It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use: 5 Stabbed at University of California Campus



“A suspect stabbed five people on a university campus in central California Wednesday morning before police shot and killed him, authorities said Wednesday. Two of the victims attacked at the University of California, Merced, were taken by helicopter to hospitals for treatment, spokeswoman Lorena Anderson said. The three other victims were treated locally, she said.” Thank God UC Merced is a designated gun-free zone. Just think how much worse this could have been if one of the students who was sliced open could have defended himself…with something more effective than a dildo, that is.


  1. avatar john thomas says:

    Doesn’t count. No guns.

    1. avatar Bob R says:

      Only police should be allowed to shoot bad guys… (liberal mindset)

      1. avatar tdiinva (Now in Wisconsin) says:

        No, police are rhe only ones who can shoot whites and Asians. Blacks and certain classes of Hispanics should be able to rob convienence stores, beat up there clerks or murder young women in San Francisco.

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          *I’m* not gonna be the one to tell a cop who he can’t shoot!


  2. avatar General Zod says:

    “Gunman Stabs 5 AT UC-Merced, film at 11…”

    1. avatar Another Robert says:

      There ya’ go…and the dimwits watching will swallow it.

  3. avatar actionphysicalman says:

    Wait, I thought guns were dildos…

  4. avatar JR_in_NC says:

    Good guy with a gun, something, something.

    Dang it, anti’s. I wonder how you sleep at night telling people lies about defending their lives. You people are sickening.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      They sleep just fine, warm and comfy in their self-righteousness…

      1. avatar schernobyl says:

        As they bleed out from being stabbed by the person whom they gave eveything the person wanted

  5. avatar Kevin j says:

    I’m on your side on this debate. BUT stuff like this isn’t good for the pro gun side. 5 people minorly injured compared to what could have been if a gun was involved. I know ppl bring up the herd of Chinese with blades, but that would have been way way worse if they all had AK’s as well

    1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

      “I’m on your side on this debate. “

      Yeah, not feelin’ it. You made a typical talking point of the anti’s.

      One simple counterargument to the dumb “it could have been SO MUCH WORSE if he had a gun” is quite simply:

      “Yeah, and he could have been dropped dead by a Good Guy With a Gun before he hurt one single person with that knife.”

      Another is (and see the Dr. in PA as an example):

      “Yeah, and if he had had a gun and a good guy with a gun was there, he STILL could have been dropped right away before it became a ‘mass shooting.'”

      So, take the “so much worse if he had a gun” and file it for what it is…anti-gun nonsense.

      1. avatar Cliff H says:

        Sorry, the “So much worse if the bad guy had a gun…” line only works if you presume the intended victims were good, law-abiding sheeple still obeying the unconstitutional Gun Free/Victim Rich Zones on campus.

        Regardless of the weapon employed the damage is exacerbated by the lack of the ability to counter the evil intent with a weapon of your own. Part of the educational process, if you manage to survive the lesson: “To be unarmed leaves you to the mercy of men with no mercy.”

        1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

          Thumb’s up. Well stated.

      2. avatar Kevin j says:

        You guys are delusional. I’m totally anti gun control. I was merely pointing out that it’s not exactly a “victory” for gun rights when something like this happens (an attack that doesn’t involve a gun). You guys almost cheer when something like this happens with a knife. “But a knife can be a very dangerous tool that can leave you leaking like a colander if used effectively” you say. Yea, but the typical attacker isn’t skilled so it’s A LOT easier to do damage with a gun. And if you don’t think that’s a fact then your just as deluded as the gun grabbers. Just stating a fact that more damage is done with a gun than a knife. THAT’S IT! And no, you won’t “give him lead poisoning” “before he gets off his first shot.”

        1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

          “You guys are delusional. “

          What is delusional about pointing out that what you said is a talking point of the anti’s? That, sir, is a statement of fact.

          “I’m totally anti gun control.”

          Straw man.

          No one said you aren’t anti gun control. What was said was that your statement is a talking point of the anti’s. There is no assumption about your attitude in that simple statement.

          “And no, you won’t “give him lead poisoning” “before he gets off his first shot.””

          Another straw man.

          No one said that either.

          I believe the specific example I used was the Dr. in PA…where one person was shot by the bad guy, but then the Good Guy with a Gun stopped the attack in its tracks.

          I even stated…stopped it before it became a ‘mass shooting.’ Are you denying that Good Guys stop bad guys with frequency?

          The point that you are missing is that if there had been armed Good Guys present, this attack could well have been over before he did the damage he did. That’s why it is called “Should have been a DGU.”

          Or, are you denying FIVE people were stabbed? If an armed Good Guy was present, maybe he only stabbed 1, or even 4. Or, MAYBE zero. It could happen.

          But no. The policy of “Gun Free Zone” meant that no one even had a CHANCE to defend themselves against an ARMED (which does NOT mean “gun”) attacker. Or any attacker.

          So, you might be anti-gun control, but you sure are missing a lot of the big picture. Feel free to keep trotting out the anti-gunner’s talking points for them all the while saying, “I support the Second Amendment, but…” kinds of statements. It’s cool. It happens a lot.

    2. avatar Ethan says:

      True, but its not up to society to decide the “best” way to improve my safety – especially if that includes stripping me of meaningful self-defense in the *hope* that me being stabbed is an acceptable sacrifice for a lower overall body count.

      The social utility argument cannot trump the inalienable right to self defense. Me being able to defend myself may indeed be inconvenient for society – but too bad.

      Note: Statistics point to the precise opposite of that btw, more guns typically equals less crime or no impact on crime (it has never been linked to an increase in crime).

      1. avatar Kevin j says:

        I wasn’t saying more guns equal more crime. I agree with your statistic that the opposite is true actually. Just saying IF something like this does occur, the so called “body count” will typically be higher with a gun. Not disagreeing with you on the 2A. It’s a more effective tool than a knife. That’s why we all carry them instead of/in addition to a knife.

        1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

          ” Just saying IF something like this does occur, the so called “body count” will typically be higher with a gun. “

          Red Herring Fallacy.

          What you are missing is that the argument is about the missing tools of the defenders.

          You say “we all carry guns” but what of the those victims in this story? Were they armed?

          The body count from ANY attack most assuredly WON’T be higher (as an absolute, predictive statement) if the defenders are armed…whether the bad guy has a gun. After the first shot rang out, armed defenders could, and often do, respond with force to stop the attack, even when the attacker has an evil gun.

          The “body count” of gun attack vs knife attack is the not the discussion. That argument is completely irrelevant. That sounds like a gun controller’s “It’s the GUN” statement.

          The discussion is whether or not lawful, innocent free people have the “legal” right to defend their lives, not live in subjugation and in the morally repugnant “gun free zones.”

    3. avatar Mike in Memphis says:

      Never believe anything before the “but”.

      You don’t airlift two people to hospitals for minor injuries. Watch some knife drill videos. It takes all of about 5 seconds to leave someone leaking like a colander.

      I am sure that if you ask any of the victims the first thing they will say is “Oh, I’m so glad I only got stabbed/sliced up and not shot! This is much preferable. For my next victim of mayhem attack, make mine multiple knife wounds!”

      The fact is someone went all turbo-Ginsu on a group of innocents and what ended it was a good guy with a gun. If only there had been one at the beginning and not the end of the attack.

      Waiting on the MSM to start screaming for Knife Control. Everytown for Knife Safety anyone? No? Didn’t think so.

      1. avatar dph says:

        Just look across the pond, knife control is not off the table for the anti every thing bunch.

    4. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      At least two victims were treated locally, but two were reportedly transported by helicopter to hospitals. That’s more than “minor” injuries.

      I get it that you buy into the whole evil black “assault weapon” bogeyrifle hysteria, but really, if these were the wholesale slaughtering machines you suggest, then why are they so rarely used in murders?

      You don’t see urban street gangs using them. You don’t even see spree killers use them predominantly as their firearm of choice. Such cases are outnumbered by those utilizing handguns and shotguns.

      What you have is a blood puddle dancing media and democrat party whose screeching over inanimate objects gives outsized presence to a class of firearms rarely used in crime.

  6. avatar Joe R. says:

    Reap what you sow. Unless you don’t have a gun, then you might reap what others have sown for you.

    FU(D) – Anti-Gun – Bend-Over-And-Take-It crowd.

    1. avatar Ethan says:

      Similar quote:
      Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who did not.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    Just think how much worse this could have been if one of the students who was sliced open could have defended himself…with something more effective than a dildo

    Dildos can be deadly. Famous Mexican and American film star Ramon Novarro was murdered with one in 1968.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Make that a *lead* dildo.

      I never would have guessed such an implement even existed…


      “Scotty Bowers’ 2012 autobiography Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars provides more gruesome details about Novarro’s death, where he writes that not only had Novarro been brutally beaten, the star had in fact been suffocated with a lead dildo, given to him 45 years earlier by Rudolph Valentino.[20] However, William van Meter describes the dildo story as an “urban legend” in a long story about the Fergusons in Out magazine.”

  8. avatar Maluka says:

    Do away with knives. There is no reason why anyone should own a knife.

    Sounds like this nut was just another Kalifornia democrat.

  9. avatar Jason says:

    Any tongue in cheek comments of “ban knives” will be met with white-hot Bloomberg rage about how much “worse it would have been” if he’d had a gun. Never mind the fact that the two worst school mass-murders in American history were committed with explosives. Lots of people have been offed via arson and other things as well.

    The bottom line is it doesn’t fit with their mentality that guns are inherently evil objects and that civilians are victims that can only be saved by people with badges.

  10. avatar Dustin says:

    If only they had a dildo to fight back with…

  11. avatar Julio says:

    Even if one had the extremely rare (unless you are a celebrity or wealthy campaign contributor) CA concealed carry permit, Gov Jerry Brown signed a bill last month into law that prohibits any weapons (including just ammunition) on school campuses (K-12, colleges, and any school owned buildings that are clearly marked as such). This was, of course, endorsed by all LEOs once they cut a deal for exemptions for all police retirees.

  12. avatar Mack Bolan says:

    We need to enact legislation that mandates smart knives that only become sharp and pointy when held by the identified owner.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      And are flaccid unless being used for a legitimate sporting or culinary purpose.

  13. avatar DKW says:

    I really hate these “It should have been a DGU” story on this website. I believe you should only write these types of stories if;

    1. Was there an individual in the vicinity that typically carries a gun?

    2. Was the individual legally not allowed to carry a gun in this location (i.e. so-called GFZ)?

    If you can’t answer yes to both questions, this is just another tragic story about someone getting injured or killed. It could be argued that every single intentional firearm and knife death could be a “It should have been a DGU” story.

    I want to hear stories about someone who typically carries, wasn’t carrying due to GFZ issues and could have stopped it. Those would truly be “It should have been a DGU” stories.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Thanks for the editorial guidance. I’ll get right on it.

    2. avatar JR_in_NC says:

      Like the story of Nikki Goeser’s husband’s murder … CCW permit holder (Nikki) disarmed due to no restaurant carry in her state at the time.

      You really want more stories like that?

      How about we move the bar closer to where it should be, rather than accepting GFZ’s as the order of business.

  14. avatar Wibbins says:

    They will say “the gfz worked, he could have had a gun and they could have been dead”, yeah whatever

  15. avatar C.Rogers says:

    Any indication of who did the stabbing?

  16. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    Just sit back and enjoy your Marijuana intoxication. That seems to be one of the few things that motivate California voters. Armed self defense does not motivate California voters. This is how a communist society is created. The government will give you what it thinks you need. And you will not get anything else.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      Weed and Communism! Everybody riding around on those darned Segways!!

  17. avatar TheWraith says:

    The sad thing is the “progressive” liberals who are anti-gun will think this criminal brought a knife to commit his crime BECAUSE it was a gun-free zone and he was “prohibited”…like that was a factor.

  18. avatar William Burke says:

    That there sculpture would make a mighty fine slingshot. They could attack Chowchilla with that.

  19. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    More victims of a Muslim hell-bent on practicing his faith.

    Sooner or later, Muslims in the US will help make the carrying of weapons (openly or concealed) as ubiquitous in the US as it is in places where people have lived in close proximity to Muslims for hundreds of years.

    1. avatar Julio says:

      They finally released more info about the murderer and his plan to zip tie fellow students then ambush cops in order to steal their firearms. 18 year old Mohammad Faisal–armed with a knife, hammer, and baggies of petroleum jelly–just happened to leave a manifesto praising Allah and discussing revenge for being kicked out of a study group. Go figure.

  20. avatar Libertarian says:

    This was so clear after it goes near and nearer after the 9 court ruling to shall issue ………..

    Criminals are making an party now

  21. avatar IYearnforanARinCali says:

    Heard this bs from my family, “If he had a gun” and I responded that if he had a nuke up his butt he could have done more damage still but perhaps they should remember that 5 REAL people had their rights violated because they were in a GFZ, which fks everyone in it by removing the right to self defense which is the real world CONSEQUENCE of voting democratic.

    I will be attending a local university in the spring and I also cannot defend myself because it will be a GFZ. The answer to campus shootings imho, is concealed carry, but as a resident of California my hands are tied behind my balls. If something happened I am only legally allowed to run away and hope the pos assailant doesn’t see me.

    I CANNOT wait to move to washington state, then Alaska. After 18 years of having my rights eroded for bs, I am done with California.

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