avatar Aerindel says:

      Exactly. I know someone who has permanent hand damage from firing fifteen shells from a pistol grip mossberg. I shot one four times, never again.

  5. avatar Rokurota says:

    Looks handy for close encounters.

    1. avatar bobmcd says:

      In case you can’t nuke it from orbit.

      1. avatar Peter says:

        Game over, man. Game over!

      2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        “In case you can’t nuke it from orbit.”

        It’s the only way to be sure.

  6. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Without the furniture, erratic shooting results. Never liked these type of guns.

  7. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    Nice rail on top.
    For what, exactly? Gonna mount a scope?

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      A budget red dot and / or a light…

  8. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Pump Shotguns should be fired from the shoulder, as God and Browning intended.

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      Yeah. I can’t decide which is dumber, an AR-15 without a stock or a shotgun without a stock.

      1. avatar Aerindel says:

        A shotgun. The AR is jus inaccurate, the shotgun is dangerous to the shooter.

      2. avatar TTACer says:

        I have a pump with forward pistol grip and a wire folder, never had any trouble shooting it with the stock folded up. Friend has a mossy with a folder and no forward grip, I don’t recall having trouble with that either. Not that it is an ideal way to shoot, but we all tried them just for s’s and g’s and nobody was any worse for the wear.

    2. avatar Peter says:

      Needs more chainsaw grip.

  9. avatar jwtaylor says:

    Folks, unless the sole practical purpose of your shotgun is to be used as a breaching tool, put a stock on it. Pump shotguns are great, but two of their major downsides is that they are relatively (to a semi auto) slow to rechamber a round, and are slow to reload.
    Both of those negatives are increased in severity with only a pistol grip. Rechambering and accurately firing that next round is much slower without a stock, and so is reloading the gun.

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      If you’re too much of a he-man to actually shoulder a shotgun, then you can shoot from the hip. At the very least, a stock can be adorned with a sleeve to hold extra ammo, which you’ll probably need after you miss.

  10. avatar Joe. Tast says:

    I put a pistol grip on my shotgun, it has a twenty inch barrel took it out, shot it a bit, and found on the way back to the pickup that it made a really nice cane. Once the barrel got plugged up with mud n sht it quit sinking into the ground as much. For home defense Im sticking with the K9, had it for fifteen years never put a drop of gun oil on it and it still works. My K9 has never had a failure to feed, and the night vision still works after15 years with no battery change, I dont have to aim it hell even a blind man can use a K9. Fact is I dispatched a possum with my K9 this morning just by opening the door.Yup pistol grips on shotguns make a pretty good cane

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