New From Ruger: SR22 With 4.5″ Barrel


Same as the standard SR22, only one inch longer. Because more sight radius is (almost) always better. Specs after the jump . . .

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.58.14 PM


  1. avatar schernobyl says:

    Seriously only 10 rounds I’m disappointed Ruger

    1. avatar TruthTellers says:

      There’s a company called TandemKross that makes an extension (they call it a bumper) that add 5 rds to the magazine.

      They’re currently on sale for $8 per extension.

  2. avatar Steve in MD says:

    Did they fix the takedown lever so it doesn’t break all the time?

  3. avatar Rob C says:

    Threaded barrel?

  4. avatar Happy Camel says:

    Still with that stupid reverse saftey. They can’t make one without it yet they put the time into designing this? Really? It’s supposed to be a training pistol. If you’re going to put a safety on it at least make it like other guns.

    1. avatar Brooklyn in da house says:

      I have an sr9c and sr22 and it is completely different. It doesnt make sense that they would make it this way. It functions as a decocker and maybe it has to go down instead of up.

      1. avatar JT says:

        In that case they should either make it decocker only or safety only instead of trying to make one lever do two jobs.

  5. avatar Lhshtr says:

    I Like my SR22, but why they didn’t improve it. I just wonder about it.

  6. avatar Myrealname says:

    That thing is disgusting.
    Who is Ruger going after with these awful designs?

  7. avatar sota says:

    looks like I could just buy the slide and barrel for my current one.
    Although, my SR22 has now been “replaced” by Beretta’s M9 22LR.
    The SR22 still fits the kid’s hands though.

  8. avatar P.G. says:

    Cool, I kind of like the looks of it. Wish it was more than 10 rounds. Why do all these .22’s have 10 round mags. must be a technical reason I have not thought of?

    1. avatar PewPewPew says:

      I could be wrong, I’m just guessing here, but it could be to do with the rim on the case. I notice a lot of large cap rimfire mags (10/22 for example) are curved. I always assumed that was due to the rim anyway.

      1. avatar P.G. says:

        Good point, very possibly.

        The Keltec does 30 rounds with their little .22 WMR autoloader though.

  9. avatar Grego says:

    Until they decide to fix the trigger, backwards safety, and the disassembly catch in the trigger guard, I won’t own another. Which is too bad because it was about the right size for my wife to use, but the trigger was just too awful (along with the once in a while spontaneous field strip upon firing), so I sold mine. Maybe I am too particular but I prefer the slide to stay attached to the firearm when in use, especially when the slide hits around 4 feet low at 5ft.

  10. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    Hmm… and it’s 4 whole ounces lighter than a 22/45 Lite.

    Thought about getting a 22/45 target a while back, but then I figured what good is a pistol you can’t buy ammo for anyway. Think I’d still go that route.

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      /100 box cci is on almost every small gun counter in my area. Never had much use for cci , could get along fine with cheaper bulk federal, but since I can find it I pick some up every once in a while. I don’t plink with .22 anymore, mostly 9mm.

      1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

        Yea, I know you can still get rimfire ammo if you’re willing to pay centerfire prices…

  11. avatar Sean says:

    I like the Tandemkross 15-round bumper kits for these and they work well, but the downside is no hold open on the last round. Definitely more fun shooting 15 rounds vs 10.

  12. avatar TX Gun Gal says:

    Not seeing the advantage of 4.5 vs 3.5″ barrel Mine has had thousands of rounds though it and shoots like a dream. Not sure what the issue is with complains about DA trigger. I load the magazine, rack the slide, cock the hammer, push safety to red, line up sights and pull the trigger.
    99% it goes bang. 1% of the it doesn’t, drop the magazine, rack the to eject offending bullet, reinsert mag, rack slide, pull back hammer, pull trigger. I think the FTF has something to do with the magazine. I usually slap a loaded mag against my palm before insertion. That seem to help seat any wayward round. I use Frog lube and clean the pistol as soon as I get home from the range, focus on getting feed ramp sparkling clean. It will eat pretty much any brand but really likes CCI mini-mag 40gr. I love this pistol, for me, it’s nearly perfect. For SD, prefer a larger caliber but for sheer fun shooting, can’t beat it.

    1. avatar CHS says:

      Higher velocity, longer sight radius for more accurate shooting.

  13. avatar Al Bondigas says:

    Looks more like a cucumber, less like a pickle. Good job!

    1. avatar Anonymoose says:

      So is it more of a jelly than a jam?

  14. avatar Philboyd Studge says:

    Rugerbarb jelly perhaps?

  15. avatar ButtMunch says:

    I want one. The naysayers can suck it.

  16. avatar Ben Bocock says:

    I have 1000s of rounds through mine. It always works and I carry it daily. The trigger is fine…the safety is fine. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

    1. avatar Dale says:

      Are you carrying the 4.5 inch?? If so, what holster are you using?

  17. Don’t know why all the negative comments. Mine is extremely accurate and reliable. Nice price. Hard to beat. I have the 3.5 and it is one of the best compact .22s ever.

  18. avatar Craig says:

    I’ve had a 3.5 since they first came out. One of my favorite 22s and I have several to choose from. Picking up my new 4.5 tomorrow.

  19. avatar Dale says:

    Hi. Any one know if the 4.5 has the same trigger reach as the 3.5?

  20. avatar Frank says:

    Have had mine one week. Put just short of 300 rounds through it and the slide jams. Took it home and broke it down. Found lots of oil in it. Cleaned it and going to take it shooting tonight. Hope it works with out a problem.

    1. avatar Dale says:

      Some manufacturers oil/grease up their firearms to prevent rust, increase shelf life. I always break down and look before using. It should be fine now. Let me know. Also, what are you using for a holster?? FOBUS is all I’m seeing.

      1. avatar Frank says:

        Just the case that came with it.

      2. avatar Cindy G says:

        Go to simply rugged holsters and look at the Cuda. That’s what I have and its the best holster I’ve ever owned

  21. avatar James Maynard says:

    I have the 4.5 and the better half has the 3.5. There is a difference in accuracy. The 4.5 is more accurate. It actually shoots VERY well. The key to accuracy on both is trigger pull. Focus on a slow steady trigger pull. I can hit tin cans @ 25 yards all day given the ammo I use is consistent.

  22. avatar KEVIN says:


  23. avatar Stevewonderful says:

    Too bad the safety is backwards unlike most every other semi-auto out there. That’s a recipe for disaster. It’s a deal breaker for me..

    1. avatar Dale Klein says:

      I use the SR22 for working on my grip, trigger control. It’s a cheap to run work horse. More importantly, it also does me a great service with AIWB work – nice to have the safety when learning to draw and holster from that position.

  24. avatar Kb says:

    I have the original model. A nice little pistol, only thing I don’t like is that I sometimes automatically flip the saftey on when I present it because it’s backwards from all my b other guns. Down is safe. Very confusing.

  25. avatar Daniel Waldvogel says:

    I’m using a DeSantis Thumb Break Mini slide holster for my SR 22 4.5 inch barrel, made to fit the glock 43 I think. It works pretty well.

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