Quote of the Day: Bad Landing, Wrong Airport Edition

LA City Councilman Paul Krekorian (courtesy scpr.org)

“Because the vast majority of mass shooters possess and use large capacity magazines to kill and maim innocent people, laws like this are critical to safeguard our city’s residents.” – Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian quoted in Gun rights supporters, county sheriffs sue L.A. over ammunition rules [via latimes.com]


  1. avatar tdiinva (Now in Wisconsin) says:

    So when was the last mass shooting in LA that did not involve the Cripps and the Bloods?

    1. That would be Elliot Rodger…who killed three people with his a knife before shooting three more (using California-compliant 10-round magazines).

      1. avatar Brentonadams says:

        Santa Barbara, but close enough.

      2. avatar tdiinva (now in Wisconsin) says:

        Elliot Rodgers didn’t get to four by way of firearms. Half his victims were killed with a knife.

        1. avatar anonymoose says:

          They don’t want people to know that, until it’s time to come for the knives too.

    2. avatar Brentonadams says:

      How about the LAX shooter?

      1. avatar tdiinva (now in Wisconsin) says:

        I don’t think he got to four either.

  2. avatar Joseph Yanos says:

    He’s a special kind of stupid….. : )

  3. avatar Noah says:

    That’s funny… Because the last “mass shooting” [in Santa Barbara], the guy just reloaded his 10 round magazines….

    I would say most mass shootings in Los Angeles are among gangs.

  4. avatar dh34 says:

    Never let inconvenient facts get in the way of making your case…

    1. avatar dh34 says:

      That would be no talent ass clowns

      1. avatar Lotek says:

        I was Michael Bolton before that no talent Ass Cloun was gettin EMMYs

    2. avatar Dry Sider says:


      Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that gang-related “mass shootings” don’t count (statistical do-over). We have how many mass shooters in recent history? Let’s be super generous (without searching) : 100

      “…the vast majority of mass shooters possess and use large capacity magazines…”

      So a vast majority would have to be 60. There’s ~360,000,000 people in the US and 30,000,000+ gun OWNERS (not possessors). They want these laws due to the actions of 1 in 6,000,000 people. 0.00000016% of the population.

      For the children.

  5. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    2 Things.
    1: Do any of you here at TTAG actually sleep? 🙂
    2: Do these gun haters not realize you can with practice switch out a mag almost as fast as you can pull the trigger?

    1. avatar dh34 says:

      Night is when the black helicopters full of Feds come around. Can’t afford to sleep and be caught off guard.

      That’s what work is for, catching up on sleep.

  6. avatar Mike says:

    He says this as if he actually believes laws safeguard people from criminals. Foolish.

  7. avatar dh34 says:

    That needs to get sent to Politifact….not that they verify anti-2A statements regularly.

  8. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    I always use 30 caliber clips that can be emptied in half a second in all of my ghost guns.

    1. avatar Roymond says:

      Random thought:

      If for Halloween you dressed as a ghost gun, how many people would get the joke?

  9. avatar Archangel187 says:

    ONE shooting in North Hollywood with bank robbers and illegally-modified Norinco AK clones. He must be counting all the Hollywood movie mass shootings.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      And on that point, isn’t it amazing that in all those Hollywood movies where the bad guys somehow manage to obtain and use fully automatic weapons to perpetrate their crimes (just like all those criminals do every day in real life) there is almost never (statistically zero) mention of prosecution for violation of federal gun laws?

  10. avatar PeterC says:

    If we ban “large capacity magazines,” then there won’t be any out there, other than the many millions that are already out there, to commit mass shootings.

    1. avatar Roymond says:

      And the 3-D printed ones.

  11. avatar Dr. Michael S. Brown says:

    This piece in the LA Times is surprisingly well written by current media standards. They actually covered both sides of the issue fairly evenly. I guess the usual editor must have been on vacation. Compared to the blatant propaganda I’ve been seeing on the CNN website, for example, this seems a lot like actual news journalism.

  12. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    You don’t understand. To these people, anything over one constitutes high capacity. Unless they get their way, in which case, anything over zero constitutes high capacity.

  13. avatar SteveInCO says:

    One would think an Armenian would know better.

    But then, one would also think Jews would know better, and depressingly few of them do.

    1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

      It’s amazing how genocide can be swept from memory in a generation or two.

  14. avatar tjlarson2k says:

    “Because the vast majority of mass shooters possess and use large capacity magazines to kill and maim innocent people, laws like this are critical to safeguard our city’s residents.”

    And yet, nothing is being done about drunk driving, infants drowning in pools, and all the other activities that have an exponentially larger body count than all the “mass shootings” combined.


    Considering it’s well established that criminals don’t abide by the law, the only thing magazine restrictions affect is the ability of the law abiding citizen to defend themselves effectively.

    There is no way to prevent mass shootings from happening until you can read the minds and intentions of people that are determined to kill. That’s the bottom line.

    And why the focus on mass shooters? Aren’t rapists, murderers, and all the other types of criminals equally as bad? Why don’t you focus on the root issue? Violence and criminal behavior.

    And since Pre-Crime is science fiction (for now), the most logical solution is to ensure people can the ability to defend themselves appropriately while the police are still on the way. But that likely won’t happen because of the insane hoplophobia epidemic that is costing the very lives you wish to save by disarming the law abiding citizens that are around your children.

    1. avatar Another Robert says:

      It’s worse than simple hypocrisy–it’s flat-out falsity. First, it is silly to talk about the “vast majority of mass shooters”, because the shooters he is talking about are such a statistically insignificant number altogether. Second, even among that tiny group, the majority have not, in fact, used so-called hi-cap magazines. Third, none of that stuff that he is referring to has happened in LA for a decade or two; there is essentially no need for any special “protection” from such incidents. In other words, the guy is flagrantly lying out his behind.

  15. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    These people have no interest in ‘safeguarding the city’s residents’. They’re powerless to take these guns away from the criminals and they’re response is to disarm the law abiding citizens and leave them defenseless. These laws are there to trap law abiding citizens into breaking the law so they can be punished with harsh fines and prison time, when they’ve done nothing wrong except possessing a firearm for the purpose of self defense. And if they’re successful they’ll just move the bar. No more 10 round magazines. No semi-autos. No revolvers. No shotguns. No rifles. That’s their goal, to leave the city’s residents at the mercy of the criminals. For the children.

  16. avatar Paul G says:

    Pressure cookers and fertilizer, still legal. But Sudafed…..no you can’t stock up when it is on sale!

  17. avatar mike oregon says:

    If memory serves, the Virginia tech mass-hole used safe wholesome 10 round magazines, he just used 18 of them.

  18. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Like most politicians, he is mostly interested in controlling the non criminal population. They have no interest in crime or in stopping criminal behavior, any more than they are interested in stopping illegal immigration. They wish to control and dominate you and anything that advances that goal works for them.

  19. avatar James in Florida says:

    Sorry…just won’t open any links to the la times….unless i need to wrap up some virtual fish.
    Just saying ?

  20. avatar Joe R. says:

    Somebody please prove mfs like this right so they can wet themselves and go home.

  21. avatar CRF says:

    Because most people die in hospitals, this law prohibiting hospitals from operating is crucial to public health.

  22. avatar Gs650g says:

    Apply that logic to illegal aliens and he would get better results. Restricting and deporting right across the nearby border would be a good start

  23. avatar Sabrewolfe says:

    Funny, when I was searching through lists of mass shootings about 3 weeks ago, weapons with ‘high capacity’ magazines were the minority. In fact, revolvers were the single most common firearm used, followed by semi-auto handguns. ‘Assault weapons’ were actually pretty rare.

  24. avatar John Dennis Tan says:

    I am disappointed that there was no mention of Leland Yee at all.

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