Housekeeping: A Quick Note to Our Readers Regarding TTAG News Tips

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As you can see, TTAG has crested 2.8 million unique viewers per month. (We were over 3 million after the President’s speech.) A large part of our success is due to our ability to report on firearms-related news and opinion pieces in a timely manner, on an hourly basis (sometimes more). We couldn’t do it without our TTAG tipsters, who email links to [email protected] Thank you. Our success means that the number of reader emails has increased dramatically; we currently have over 500 unread emails in our inbox. Dan and I work diligently to whittle them down, but I’d like to ask your help . . .

If you have the time, when you email, please copy the most interesting quote or quotes from the article cited and a couple of paragraphs about the link inside your email. (Don’t forget the link!) If you honor us with the quote(s) and your opinions it makes it easier for us to wade through our email and stay on top of the news.

In some cases, we will use your comments inside a post, and cite you by your initials. Even if we don’t, your opinions will inform our post (should we write one) and improve our response time. Feel free to continue just to send the link. But if you can oblige it would be most appreciated. Thanks again for making TTAG the world’s most widely read firearms blog. We will continue to do everything we can to earn your patronage.


  1. avatar Landon says:

    Couldn’t you use some simple scripting to prioritize out emails with no links? Also group emails by the links in the email body. That way you can know you’ve got all the unique links covered, and van make sure you don’t miss something new as you go through the long list.

    1. avatar Gary Schulze says:

      Not only that, but set up a system of keywords for you to search or sort on: DGU, active shooter, LEO involved shooting, legislation, MDA and Every town, etc.

  2. avatar Vv ind says:

    Ugh, email…..I don’t envy you fellows. On the other hand, when you’re at the range…..

  3. avatar Rob C says:

    Message received and understood.

  4. avatar James Lee says:

    Will do.
    On a side note, please try your best to refrain from fueling the next ammo/ar15/shoulderthingy drought.

  5. avatar pod says:

    Even with the backlog, I’ve noticed RF & co usually at least put (important) submissions up within a day. I sent in the one with the uppity ex-pat in Canada who was braying for confiscation. RF didn’t respond but the article was posted.

    Works for me.

    1. avatar Anner says:

      Same, and agree on the sentiment.

      RF: save some time by not replying, just publish the important ones. If it shows up on TTAG, we’ll know it’s worth a read. If not, oh well.

  6. avatar Forrest says:

    Need volunteers to help?

    I have been a member over at for a decade or so now, and while they are largely unfriendly to guns and gun owners (there is a large libertarian streak in the tech world, but very few outright conservatives.) they have found a great system for allowing users to post stories themselves and have the more active community members moderate stories up or down and even edit them before hitting the front page.

  7. avatar Bigdiogi says:

    Especially appreciated the extremely gracious manner in which you ask for help and cooperation. A pleasant change from the brusque languge that would typically be used in this situation by others. Shows great respect for your readership. A quality gravely lacking in most business communication.


  8. avatar BDub says:

    You should probably ask for a Subject header as well. Like [TIP] before the actual subject. Then you can search sift and sort by subject header.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      TTAG, what Billy W. said.

      Can you supply a standard format on subject headers?

  9. avatar Felix says:

    Sometimes a link is pretty descriptive, like …/hillary-proposes-gun-confiscation-under-a-different-name.html — I’ve left off quotes or commentary for those. Do you still want a paragraph or two in those cases?

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:


  10. avatar Hoplopfheil says:

    Sure sure! Now if you’ll just run my Fallout 4 article, my life will be complete…. 😉

    hint hint

  11. avatar Matt says:

    Sounds like you need an intern or two.

  12. avatar soccerdad says:


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