As of today, you can drop the H. The H as in Herstal. Meaning that Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal and FN-Herstal and FNH USA, makers of Ma Deuces and FN FALs, FivesevenNs and FNXs, SAWs and SCARs, is now simply FN. Over here, over there and everywhere in between.


  1. avatar Robert Farago says:

    That’s FN fantastic!

    1. avatar jwtaylor says:


    2. avatar CRF says:

      I give your wordplay an 8/10

  2. avatar Joe R. says:

    FNA – like we need another acronym, much less an amended one.
    : )

    So who’s doing FNH’s customer service? Nobody, never heard of them? : )

  3. avatar izzy says:

    they are trying to play down that they are a foreign company selling arms to the US military.

    lot of talk in the Armed Services committee about why we don’t use exclusively US-made weapons.

    Next, “FN” will be redefined to mean “Firearms of North Carolina”

    1. avatar BM says:

      To be fair, my FNX was made in Virginia. Now, how much of that money stays domestic? I don’t know. But it always surprises people when I say it’s made in the commonwealth.

      1. avatar Scott says:

        I have an FNX .45 and a SCAR 17, both stamped Fredericksburg, VA, but I did a little research and found they don’t have a factory there. That’s their American corporate headquarters. I have a hunch they do that to get around import laws, or maybe Belgian factory regulations.

        1. avatar Steven says:

          Columbia, SC.

    2. avatar Chris. says:

      They’ve had their South Carolina manufacturing plant here since 1981 – I believe the US Military arms are all and always have been made in the US anyways.

      1. ^^^ Yep. FN Manufacturing cranks out the vast majority (if not all) of the products sold here.

    3. avatar Accur81 says:

      Why not FN lighten’ up a little? American trucks have foreign parts, foreign truck like the Toyota Tundra are built in TX, and my several of my “Austrian” GLOCKS were built in Smyrna, Georgia.

      1. avatar j says:

        Glocks that are made in the US say made in the US on the frame/slide.
        If memory serves, the Glocks made in Smyrna were for export, not domestic sales as well….

        1. avatar Accur81 says:

          Well I bought ’em from Brea ProForce and they say:

          MADE IN USA
          GLOCK, INC., SMYRNA, GA

          on the frame.

      2. avatar Sheepdog6 says:

        I did always get a kick out of telling red blooded, buy american, union boot lickers that my Kia was assembled by Bob and Joe in Alabama, and their Chevy truck was assembled by Jose and Juan in Mexico or Pierre and Garçon in Canada. Talk about apoplectic.

  4. avatar Emfourty Gasmask says:

    Cool. I guess.

  5. avatar Boyd says:

    Oh great first Dominos now they are doing this crap, you do realize somebody got a raise for this right? I mean who really cares?

  6. avatar Vhyrus says:

    Its about FN time.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      FN’ A, man…


  7. avatar Gabe says:

    Are you FN with me?

  8. avatar Geoff PR says:


    That was beautiful…

    John Moses Browning… THE MAN!

  9. avatar Dr. Vinnie Boombotz says:

    Some business contacts arranged for my brother and I to go to FN’s Installation in Fredricksburg VA where they demo weapons for customers(LE, gov’ts). We went to a range and got to shoot full auto SCAR heavy and light, SAW, P90. Got to shoot a few different handguns and some semi-auto sniper rifles. The staff were wonderful people, the equipment was impressive. I own more than a few of their products and use them on a regular basis. I highly recommend their products. FWIW, the P90 full auto was the most FN amazing gun we shot that day! If only we could FN get those as civilians……..

  10. avatar Gman says:

    Are you FN kidding me? Do I have to scrape off the d’Herstal from my Hi Power?

  11. avatar pod says:

    I’m guessing any pieces with the Herstal rollmark will command a higher price on the secondary market? I know some Colt enthusiasts pay more for the “Colt’s Manufacturing” rollmark as opposed to “Colt Defense” or whatever.

  12. avatar Peter says:

    Reminds me of “Team America: Workd Police.” FNAmerica!

  13. avatar James says:


    That whole video just felt massively pretentious.

  14. avatar s says:

    at 1:31, was that guy wearing a shirt that said “Gaston” as in “Gaston Glock?” or is it a reference to something else?

  15. avatar Martin says:

    When will customer service actually provide a service????
    Horrible service……they have ignored calls and now as 8/11/2016 their voicemail is full !!! Total BS
    Why does it take over 6 months to get a replacement barrel ?? Answer is because they don’t give a flying crap and will just leave you hanging without the decency of a response……will NEVER buy another FN product just based on principal….

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