Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Curtiss Davis

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“A man arrested just before Christmas for allegedly pulling out his gun at a restaurant because he didn’t like the bill is a Special Agent for the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigation Division.” Yes, well Curtiss Davis’s remedy for allegedly over-priced papusas wasn’t his only offense. “According to police, on Dec. 22nd, Davis allegedly exposed himself to a 21-year-old employee and asked her to perform a sex act.” After an investigation, the one-time member of the SecDef’s security detail has now been charged with abduction, extortion, exposure and attempted forcible sodomy. Maybe next time he isn’t happy with his bill, he’ll just omit the tip. So to speak.

[h/t FirearmConcierge]


  1. avatar Mack Bolan says:

    If Obama had a son…

    1. avatar Scott says:

      Because he’s a light skinned black man? I smell a racist.

      1. avatar PeterW says:

        Your TV has smell-o-vision during the SOTU?

        1. avatar JasonM says:

          No, it’s just that overwhelming.

      2. avatar Goose says:

        Are you talking about the old definition of racism or the new definition of racism?
        Old definition: Judging someone by the color of their skin.
        New definition: Disagreeing with a black,disagreeing with a White liberal.

      3. avatar Goose says:

        And it’s not skinned,it’s skinnded. HA!!!!

        1. avatar O-Hebi says:

          Just one “n” is required….

      4. avatar T Rogers says:

        Your race card has been declined. When you presented it for payment it was so overdrawn that it is now cut up in 100’s of pieces. Now GFY.

      5. avatar Joe Mama says:

        “Because he’s a light skinned black man? I smell a racist.”

        No, that’s your stink.

  2. avatar peirsonb says:

    So, he pulled out his gun and then pulled out his pistol?

    1. avatar Art out West says:

      Everybody is missing the main point.


      I love those things (maybe not quite as much as a tamale)

      One of my favorite “Taco Trucks” is run by Salvadorans. They sell these yummy treats along side Taco Truck classics like Tortas, Sopitos, Huaraches and Tacos de la lingua.

      Now, I want a midmorning snack.

      1. avatar Goose says:

        I prefer my mer-i-can food. It doesn’t leave chili stains in my drawers.

        1. avatar Vhyrus says:

          Sounds like you need some chipotlaway

        2. avatar Art out West says:

          I love food.

          American food, Mexican food, Korean food, Indian food, Greek food, Japanese food, Thai food, Italian food, Russian food, Vietnamese food, Filipino food, Cuban food, etc.

          You name it and I probably like it. I also love to try new exotic food whenever possible.

          Maybe that is why I need to lose about 30-40 pounds.

        3. avatar Ing says:

          I could have gone a long, long, long time without that mental image in my head. (Still, LOL at Chipotlaway.)

        4. avatar jwm says:

          Art, loving food is a blessing and a curse. OFWG and proud of it.

  3. avatar Partigiano says:

    One more reason to hate those CID dickheads.

    1. avatar MurrDog says:

      Just as bad as those idiot goons in NCIS.
      Pro tip: The navy and especially MC hate them.

      1. avatar Goose says:

        I would imagine that you don’t have to go very far to find someone that hates a government employee,civilian or military.

        1. avatar MurrDog says:

          True. But it’s a shorter jump for some than others.

    2. avatar fishydude says:

      My niece’s husband is an E8 with a CID unit. He would beat the crap out of anyone in his unit pulled something like that. But he would be more clandestine. Like taking him to the gym, setting up 400# barbell on the bench and saying come, try this, I’ll spot you. Oops slipped.

      [CID featured in a movie? The General’s Daughter.]

  4. Man, those background checks and screening procedures for people that are going to serve on the protection details of high ranking officials is amazing. They managed to completely miss a complete nutter. You see, background checks only work on the things you did in the past. They know nothing of who you are or what you might or will do. Just what you’ve done that everyone else already knows about.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      This is CID, basically one step above the MPs. Army’s version of NCIS. (The actual agency, not the meh TV show.) These guys are no more vetted than any other thug with a badge.

      1. I’ve gone through the vetting process to be a thug with a badge. It’s pretty intense as BGC’s go. Thankfully I didn’t become a thug with a badge. Pay is too low. Nonetheless, the point is BGC’s don’t stop jack squat. They only detect prior behavior and as such cannot be used to predict or determine future behavior which is a capability people seem to be magically imbuing them with lately. How many complete pieces of garbage have you ever come across that don’t have felony records? Most of them? BGC’s are almost worthless and that message needs to be hammered at clearly.

        1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

          While I agree on the worthlessness of background checks for firearms purchases, the fact is most people arrested for felonies have previous records of being arrested for felonies.

          Past behavior is generally a damned good predictor of future behavior.

          If you don’t believe that, then there are a lot of convicted felons who would love to date your daughter.

        2. avatar Bob312 says:

          I do not know about CID, but back in my day, USAF OSI required a full TS clearance with all the bells and whistles. This means the FBI talks to your neighbors, friends, and family. They even open up juvenile records sealed by the courts. If there is anything in your past, it is exposed.

        3. avatar JR_in_NC says:

          “Past behavior is generally a damned good predictor of future behavior.”

          There’s always a first time.

          Or, a first time getting caught.

          Or, a first time getting caught and having it recorded somewhere that will show up in a BGC.

          You can’t be so naive as to think a criminal history check is any kind of real vetting, just because he “looks clean,” can you? Well, it certainly depends on the depth of the investigation, doesn’t it?

          That’s the dude’s entire point. Some BGC’s can only reveal past behavior, and only a subset of that as well.

          There are some that are “symbolic” and others that are more intrusive than an enema. I’ve had the latter for a TS clearance back in the 80’s, and it was more of an in depth examination of my character than simply revealing if I had a formal criminal history. They interviewed my 5th grade teacher, for example.

        4. avatar WedelJ says:

          I kept reading BGC as Bolt Carrier Groups, lol.

      2. avatar Goose says:

        They should have their own TV show, CID-SUV,the first episode could be about government assholes actin a fool in a restaurant.

  5. avatar Goose says:

    Sounds like a Gestapo agent in nazi Germany.I wonder if someone explained to this clown that the civilian world isn’t the military.I would have laughed in his face and told him to suck my dick.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      Dollars to doughnuts this clown was never actually in the Army. Quite a few of these “special” agents come from local police forces.

  6. avatar Wiregrass says:

    And yet this government continues to blame the gun for the behavior of the indecent lowlifes it continues to hire. It couldn’t possibly be anything else.

  7. avatar Special K says:

    You know, he had special training, which made him better than the average citizen. We can only trust highly trained government employees to carry guns. And we have no need to fear tyranny, because government agents with guns will never illegally intimidate us or force us to do things against our will. This is America, things like that don’t happen here.

  8. avatar NYC2AZ says:

    Top. Men.

  9. avatar Chris Morton says:

    Under the Urkel junta, it’s now routine for Federal employees (IRS, VA, BATFE, etc.) to treat U.S. citizens the way the Germans treated Poles and Jews in Eastern Europe.

    There’s literally NOTHING a Fed can do to a citizen these days that will get him fired.

    1. avatar Defens says:

      Fired upon, perhaps, though.

    2. avatar Mack Bolan says:

      That’s true. On the other hand, they are getting closer to doing things that will get them shot.

  10. avatar Bumper says:

    Not to excuse it in any way, and also if this was the case he shouldn’t have been carrying a firearm, but I kind of want to hope (for his sake?) that this guy was at least really drunk or something. I don’t see anything reflecting that in the charges listed or article(s) though, but who knows. Once again just to be crystal clear, if he was intoxicated he’s still every bit as responsible for his behavior as if he were not. It’s just kind of mystifying to me how anyone can behave that stupidly without at least being under the influence of something. Also, if he was not intoxicated and he’s really just always that stupid it kind of makes me wonder how the hell he got as far along in life as he has without already being incarcerated or killed thanks to his amazing decision making skills.

    1. avatar Defens says:

      Under the influence of power and authority is enough for some thugs.

    2. avatar Goose says:

      Maybe he was just trying to show off for his boyfriend.

  11. avatar binder2 says:

    For all we know he pissed off someone at the restaurant and they decided to SWAT him. His “criminal” history consists of two speeding tickets including 80 in a 55 (what a thug)

    1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

      More with apologist thinking.

      Well…perhaps you missed this:

      After an investigation, the one-time member of the SecDef’s security detail has now been charged with abduction, extortion, exposure and attempted forcible sodomy. “

      Seem reasonable that “after an investigation” and being actually charged after said investigation that this is, and I’m just spit-balling here, more than a SWATting?

      At you are consistent.

  12. avatar Bob312 says:

    CID? If the charges are true, he is toast. He might as well start learning how to flip burgers.

  13. avatar James69 says:

    typical USG employee. Nothing new. Guys like this are going to be armed with full auto weapons protecting “us” if there is any problems…. better hide your daughters,sisters and livestock.

  14. avatar Leadslinger says:

    WASHINGTON — President Obama said Monday he was directing federal agencies to “ban the box” in their hiring decisions, prohibiting them from asking prospective government employees about their criminal histories on job applications.

  15. avatar RockThisTown says:

    Perhaps Davis was emulating one of the people watching him:

    I’m guessing taxpayers will remain on the hook for Agent Davis’ salary, you know . . . until the administration can conduct an “investigation”. I’m sure Ashton & Loretta will get right on it.

  16. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Yikes homie-being drunk only brings out the real you.

    1. avatar Goose says:

      In negro veritas.

  17. avatar Kyle says:

    Maybe instead of government taking away guns from its citizens, citizens should be thinking more carefully on whether or not government should be allowed to have guns!

  18. avatar Anonymous says:

    Only police and military can be trusted with guns…


  19. avatar Geoff PR says:

    OK, –

    Did he whip it out before he whipped it out or after he whipped it out?

    Or at the same time?

  20. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    The left has a special love for the corrupt black police. They have always been a good pawn for the liberal plantation. The white liberal press will never give them they same level of coverage as corrupt white police.
    And that is racism.

  21. avatar Watts' Twat says:

    The benefits to society of EEOC/AA ie. hiring unqualified and/or substandard candidates never ceases to amaze me (sarc).

    1. avatar 16V says:

      Because racial discrimination never causes problems….

  22. avatar Henry says:

    Any chance the restaurant was serving ergotamine-tainted carbs?

  23. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

    if he is el salvadorian, honduran or guatemalan he may have been expecting something else when he ordered pupusas.

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