“You Can Point It, It’s Got Nothing In It” [VIDEO]

In the YouTube video above – quickly cruising towards 100k views – VitalyzdTvSecond’s Dubai-based friend hands him an AR-15. When VTS points it at the camera, the ex-con (he learned how to play ping pong in a jail in Key West) chides himself. “It’s OK,” the owner says, NOW checking the gun to make sure it’s unloaded. “It’s got nothing in it.” Oy. I’ll say this once: with great toys comes great responsibility. Let’s hope it’s not a lesson that’s driven home ballistically. That is all. Well, that and the fact that we’re not sure it’s a proper machine gun.


  1. avatar ANdrew Lias says:

    What a jackass. If he is a felon, he may be getting a visit soon. It worked for Keef. Proof money can’t buy sense.

  2. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    This looks like The Brain Trust. Maybe later we will get a report of evolution in action with this crew.

  3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I kinda feel unclean now. Like I just watched the kardashians or something…

  4. avatar Alan Longnecker says:

    Headline: “Muslim foreigners are arming U.S. criminals now.”

    Seriously people, if we’re going to survive with our ideals and rights intact, we’re going to have to start adopting the left’s tactics. Too many people in this country have no mind, we’re going to have to win their hearts.

  5. avatar Ted says:

    I feel a bit dumber after watching that.

  6. avatar tfunk says:

    I couldn’t make it past 43 seconds

    1. avatar Tyler Durdan says:

      Agreed sir, one can only hope natural selection takes over and his entire gene pool is dried up…

  7. avatar Kendahl says:

    This afternoon, at an LGS, I accidentally backed into another customer. I had asked a salesman to show me a handgun. He muzzled me while checking that it was unloaded. I instinctively moved away.

  8. avatar Jon in CO says:

    Did I not here him say he was going to fly into San Fran? Is that not an illegal weapon there?

  9. avatar Gunr says:

    I think that video fried a little piece of my brain, the part that hasn’t been fried already. A couple of questions:
    1 Who’s taking care of his lady while he’s gone?
    2 What’s he doing with the oversize blue “ball” bag, he stuffed into his black bag?
    Added note, that AR sure seems top heavy?

  10. avatar Daniel in NC says:

    Here’s how it went on my computer. Opened the article, read the article, pressed play, saw that the video was over 12 minutes, IMMEDIATELY closed the article before the video started, came back to post this reply. This tripe is too long for its measure of worthlessness.

  11. avatar Elliott says:


  12. avatar mike says:

    buddy of mine almost killed a friend thinking his pistol had nothing in it. Pulled the mag but forgot about the one in the chamber. It was a ruger 45, no mag safety and double-single action. Pointed it at the guys head but luckily moved it away before pulling trigger and blowing a hole in the wall next to his head.

  13. avatar Phil in ATL says:

    Like Elliot,
    Except TooStupidDidn’tWatch (skimmed)

    What’s so hard about “Don’t point a gun at another person unless you intend to shoot them (in self defense)”?

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