Show Us Your Weapon of War – Bushmaster Lower Home Brewed AR


JD’s BCM 11.5 upper on a Bushmaster (pre freedom group, I swear!) 5.56 lower. Eotech with fixed backup irons. Surefire G2. Yankee Hill suppressor QD mount.


  1. avatar Larry says:

    You can send that Eotech back for a full refund right now. This after the military just dropped them and sued them for 29 million.

    1. avatar Steve Clark says:

      I’m keeping mine. Wouldn’t mine another if L3 decides to discount ’em and blow ’em out.

    2. avatar Timmy! says:

      I like mine for the fact that I can buy AA batteries ANYWHERE! All those different coin batteries and CR-123 whatever things JUST MAKE MY BLOOD BOIL!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

      Sorry, sorry. I’m calm now.

  2. avatar tyrone Tarvin says:

    What??? Blasphemy from on high!! A Tier 1 snake eaters BCM upper on a lowly mall ninja- bubba fudd Bushmaster lower?

    Pat Rogers and Eugene Stoner must be rolling in their graves!

    Wait til the ” silent warriors” over at M4C hear about this!

    But then again – aren’t almost all AR-15 and M-16 variants compatible in the majority of cases?

    For what its worth I hate the overweight eotech and I’ve seen enough of them FAIL from damage to not waste the money.

    I use an aimpoint on my go to BCM midlength and my spikes and colts all have vortex sparcs !( I’m not deploying to hindustan or Fallujah, and IF any of the red dots fail, I’d toss them and go back to my matech buis….

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