UPDATE: San Bernardino Shooting May Have Started Over Workplace Dispute

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Over the course of the afternoon we have watched as San Bernardino was turned into a war zone thanks to three armed attackers who opened fire on a government agency’s Christmas banquet. Speculation about what happened has been rampant, but two trusted sources in news reporting are indicating that the impetus for this attack was a workplace dispute by one of the employees of the agency holding that banquet.

From the LA Times:

A dispute at a holiday gathering may have sparked a mass shooting in San Bernardino that left 14 people dead and 17 others wounded on Wednesday morning, federal law enforcement officials said.

As many as three assailants, who carried long guns and wore masks, opened fire on a gathering of San Bernardino county employees around 11 a.m., sources and a witness told the Los Angeles Times.

A senior federal official who is monitoring the case said investigators believe one of the shooters left the party after getting into an argument and returned with one or two armed companions.

The New York Times provides some additional information:

Investigators believe there were three gunmen and one of them had worked at the facility and recently had a dispute with fellow employees, according to law enforcement officials.

A witness has told police that although the gunmen had their faces covered, one of them sounded and appeared very similar to an employee who had left the facility earlier in the day.

“They had their appearances covered but a witness believed it had been someone who worked there,” said one official.

The story is still developing.

California is a state with some of the strictest gun control laws in the world, with laws banning “high capacity” magazines as well as an assault weapons ban.


  1. avatar Underwater Mike says:

    That makes no sense. You don’t get mad at a party, stomp out and then come right back with two buddies, all in full battle rattle, and smoke the place.

    1. avatar ThomasR says:

      In your world, but in the world of gang members, it would. If the employees included such individuals, well, this is what happens when you show “dis-respect” .

      1. avatar tdiinva (now in Wisconsin) says:

        +1 and beat me to it.

        It makes sense if they come from an honor based culture with imperative to act. The level of skill and coordination beyond the normal gangbanger drive by method of doing business.

      2. avatar Stuki Moi says:

        I did some work at a place once, in Los Angeles, where the shifts were scheduled so that “supporters” of the “bloods” and “crips” were segregated, lest they would try to kill each other on the job. The company owner told me they had gotten permission to do it, and joked that in LA, it’s illegal for an employer to segregate based on race, sex, religion……, but OK to do so based on gang affiliation…

      3. avatar explainist says:

        “well, this is what happens when you show “dis-respect” .”

        make that “diff-refpect, mubbafugga”

      4. avatar Joe Destroyer of Morons says:

        BWA-HA- HA_ these were jihadi scum and you and many here sucked up MSMs / Obama’s “they were good muslims who were provoked”

        Bastards were building IEDs in their garage for months.


        And the mother and mosque director HAD TO KNOW.

    2. avatar SD3 says:

      You do if you’ve been overwhelmed by micro-aggressions from nasty white folk who endlessly violate your safe zone day after day.

      This never would have happened if the indigenous peoples hadn’t been forced into reservations (or something).

    3. avatar barnbwt says:

      Nor do you whip up a number of IEDs to scatter around and throw at police during the getaway, with your three accomplices in suicide. Nice job of the ‘journalist’ omitting the guy’s name (Farouq Sayd) and the Qatari connection with one of the others. They were sure fast to blurt out the ‘workplace violence’ connection and the presence of an AR, though!

      1. avatar FedUp says:

        Just like it was “gun violence in the workplace” when Major Allah Akbar shot up Ft Hood.

    4. avatar Aerindel says:

      Yeah, but I fantasize about doing just that everyday.

    5. avatar Anon in CT says:

      This is Sudden Jihadi Syndrome 2.0. It’s different from what we’ve seen before in America, but if you think about it, a lot of the elements are logical evolutions of prior events.

      – Husband and wife team. New here, not unknown in Israel.

      – Dispute started in the workplace – maybe over the fact that one day dude started wearing Saudi pajamas to work – but was then magnified to something that took months of prep and planning.

      – Attackers wanted to live long enough to upload footage from their GoPro cameras.

      – Choice of large, dark SUV plus tactical-looking gear plus the fact that they were caught tooling around near the attack site long after the attack (instead of escaping) plus the fact that the original attack was over so quickly, leaving scores or hundreds of potential targets untouched = the killers were planning to return to the scene and hit the cops from behind.

  2. avatar Jambo says:

    Maybe it really was workplace violence.

  3. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    I’m hearing Farouk Saaed on FOX. Yep 3 ninja killers is (I hope) implausible…

    1. avatar tdiinva (Now in Wisconsin) says:

      You keep hearing it but who is he?

      1. avatar Former Water Walker says:

        Beats me td-but they’re having a press conference right now…

  4. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    There going to have a hard time convincing me no one yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’.

  5. avatar Mike says:

    But, the rifles didn’t have bullet buttons (most likely). So it was a planned argument?

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    One suspect is a woman. Maybe the getaway driver. She’s dead.

    The FBI acknowledges that this “might be” terrorism.

    1. avatar tdiinva (now in Wisconsin) says:

      Woman confirmed. It would be a personal dispute first to have a coordinated of team shooters with the involvement of a woman. That is way out of profile. The only kind of personal dispute that would trigger this kind of violence is generally carried out in the Middle East.

      1. avatar marco says:

        Isn’t it pretty much a first no matter which way you slice it?

        Multiple shooter terrorism in super-poor town at strange location and trying to escape?

        Name me an incident like that in the past?

        Multiple shooter workplace dispute/violence?

        Name me an incident like that in the past?

        NO regular explanation. Period. San Bernardino? Maybe you get a home-grown radical that does a Hassan inside the states, but recruiting others and hitting… San Bernardino? Tangos usually care about impact: NYC, DC, LA, Fort Hood, Airliners, etc.

        Podunk super-poor http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2015/05/what-its-like-when-your-city-goes-broke/393221/ place? That is just… so not the profile. At all.

        1. avatar tdiinva (now in Wisconsin) says:

          Wild ass speculation: Iranian hit on a dissident. MOIS, the Iranian intelligence service, has conducted a number of high profile assassinations and bombings throughout the west. SOCAL has the largest Iranian expat community in the country. I originally commented on this two posts below to punk our friend who dearly wanted it to be about antigovernment types shooting up healthcare workers to protest O-Care. But if there is an Iranian name on the casualty list and the shooters are Muslims you can bet that Iran was behind it.

      2. avatar Ralph says:

        That is way out of profile.

        Yes, certainly. So maybe — maybe — the profile needs to be updated. A lot of the recent Palestinian stabbers have been women, and so have some of the suicide bombers. And one of the Paris jihadidiots was a woman too.

        1. avatar Marco says:

          I read your bet, and honestly, I’m so confused I can’t decide whether to take it or not.

          This incident is just so… strange. Really. I mean, I really don’t get it; it makes pretty much no sense. Either there was one stupid jihadi who inspired a few more people to help him/her? They definitely didn’t have training, 14 dead and 17 injured with 3 shooters and no resistance is just abysmal. But then again, if they actually inspired others to help them, where did they get all the gear? Loans? If they had any real links back to smarter planners, they’d say you need to go somewhere better than San Bernardino.

          Workplace violence? Then how did they have all the gear stored up. Paranoid preppers/anti-gov types who snapped? Someone who was mad at the agency for cutting off benefits and got her boyfriend and his brother to act out her rage? Meth dealers who went off the deep-end?

          All I can return to is that usually when multiple people are involved they’re very effective, but they ran away after doing fairly little damage for 3 shooters. Jihadis usually are ok going to the snackbar in the sky; the paris attack was different in that a few tried to escape and one did, but the majority were ready for martyrdom. It sounds like the three shooters got out of there with a premium being put on their lives, as police response and SWAT response was fairly quick.

          Nothing fits very well. This is going to be interesting.

        2. avatar Don says:

          Not way out of every profile. Remember the neo nazi and sovereign citizen Vegas husband and wife who shot some cops in a pizza place and then died in a shootout in walmart. It was covered on TTAG because a man at walmart confronted them who was a concealed carrier.


          So if you had a few anti-government types, men and women, shooting up a state-owned public institution representing to them big government or handouts or welfare or whatever that would at least be consistent with a particular profile we’ve seen in history.

        3. avatar Desert Ranger Tycho says:

          Sad day when a terrorist profile can be considered sexist…

      3. avatar marco says:

        tdiinva, I hope you’re right. Actually, I don’t. Iran would be bad. War with Iran would suck. I definitely hope it’s at least a deniable operation in the sense we don’t go to war with them (draftable age; country of 70 million= draft, period), but anything below us going to war is welcome. This could be the straw that breaks the Peruta case in the 9th circuit and destroys carry for Californians if it’s just disgruntled white people; conversely it could massively help if it is actual aloha snackbar.

        Like I was saying to Ralph, this one is just WEIRD. Weird weird weird. Getting caught; not killing that many, etc. etc. There’s no simple explanation that lines up with most of the facts. I really don’t get it.

  7. avatar Blake says:

    I’m really skeptical about the “workplace violence” idea, unless it’s of the Nidal Hasan variety.

  8. avatar Ray Roberts says:

    Workplace violence my ass. This seems much too coordinated to be some employee with an axe to grind. Especially not if the argument happened earlier that day.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      If this is “workplace violence”, this would be the first time ever that a disgruntled employee gathered accomplices. I can maybe see finding one friend to assist in the strike, but two? I can’t see it.

      I think a much more probable answer is that the state reported this as workplace violence knowing that many people will never determine later that it was really terrorism. And why would the Almighty state do that? If they report terrorism immediately, the inescapable reaction from most people is, “I want to tool up now.” But if they report “workplace violence”, some people will solidify their support for more gun control laws.

      1. avatar Mark Jones says:

        Must’ve gotten a union rep and local union officer to help.

      2. avatar Mark Jones says:

        Must’ve gotten a union rep and local union officer to help.

  9. avatar Charles Ray says:

    San Bernardino is 75% “Urban Democrat”, so, uh, there you go.

  10. avatar Tom in Georgia says:

    Bizarro, but whatever the case may be…

    I’ve always held all along that there are a great many threats – evil people, gangsters, terrorists, whatever. You don’t have to understand everything, or even much of anything, you just have to DEAL with it. And for me, that means carrying a sidearm as much as reasonably possible, including at home. Perhaps especially at home, even though the risks may vary from random home invasion (low likelihood) to black bears (slight risk around here). That’s the thing, really. People spend way too much time thinking inside a small box (eg. a specific scenario) instead of more strategically (general threats, for example). The whole forest for the trees thing, if you will.

    But back to San Bernardino. You really can’t believe anything at this particular point. The whole situation’s not unlike a hog pen trap with a bunch of little piglets – as soon as the trap is sprung and falls to the ground the whole pen is just full of piggies running amok. Same here – you have the perps and the victims, the general public outdoors, the cops, and most of all, the goddamn news ninnies. A lot of whom need a good beating or whipping, in my somewhat heated personal opinion.

    It;s only natural to be interested in the who, what, when, why and all that, but it still doesn’t change the basic fact that you are, as Robert has said a bazillion times, your own first responder. And in this particular case, protector of those who cannot protect themselves, as well.

    If it’s solidly established that there were multiple assailants (an SUV chase and shootout would seem to be pretty strong evidence) then a workplace dispute makes little sense except, as mentioned, in a gang context. But a workshop for developmentally disabled people? Good God, how low can you go?

    In any event it doesn’t really matter to the news ninnies and the haters. They still stupidly think that they can cure everything by destroying personal liberty in this country. It will only happen by massive bloodshed and no other way.


  11. avatar David Thompson says:

    If it was indeed three gunmen in full gear armed with AK-47s, then the workplace dispute line is probably BS. Another “spontaneous demonstration” a la Benghazi. Maybe being floated deliberately to keep the T word under wraps in an election season. Like last time.

    Or, not. Cause crazy stuff does happen.

    1. avatar Marco says:

      Pretty sure we saw an AR-pattern from overhead on a dead suspect; I saw a photo of the scene with a .223/5.56 casing on the ground, so the AK line is likely hoplophobes describing the scariest gun they know.

      1. avatar Don says:

        I heard on the scanner a cop looking into the back seat of the truck say something to the effect of “there’s a dude in the back seat, AR strapped to his chest, looks like he might still be breathing”. Definitely said “an AR”

  12. avatar Bob R says:

    Yeah, kind of strange that 2 acquaintances would agree within a moment’s notice to join a shooting rampage because their friend got dissed at work. But maybe this is what our society has come to…

  13. avatar pod says:

    Unlikely. You don’t roll in like that over a watercooler argument.

    So, they went home, convinced two others to suit up, break out rifles, find what looks like a rental SUV, and head on back to the party?

    1. avatar Bob R says:

      Of course, and they just happened to have tactical gear for three people…

      They won’t tell the truth about what happened to the motorcycle clubs in Waco, and they probably won’t tell us the truth here.

      1. avatar pod says:

        Sadly you could be correct.

        Though this one stretches credibility. Not even sure why RF is giving it lip service.

        I could see one guy get pissed and tool up if he had the gear lying around. But to convince two others is really a stretch. Nevermind two others with similar gear, and rifles to boot.

        I know if I ever suggested such madness to any of my POTG friends, the next thing I would see would be a rifle butt to the head and they’d drag my sorry ass to the police station.

  14. avatar Salvatore says:

    Who cares who it was. Jihadis, disgruntled white guys who don’t get enough attention from girls, drug cartel, whatever. The media will just promote further gun control. The fact is that gun free zones are killers and those that insist on keeping them are responsible for this. These freaks never go to a mall in a free state where they will get blown out of their socks by a concealed carrier on any given day. It sickens me that we have so many pussies in this country that cling to the lunacy of trying to restrict an object to prevent evil. All it does is foster this behavior.

  15. avatar Bud Harton says:

    Fareeq Saaed was the employee of the agency at the party. He started complaining weeks ago about the Christmas party because he was a Muslim nit a Christian. He demanded that the party plans to be cancelled. When they weren’t, he started his planning and making arrangements for weapons and explosives. Today, he showed up at the party and demanded for the last time to have it cancelled. When it wasn’t, he left, went out to the parking lot where his friends waited, gathered their weapons and made the attack.

    speculation on my part but………………………..

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      . . . but it doesn’t sound too kooky to be true.

      We shall see. Maybe.

      1. avatar TravisP says:

        Muslims aren’t really offended by Christmas though. They do believe that Jesus was a Muslim and a Prophet of Allah. Belief in him is a requirement of Islam. I doubt a celebration that is typically believed to be Jesus’ bday would be all that offensive to a Muslim.

  16. avatar MD says:

    If this was indeed the result of workplace dispute, I’ll put money on the woman shooter being the disgruntled employee. There are some hood rat females employed by the State. If she was dissed bad enough, it is plausible that she went home, rounded up two of her homies or family members, and went back to settle the score.

    1. avatar pod says:

      The “fog of war” hasn’t cleared enough yet to confirm a lot of witness statements, but based on what has been said thus far, I don’t see hoodrats tooling up in tactical gear, slinging ARs, and moving with some sort of professionalism. Thugs go in with HiPoints and just blaze at whatever moves.

      1. avatar MD says:

        I stand corrected. Definitely not hood rats. it looks more and more like the scenario described by Bud Harton a couple of comments up.

  17. avatar Stinkeye says:

    Who has a Christmas party on December 2nd? Was their Halloween party in September?

    1. avatar TravisP says:

      It’s a Medical facility with 600 employees, a lot fo those employees will be working Christmas, or near Christmas and a lot of people may be gone in the weeks leading up to Christmas if they work Christmas, or Christmas Eve, or the day after Christmas. Early parties give everyone an opportunity to attend.

    2. avatar MD says:

      Just to clarify, most government agencies avoid the word “Christmas”. The festival would have been a “Holiday” party. Sad, but true.

    3. avatar rosignol says:

      A lot depends on when you can get a suitable space, my employer is having the party on the 5th.

  18. avatar James Harvey says:

    So the LA Times is going with workplace violence?
    Muslim shooters at a Christmas party?
    They must be very disappointed that it wasn’t white Americans and NRA members.
    That changes the narrative.

  19. avatar Another Robert says:

    I dunno what it was. But I ain’t buying “workplace violence” just yet. “Tactical clothes”, masks, and three “assault weapons” plus handguns, all arranged within a few minutes after a “dispute” at the party? Nope, I ain’t buying it. Not yet. Damned agenda-driven media and government that treats citizens like mushrooms–keep ’em in the dark buried in manure.

  20. avatar Roy says:

    I think it’s also important to point out that OPEN CARRY is illegal in California… yet somehow they managed to openly carry HANDGUNS and LONG GUNS to kill other people. They most likely didn’t even have conceal carry permits. How is this even possible!!??

  21. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

    This is an extension of the Paris attacks and it is DIRECTLY related to those attacks.

    FACT: The band Eagles of Death Metal were playing in the theater that was the worst hit area of the Paris attacks. Eagles of Death Metal are from Palm Desert, in Riverside County, CA.
    FACT: Together, Riverside and San Bernardino county form the region known as the INLAND EMPIRE!
    FACT: The Eagles of Death Metal have a song called “San Berdoo Sunburn” which extols the virtues of SAN BERNARDINO, CA!
    It’s no coincidence that this latest attack took place at the INLAND Regional Center, in the very same INLAND EMPIRE that spawned the very same band that was the subject of the Paris attacks, AND THAT THE ATTACK TOOK PLACE IN SAN BERNARDINO, a city that the Eagles of Death Metal wrote a song about.
    An attack in the Inland Empire is an attack on the Eagles of Death Metal. If no one else can see that, it’s because they’re in denial.

  22. avatar David says:

    Probably pissed about the pork in the buffet.

  23. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Aloha snackbar for the win! Yep moose-lims. Devout and one from Qatar too. Pissed at Christmas? Maybe…but this required lots of planning and $. And the crazy jihad belief in their evil cause. Never forget-hammer this for eternity…

  24. avatar John D'oh says:

    I suggest a concert to start the healing. How about “Workplace Violins for Peace”?

  25. avatar Chadwick P. says:

    Stop acting like a good little socialist. You know what it was and you know workplace violence will be what the left/state run media calls it. If it’s white guys it’s racist mitia domestic terrorism. If it’s jihadi jane and her pals it’s always workplace violence. Get in line ttag and be good little socialists. No need for a brain anymore. Sure sounded like they had everything ready to go huh? Sounds like they were just hanging out and then the “I got discriminated” light flicked on and a then they decided to kill the unbelievers. Right right workplace violence. Ok empty suit political elite. Ok talking(empty) head msm.

  26. avatar CB says:

    California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world? Might want to tap the brakes on that one.

  27. avatar Parnell says:

    No. There was too much preparation for this to be “workplace violence”. The neighbors report multiple “Middle Eastern ” males going in and out of the house and work in the garage at all hours. The presence of pipe bombs at the site of the shooting, in the SUV and the house speak to multiple targets and a continuing operation after the first attack.

  28. avatar paul says:

    Why doesn’t the news report the fact that these rifles had illegal configuration, they were NOT legal. They have not reported if the handguns used were legal in Ca(on the handgun registery). Obviously, the IEDs were not legal.
    They broke the law before they fired a shot. This is what laws against guns do, only law abiding gun owners obey the law, the ones with malice do not.

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