Who’s Where at the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival

Texas Firearms Festival map

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It has to be said: that’s a lot of gun fun in a small space. Click here for a full list of exhibitors for the 2015 Texas Firearm Festival on November 14 and 15 at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill, including the companies showing their stuff at The Range at Austin Retail Village. Click here to buy your tickets. Shooter tickets go up in price from $69 to $89 at the door.


  1. avatar Cameron says:

    Did you guys approach LaRue Tactical? They’re out of Austin and I’m a little surprised not to see them. Beautiful hardware, and Mark LaRue seems like a cool no-bs guy.

    1. We’re all full up. Maybe next year.

  2. We will be at booth 18 with the Silencer Shop again this year. Can’t wait to see everyone there.

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