Show Us Your Weapon of War – Colt SMG


Alex’s Colt, Serial number HT000002


  1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Very nice!
    Wait just a gall durn minute. This machine gun has a bayonet lug! OMG!

  2. avatar NDS says:

    Completely awesome!

  3. avatar Michelle says:

    If I had a million dollars….

    Ok well more like $35,000 but still….

  4. avatar Anner says:

    Damn, color me jealous. Send in a video of you spraying watermelons while wearing a boogie hat.

  5. avatar mike says:

    Wow……. ok I can’t stand up at the moment…

  6. avatar Aerindel says:

    I can never get used to seeing a little stick mag coming out of that big magwell.

  7. avatar chris says:

    Thought about having my rock river 9mm shorten to 12 inches (sbr) and then install a slide fire stock. I’m sure I will shoot it more often.

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