“Underground Tactical is doing custom Cerakote colors. I think maybe it’s gotten a little out of hand.”

(courtesy undergroundtactical.com)

(courtesy undergroundtactical.com)

(courtesy undergroundtactical.com)

Contact: undergroundtactical.com


  1. avatar jwm says:


  2. avatar James69 says:

    Orange one needs a Harley Davidson Logo on it and it will sell thousands! Heeeyyyyyyy an HD lower. Guns and Harleys!

    1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

      And they could double the price!

    2. avatar John L. says:

      So that’d make it a “potato-potato-potato” gun?

    3. avatar Andrew Lias says:

      Loud muzzle brakes save lives.

    4. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      Yeah, that’s what the gun industry needs, more douchiness.

      Maybe Affliction and Harley can join forces to product a custom 1911. It’ll be the most trendy, douchy, overpriced hunk of sh*t known to mankind.

      1. avatar Patrick says:

        Don’t you all know, Jesse James already makes pieces of s***, for 6900$ CAD 1911 with plastic mainspring housing and STI parts……

      2. avatar HSmith says:

        This comment section needs a like button. Brilliant comment.

  3. avatar John L. says:

    Well, that first one has cured my completely irrational desire for an AR with a spiral fluted barrel.

    The stainless is nice but the clash between the teal body and the black flash hider … Yeesh!

  4. avatar Dean Carpenter says:

    This is the price we pay for a diversified society.

  5. avatar RetMSgt in Pa. says:

    John Deere green or Caterpillar yellow, guaranteed best sellers.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      Farmall Red. Farm equipment themed guns!

  6. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

    Nope. Get whatever floats your boat.

    1. avatar Matt in WI says:

      Couldn’t agree more! If this is fun for a segment of shooters or catches the interest of some folks who wouldn’t otherwise be interested in guns or ARs, then by all means, color ’em up!

      1. avatar JR_in_NC says:


        Let the market decide. If there are people that DO want to buy ’em, cool that they get guns that look like they want ’em to look.

        Not for me; I won’t buy one. But nor will I begrudge those that do.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    I’d like an AR in puce or mauve.

    1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

      I’ve seen “MONSTERS, INC.” countless times, and I STILL don’t know what puce is.

  8. Can I get one in infrared or ultraviolet? Until I can I don’t want one.

    1. avatar Jeremy B. says:

      They already reflect or emit UV and IR. I’m waiting for one that absorbs all light. I’ll call it Flat Dark Black.

      1. I want one that completely absorbs all light wavelengths except for either UV or IR (yes, I realize I wouldn’t be able to see it without optics capable of detecting the appropriate wavelength) and which reflects all (or very close to all) of the UV or IR. Is that too much to ask?

      2. avatar CK Young says:

        How about clear, as in see through, made from bullet proof glass?

    2. avatar Geoff PR says:

      A fast mag dump will give you the barrel in IR…


  9. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Awful. Just awful. Can I have the blue one, Mommy? Can I? Puhleeeze?

    So do you have to buy their gun, or can they “fix” mine.

  10. avatar Eric says:


  11. avatar jwtaylor says:

    Yup. These are all customer chosen colors for their guns. I think it’s great that Underground will mix colors for truly one off shades. And some of them end up super cool, like the one done up like a star wars storm trooper blaster, complete with wear and aging marks.
    But some of them end with everyone thinking, “the customer is always right?”
    Me, I don’t care as long as they shoot the hell out of them.

    1. avatar Jeremy B. says:

      “Underground Tactical is doing custom Cerakote colors. I think maybe it’s gotten a little out of hand.”

      Care or care not?

      Each one of these rifle breaks a preconceived notion fed to us by the media. That’s a darn good thing.

      1. avatar jwtaylor says:

        Great point.

  12. avatar Shwiggie says:

    How tactical is a colorful gun? Does it retain the requisite tact to be used operationally?

    1. avatar VSN says:

      Just pretend it’s circus camo.

  13. avatar BillC says:

    Love the backwards magpul sights and forward mounted c-more /sarc/

  14. avatar Gordon Wagner says:

    How do I subscribe to the list?

  15. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    So who decides what is “tacticool”? “Murica! Where we(maybe) have a choice. Not my choice and I think all those “dark earth” guns look just like baby shite-or worse. Each to his(or her) own…

  16. avatar VSN says:

    I want one in chartruese, with purple accents. I shall name it Devastator.

  17. avatar James says:

    Hey look at the bright side, the lefties can call those scary black weapons of war no can they?

  18. avatar Derek says:

    I have no problem with people having different colored guns…who cares?

    The orange & black one looks pretty cool.

    It’s got me thinking of doing something involving my favorite team, VIKINGS. Making it look a little worn, vintage look, SKOL on the reciever, black, purple, & yellow……hmmmm, ideas are-a-brewin’.

  19. avatar WRH says:

    I like the orange AR. It would be great for hunting The Great Pumpkin.

  20. avatar jerry says:

    I painted mine using weeds and spray paint. It looks awesome, but because I used Rustoleum it will scratch easily. Not that it matters. When the shooting starts, no one will give a rats a$$ about the paint job on his AR. God bless you all. Jesus Christ is Lord and may He bless your aim.

  21. avatar Adub says:

    We want more gun-owners, women are a huge market, they start as girls, and girls love Hello Kitty…

    Let’s do pink and black with Hello Kitty.

    Hell, do light blue, call it the Elsa Ice Shooter, paint the bullets blue for a buck a round, and it’ll be the must have toy for next Christmas.

  22. avatar Hoplopfheil says:

    I’d be worried about Jaws biting through that barrel.


    The colors are nice though. I don’t hunt, I don’t tactical, I don’t care if my gun is glow in the dark.

  23. avatar Hamster in a Wheel says:

    I care about gun colors as much as I care about the cleanliness of my Jeep.
    I usually wash the Jeep every third oil change…so not very much.

  24. avatar Red in Texas says:

    So they are filling the void left by red jacket?

  25. avatar larry says:


    It is called BLACK rifle disease for a reason.

  26. avatar seth says:

    Call the first one “glacier cammo” and don’t drop it in a crevasse or you’ll never find it. The others, meh.

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