The Gun Safety Song – As a Nursery Rhyme

As the YouTube description informs us, “This is the guitar version of The Gun Safety Nursery Rhyme by Jordan Winkler (a.k.a. FX Hummel). His version can be found here” Just so no one gets their knickers in a twist about copyright infringement. There are, however, animal cruelty charges pending against your humble scribe for playing this video in the presence of schnauzers. The only saving grace here: the kid with the binkie is a born performer. How the babe manages to avoid passing out until the end is a mystery for the ages. BTW can a 56-year-old man get broody for grandchildren?


  1. avatar Boyd says:

    well looks like I can’t play that song. I couldn’t do a bar chord to save my life.

    1. avatar the ruester says:

      Ever been tempted to use a revolver as a slide? Don’t lie.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Hmmm. I just might have to ruin a .50 BMG piece of brass and make a slide. Test the sound.
        Thinking harder, I might have to chop up a dozen and see if the local music store has some counter space.

    2. avatar Mark Horning says:

      So play a “cheater F” like the rest of us.

  2. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    He has the right idea. Get them young and teach them the right way to handle a firearm and rules for safety.

    1. avatar Meagan says:

      I agree with you Frank! The younger they are, the more likely they will practice the safe ways. Start them young!

  3. avatar TX Gun Gal says:

    Cute kid and good for dad for teaching the toddler early gun safety rules. Of course dad may have some splainin to do when kid starts preschool and starts singing gun rules of safety nursery song
    what with Zero tolerance

    1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

      Homeschool. Why give people like that that kind of power over your child?

  4. avatar Rikoshay says:

    Ab so freking lutly on the broody thing!!

  5. avatar the ruester says:

    This kid starts life with +1 to his “gun nut” perk!

  6. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Grandchildren are even better than regular children!

    1. avatar jwm says:

      The only reason to have kids is so you can have grandkids.

      I used to feel sorry for those that proudly proclaimed they wouldn’t have kids. Then I thought, what the fuck, they just made free more resources for my spawn.

  7. avatar Southern Cross says:

    My son was taught if he wants to look or hold, he has to ask. Not that I ever refused him. But having dad present makes it more controlled than him looking without me knowing.

    And I have the keys to the safe as well. 😉

  8. avatar glenux says:

    Start them young.
    A good good father.

  9. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

    my wife’s biological clock is flashing twelve so there are constant mutterings about new babies.
    my daughter’s vow of chastity is bound to disappoint ol’ girl.

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