Quote of the Day: Those Who Fail to Learn From History Edition

“No, no. This is an anomaly. It’s a tragedy and it’s an anomaly. And, no. We have a beautiful, warm, friendly, loving campus and we intend to keep it that way.” –  Umpqua Community College interim president Dr. Rita Cavin [via spectator.org]


  1. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    All spree shootings are (statistical) anomalies – and school spree shootings are a minor subset of them. In that regard, she is correct.

    But having a “beautiful, warm, friendly, loving campus” has nothing to do with disarming law-abiding students, and creating an atmosphere that attracts the perpetrators of statistically anomalous spree shootings.

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      I like to think I have a beautiful, warm, friendly, loving home. I have been told such, which is a compliment to my wife. It is also a well protected home, ballistically speaking, but you wouldn’t know it just by visiting.

      Her hoplophobia is to ingrained that she can’t imagine that scenario.

    2. avatar B says:

      There’s an anomoly epidemic! We have to do something! Except in this case, where everything is fine and school administrators will do nothing. Like they always do. Every single time.

      1. avatar Ing says:

        Kinda funny how that works, isn’t it.

      2. avatar Tommycat says:

        Actually statistically speaking, these events are so rare that not one place that has had an event has had a second event(aside from terrorist attacks). Sooo she’s likely safe until well beyond her tenure there.

    3. avatar ThomasR says:

      “Beautiful, warm, loving campus”.

      I see a campus that is a zoo and students are given the choice of stepping defenseless and naked into a lions den, where they are free to become prey to any predator that wanders by.

      I see a campus that says to a student that your right to protect your life, with a constitutionally protected right to KABA ends at the border of that campus.

      That on one side of that border, in most places, you are allowed to carry a weapon for self-defense. On the other side of that border, you, your life, your freedom and your constitutional rights are spat upon and looked at with utter and complete contempt.

      “Beautiful, warm, loving campus”? No, the campus is actually the place of violence. Violence against dignity, self-respect, freedom and self-determination. Ultimately, this campus is encouraging physical violence by homicidal maniacs assured of a free fire zone where they are free to commit mass murder. A campus where they assured that not one of thier prey can shoot back.

  2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    “I imagine a special place in hell for people so blindly willing to risk the lives of our young and not-so-young students in the name of a “welcoming community.”

    As do I, Mr. Kaminsky. Good article.

    1. avatar Gunr says:

      I don’t think they are bound for “Hell” The problem with them is they simply can’t imagine anything happening to their “beloved” students in this warm friendly atmosphere! They bury their heads in sand when thou speaketh of violence! They just don’t have the ability to “dummy up” face reality.

  3. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    We make you depend on us, the incompetent, for your safety because guns are so icky.

  4. avatar DerryM says:

    I think there was a report that two Veterans were armed students on Campus and wanted to go confront the shooter. They were supposedly denied permission to do so by “school authorities”.

  5. avatar 16V says:

    What a delusional, misguided, pathetic old troll. Wouldn’t even answer why her “security” team can’t even have mace or why students can’t carry.

    It was disgusting confirmation of the twisted mindset of most academics though. “Everybody did what they were supposed to, a bunch of people died, we won’t even think of arming our one campus ‘security guard’. Security is staff responsibility, not adults covering for themselves.”

    1. avatar Allen says:

      You can’t let security (or anyone else) have weapons.
      That wouldn’t be welcoming!

  6. avatar dh34 says:

    We don’t teach the history part of history here. It complicates the narrative.

  7. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    There Are None So Blind….

    As Those Who Will Not See….

    1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      True, but they wouldn’t be as annoying and destructive if they would just sit down and shut up.

      The worst ones are those who would rather curse the darkness than light a candle.

        1. avatar SkyMan77 says:

          and 1…

  8. avatar Wiregrass says:

    “We have a beautiful, warm, friendly, loving campus and we intend to keep it that way.”

    This is the same problem I have with the hoplophobic leadership in my church, why don’t they get that you can have both a beautiful, warm, friendly, loving place AND the ability to protect yourself.

  9. avatar Chadwick P. says:

    So pretty much what she is saying is… “we are all still unarmed, so anybody who wants to can become famous”. What does she care? This is all probably just a big inconvenience to her. One more thing to take care of. I mean after all is she in a classroom? Does she interact with the people who had to look a crazy man in the face? No, she is the schools version of the elite. Not unlike our emperor she will say “do this, do that” all while realizing it impacts her not.

  10. avatar CRF says:

    Because weapons make me feel scared, everybody else must feel the same, so, in the name of a warm, welcoming campus, we have to ban guns, knives, bats, forks, tools, and intelligence (because I heard that sharp wit can be harmful to people such as I)

    We are also banning free speech, because that can be used to hurt the feelings of others. Therefore, we now have a thought security guard. Do not worry, however, he is unarmed.

  11. avatar Mr. AR-10 says:

    Good gravy. When asked about security she says “we have security”, and when pressed for details she eventually says they have one guard who is unarmed, and a few administrators to manage that guard.

    What a complete joke. One innefectual guard is not security.

    And to top that all off she tells the world there is a no gun policy, like that means there will be no guns on campus so there really is nothing to worry about.

    No guns, except of course for the guns that the murder brings in.

    It’s like some kind of hyponotic mantra they have. “No gun policy!”

    1. avatar Wiregrass says:

      I wonder how many overpaid administrators manage that guard?

      1. avatar Mr. AR-10 says:

        Indeed, and how much real security that money could provide for.

        But this is the real problem when you get down to it. These people are not interested in solving actual real world problems (provide security), all they know is beauracratize, the narrative and sticking to it, and making sure that their jobs are funded.

        Because in the end this is what they are accountable for – nothing but their position in the state funded gravy train.

        They truly live in a magic land where money flows like water and guns can be completely banished by saying ‘No Gun Policy’. The fact that this does not work doesn’t even matter to them in the end.

      2. avatar Chadwick P. says:

        I’d guess 1-3 liberal arts degrees and maybe 2 in something like social science.

  12. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    That’s the second stupidest thing I’ve heard today.


  13. avatar Second Amendment says:

    “No, we do not have armed security.”

    Then you really don’t have security…just guys in costumes.

    1. avatar CRF says:

      I could dress up for Halloween as a security guard and get paid for it by their standards.

  14. avatar James in Florida says:

    These folks will live in their false utopia until they are again snatched out of it when some other crazy/ slip through the cracks shooter chooses to go hunting again to settle some evil agenda.
    As for me, I’ll continue to raise my children to be responsible for their own safety and not rely on the so called school authority to save them.I believe we need to start raising kids with a ‘ take no crap’ attitude.instill a warrior spirit along with a strong sense of community pride.
    Remind kids that this is your country and do not tolerate evil or wish it wouldn’t happen. Be prepared.
    All these shootings have a common thread….ineffective parenting.
    Instead of these bs liberal victim courses being taught by these cowards, lets demand schools start teaching life courses…taught by folks that have lived through tough events.
    If scared straight keeps kids out of prision then scared for real should prepare kids for potential life changing events.
    It’s time to stop being so politicaly correct and change the discussion to effective solutions.
    What about zero tolerance for bad guys bs? And i mean zero.
    Why would anybody spend money on an unarmed guard? That’s beyond dumb and irresponsible.
    I’m for putting every qualified kid through military basic training after high school to weed out the slip through the crack people and tag them for further evaluation and then move on to college.
    Might improve kids that had bad parents…maybe im being an idealist?

  15. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    The comment was made yesterday that this college is located in a very conservative area. They don’t want POTUS to come and try to capitalize on their tragedy.

    I don’t know how they do things in Oregon, but where I’m from, community colleges are lead by boards of locally elected people. It is the board, not the president, that sets policy. I’m hoping they bring some pressure to bear and some positive change with regard to their self-defense and security policies.

  16. avatar C.S. says:

    “beautiful, warm, friendly, loving”… and incredibly naked. A five minute response time is _unacceptable_.

  17. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Statistically speaking, Dr. Rita Cavin is exactly right: what happened at Umpqua Community College is a statistical anomaly.

    Nevertheless, I would be armed if I were a student. Whether facing the much more common generic violent criminal or an anomalous spree killer, having a firearm available to defend myself would be preferable to sitting in a locked classroom and waiting the eternity for police to arrive, find the spree killer and engage him/her.

    1. avatar schernobyl says:

      Or as some police have arrive then wait for SWAT to show up.

      If I could find and effective way to give my kids some body armor they could carry to school I would. Since he’s disarmed I’d prefer them have at least some stronger defense.

  18. avatar SelousX says:

    It’s plain how Dr. Cavin feels. What does her community think of the idea? That is what I would like to know.

  19. avatar LongPurple says:

    “We have a beautiful, warm, friendly, loving campus and we intend to keep it that way.”

    Strange, I’ve been to beautiful, warm, friendly, loving ranges where just about everyone had a gun. That fact assured everyone on that range that it would be kept that way.

  20. avatar Matt in Maine says:

    But MDA/Everytown/Bloomberg say this is epidemic. Which is it?

  21. avatar Another Robert says:

    Well, at least she’s right about the “anomaly” part–and that message seems to be seeping through elsewhere. I saw an article by a self-professed liberal ( another anomaly–the guy was up-front about it) interviewing a lefty law professor, and the import was that the grabbers were making a mistake focusing on mass shootings, because they are in reality rare and also they are precisely the kind of thing gun-control laws do next to nothing to deter. Someone is slowly waking up somewhere. But our good interim pres promptly falls off the reality wagon, as might be expected. Wonder if there is a “no guns” sign at the campus unicorn stables?

  22. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Sure it’s an anomaly-like the CUBS in the playoffs today.(Go Cubs!) But shite happens…as in the right of the people to keep& bear arms shall not be infringed. Why does Barry Soetoro(who ain’t too popular in your warm and loving area) have armed security? Just for show or because at least 10 former or current presidents have been murdered,wounded or shot at? Anyone?

  23. avatar Doug McNeil says:

    If they allowed campus carry and someone was shot by a negligent discharge, that would be an anomaly. Their current policy is an invitation.

  24. avatar Another Robert says:

    You know, “shelter in place’ might make a little bit of sense if a Charles Whitman is up in a tower shooting passers-by, but when you’ve got a guy going from room to room and building to building shooting whoever is there that seems like the least rational response. She says “everybody did what they were supposed to do”. Yeah, they sat there and waited their turn to be shot until the cops got there. You call that a “plan”?

  25. avatar Flyboy says:

    I would love to ask our dear lady if she plans to replace the “Gun Free Zone” signs, as the current ones seem to be broken…

  26. avatar Ing says:

    From the Spectator article:

    “When Dr. Cavin was asked whether there was security on campus, she gave a long rambling answer about a ‘security officer and a security team’ and a ‘plan in place’ and people who ‘did exactly what they were supposed to do.’ She neglected to add, until a reporter asked specifically, that ‘we don’t have armed security’.”

    This is what struck me: everyone on campus did exactly what they were supposed to do.

    Nine helpless people — eight students and their teacher, who was Ms. Cavin’s employee — did exactly what they were supposed to do. DIE. Unarmed security did exactly what it was supposed to do: nothing. The police did exactly what they’re supposed to do: step around the puddles of blood and collect evidence.

    I’m sure TTAG readers know this already, but it bears repeating. People like Rita Cavin — and the halls of government and academia are stuffed to bursting with them — are okay with this. More than that, they think it’s meant to happen. If it comes to a choice between your ability to protect yourself and their illusion of complete control, they’ll choose the illusion every time.

    They’d rather see you die.

    After all, you’re just an anomaly. You don’t fit the scheme. And they don’t really ask for much; why can’t you just do do exactly what you’re supposed to do?

  27. avatar Ralph says:

    We have a beautiful, warm, friendly, loving campus and we intend to keep it that way.

    Yes, but despite your intentions, Ms. Cave In, there may be another person out there who intends to turn your warm, friendly unicorn factory into a charnel house.

    Yes, the odds on your little slice of heaven being target twice are remote. But if it is, you, Ms. Cave In, deserve to be the first one shot.

  28. avatar Mikial says:

    The simple bottom line is that as long as stupid and naive people cling to the fallacy of Gun Free Zones, there will be slaughters like this. If someone like the people who post on this site had been there, there is a very good chance less people would have died.

  29. avatar Raul Ybarra says:

    That it is an anomaly is also the reason why the Anti’s are losing.

  30. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    Copy cat shootings will happen unfortunately. But perhaps a school president or two will be killed instead in the future. Maybe then when the “important people ” get killed there will be a change. Armed security at all school presidents offices, and no security for the students. Only this future hypocrisy will force a change.

  31. avatar Bob103 says:

    I think it is safe to assume that she is not from Roseburg Oregon. Perhaps she commutes from Eugene.

  32. avatar ABC123 says:

    Little Miss Madam President stated that the school staff is responsible for the safety of the students. She said this in the interview, and quite smugly..

    So, bring on the lawsuits – the school staff FAILED EGREGIOUSLY in their self appointed role as the providers of student safety. Let them PAY for those empty bloody words of this school president.

    Then, when they have to put their money where their mouth is they may just change their ways. Apparently the loss of lives didn’t matter to them, and has no impact on this ‘protector’ role facade..


  33. avatar gsnyder says:

    She is gambling, it’s called hedging your bets. In Yellowstone it is an anomaly to have a bear attack. However it is illogical to place a pot of honey in your tent thus increasing risk. Amazing how stupid book smart people can be.

  34. Subpar education that FAILS to educate on the Bill of Rights. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word. mrpresident2016.com

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