Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Every Day is a Great Day to Carry


By James England via

Returning home from his shift as a welder, Terrance Reid of Toledo, Ohio came home to see something amiss. According to ABC 13, Reid pulled into his driveway around 4:00 am and saw a vehicle slow down as it passed his house. He then detected someone was inside. Getting his concealed carry pistol out of his vehicle, he placed it in his pocket and prepared for the worst. The armed suspect inside the home wasted no time emerging onto the front yard, levelling his own gun at Reid’s head saying, “don’t move!” . . .

Authorities allege that Reid had a fast draw and put a well-placed shot into the suspect’s abdomen, dropping him immediately on the first round.

His mother came out to see what the commotion was and noted her son was visibly shaken.

“My son said, ‘Mom, I just shot somebody,’” says Reid’s mother. “I said, ‘Why?’ He was all shaken up. He said, ‘He just tried to rob me.’”

Toledo Police report that they have no indication the gunshot was placed under anything less than self-defense.

“He was a little quicker on the draw and he shot the suspect,” says Lt. Joe Heffernan with the Toledo Police Department.

While Toledo Police are still investigating the shooting, neighbors and relatives living nearby both confirm that Reid has always been an upstanding young man. He just recently obtained his concealed carry permit and started carrying legally.  As it turns out — it was just in time.

A next door neighbor commented to ABC 13 that he had been robbed in his own home and jumped before.  The neighbor supports the notion that Reid is a good, upstanding citizen in his neighborhood and supported Reid’s use of force.  Furthermore, the neighbor noted he’s in the process of obtaining his own concealed carry permit.

“The guy just came out of the blue thinking he can get away with robbing a guy not knowing he is well-protected and licensed to have a gun with him,” says Willis [neighbor]. “So I think he did the right thing.”

2015 Home Invasion Scorecard

  • Armed Home Owner: +1
  • Armed Home Invader: 0 (1 WIA)
  • Result: Hospitalization, arrest


  1. avatar GRDRANE says:

    As a Dublin,OH native good for you Sir!

    1. avatar meandmealone says:

      As a Columbus, Ohio native I say good for you too sir!

      1. avatar Juanito ''Johnnie'' Ibañez says:

        A question for ‘GRDRANE’ & ‘meandmealone’:

        Since you both are from ‘The Buckeye State’, and this is a pro-gun forum, I must ask a related question:

        “Why the HELL are you still re-electing that anti-gun RINO US Senator John Sidney McCain III?!?”

        Conservative or Gun-Grabber?

        John McCain Is A Liberal Gun Grabber

        Two Thumbs Down for McCain’s Gun Control Ad

      2. avatar Juanito ''Johnnie'' Ibañez says:

        A question for ‘GRDRANE’ & ‘meandmealone’:

        Since you both are from ‘The Buckeye State’, and this is a pro-gun forum, I must ask a related question:

        “Why the HELL did you re-elect that anti-gun Democrat US Senator Sherrod Campbell Brown?!?”

        Sherrod Brown on Gun Control

        Voted YES on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets.
        Voted NO on allowing firearms in checked baggage on Amtrak trains.
        Voted NO on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers.
        Voted NO on prohibiting suing gunmakers & sellers for gun misuse.
        Voted NO on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1.
        Rated F by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun control voting record.

        I do, OTOH, congratulate on electing your junior senator: Robert Jones “Rob” Portman.

        Rob Portman on Gun Control

        Avid outdoorsman and lifelong hunter
        Voted NO on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets.
        Voted YES on prohibiting suing gunmakers & sellers for gun misuse.
        Voted YES on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1.
        Opposes restrictions on the right to bear arms.
        Rated A by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun rights voting record.
        Allow veterans to register unlicensed guns acquired abroad.
        Oppose the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty.

        Rob Portman launches strong defense against his gun critics

        1. avatar Bob says:

          A person gets elected somewhere, and you think everyone voted for him/her? I’m sure many voted against.

        2. avatar anonymoose says:

          Cleveland usually swings blue. All the major cities in Ohio also are pretty solidly blue, and used to try to make their own idiotic gun laws until the State preempted them. I don’t think Sherrod’s going anywhere soon, unless he really screws up big time.

        3. avatar Galtha58 says:

          @Johnnie: Seems odd that you would think that everyone voted for the anti-gun politician just because he got elected. Unfortunate that he was elected but that hardly means that everyone voted for him.

        4. avatar John Harper says:

          Me think they did not vote for them as you say.

        5. avatar Indiana Tom says:

          Indiana > Ohio. A buckeye is a worthless nut. Rural Ohio is OK. Big City Ohio blows.

      3. avatar Grindstone says:

        Former Dayton-area Buckeye here. My parents, still in OH, just took their first CCW class last weekend, thanks to the change where they don’t need to take a two-day class.

    2. avatar Danny Griffin says:

      Hey, I attend your Irish fests almost every year!

    3. avatar thx855 says:

      Geez, a perp yelling “freeze”! What if it were Toledo PD serving a warrant on the wrong premises. They don’t usually know till they’ve shot and cuffed everyone that they screwed up. Maybe having noticed the vehicle assistance the perp had, and other things amiss, said welder would have been better leaving in his vehicle and calling 911. Surely his mother was in the house, but he did have some inkling he was outnumbered.

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        Maybe having noticed the vehicle assistance the perp had, and other things amiss, said welder would have been better leaving in his vehicle and calling 911.

        In hindsight, sure. At the time, however, the defender didn’t know that someone was going to rob him. The slow moving car simply served to ratchet up the defender’s situational awareness.

        Then we have the whole fact that the defender’s mother was apparently in the home. I don’t know about you … I would NOT leave my mother alone to defend herself from one or more home invaders at 4:00 a.m. Is it extremely dangerous to have to clear your own home quickly all by yourself at 4:00 a.m.? Yes, yes it is. Sometimes life puts you in lose-lose situations.

      2. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

        These thugs are usually more about intimidation more than coordination. They’re more about smash and grab than stay and fight. It’s very common for getaway drivers to get away as soon as shots are fired, leaving their partners behind, rather than joining the fight.

        If all he had to go on was a slow rolling car passing by, that lends itself more to perps casing houses in advance of a robbery, anyway, rather than a getaway driver awaiting burglars in progress. In that case, police response would be very slow, since it’s only a suspicion. However, if it’s something active, then his mother could be in grave danger. I’d say he made the right decision, given the information he had.

  2. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Perfect outcome! Carry on…

  3. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    Blood in the streets!
    Ok, driveway. Close enough.

  4. avatar jwm says:

    Good job.

  5. avatar Jack says:

    The robber should’ve done this in California.

  6. avatar John Franco says:

    Thank God he was both armed and blessed with a quick draw! The perpetrator left him no choice.

  7. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Clear case of action beats reaction!

  8. avatar AL L says:

    Jolly good shot there mate!

  9. avatar Rosco says:

    Damn that was 5 blocks away from my house! Glad it worked out the way it did!

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      Damn, that was four states away from mine. Glad it worked out the way it did.

  10. avatar Defens says:

    After a long, tiring shift of laying beads on hot metal, Reid then was forced to take a bead and lay some hot metal on his assailant.

    1. avatar Juanito ''Johnnie'' Ibañez says:

      As one of our Swiss militiamen commenters has said: “The ‘bad guy’ was met with ‘ballistic resistance’.” 🙂

  11. avatar Wade says:

    It is real every time folks. When you make the choice to be a responsible armed citizen you are making a choice to take your destiny in to your own hands. All to often people come in our shop and say they want a pistol but, “they ain’t gonna shoot nobody.” The thing is though the only way you can guarantee “you ain’t gonna shoot nobody,” is to not carry a weapon at all and take your chances. When the moment of truth comes it will be when someone thinks you least expect it. Be proficient, be aware, and be ready. As I said before it is real every time.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      How many people say “they ain’t gonna shoot nobody” because they fear they’ll appear a gun-crazed lunatic, and that’s actually the failing of those around them.

  12. avatar Adub says:

    If he’d done a mag dump he could have saved us the cost of incarcerating the SOB.

    1. avatar foo dog says:

      Legal use of deadly force is defined as enough to ‘stop the threat”.
      After that, its murder.

      But I get your point.

      1. avatar Fukem says:

        Who’s to say it didn’t take the entire mag to stop him?

        1. avatar Bob says:

          The evidence. (the autopsy, position of the body, spent bullets in the ground directly below the body, etc.)
          The evidence probably would not support a mag dump as reasonable to stop the threat.

        2. avatar Danny Griffin says:

          The evidence probably would not support a mag dump as reasonable to stop the threat.

          Seriously? This cop dumped 14 rounds into a guy who a) was not a threat, b) was not coming after the cop, c) had no weapon, and d) was caught in his seat belt. He killed him. It was just another day at the races–justified.

      2. avatar Cliff H says:

        Still, a “Mozambique” – three shots in about three seconds, then check for results, is allowable. Good on him for getting a one shot stop, but I suggest a little training in tactical pistol, especially where they explain to him that single shots from a pistol are seldom that effective.

        1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

          ^ This!

  13. avatar Lhshtr says:

    I guess it wasn’t a head shot, oh well, good enough! In this case always watch out for the perk in front of you.

  14. avatar Ralph says:

    Man, I just love a happy ending. And not just after a massage.

  15. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    Another story that makes me wish I could carry to and from work.

  16. avatar Hannibal says:

    A point for carry, self-defensive shooting, and not following internet lawyers (this guy probably got cleared quicker because he didn’t try to go to a hospital and avoid giving a statement that matched the physical evidence)

    1. avatar Danny Griffin says:

      So you are advocating talking to the cops, against the advice of all attorneys–even when you are in the right. Of course you would–you’re a cop.

      Would you give statements immediately after a shooting on the job? Or would you get your union and cop lawyer and take advantage of your contract language stating you don’t have to give any statements until x hours after the event?

      That tells you all you need to know about talking to cops immediately after a self-defense encounter. Even cops won’t do it.

    2. avatar Danny Griffin says:

      Sure, you may get off earlier by talking to the cops. I doubt it. But even if you do, is it worth it? What if you, through no intentional deceit or attempt to misrepresent, accidentally misstate something because you do not remember it correctly in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event? Do you think a prosecutor or any other potential opposition attorney (civil suit) will use it against you?

      Why don’t you stick to something you know? Like eating donuts.

    3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Let’s look at the idea of getting cleared quicker from a “risk-reward” perspective, shall we?

      Option 1: blab about the event immediately to the police.
      Risk: you say something incorrectly or incriminating and spend piles of cash on your defense and possibly spend years in prison.
      Reward: you are immediately free to go if the police like your story.

      Option 2: exercise your right to remain silent and provide a statement after consulting with your attorney.
      Risk: you get a free ride to a holding cell at the local police department and are stuck there until your attorney meets with you and provides a statement.
      Reward: after the police review your statement, you are free to go and you keep your piles of cash because you don’t have to defend yourself later in court.

      Personally, I would go with Option 2 every time. “Pay now or pay later” as they say. I would rather “pay now” (spend a few hours in a holding cell and pay an attorney $400 for a formal statement) and be clear than to spend thousands of dollars on attorneys and possibly years in prison later for a crime that I didn’t actually commit or that the state could not have proven without my testimony.

    4. avatar GusMac says:

      I am going to suggest you have made more than one statement that has provided enough “insight” to not follow internet cops. This post I am replying to included.

      1. avatar Arkansas kurt says:

        this exactly. It ought to be taught in 7th grade civics class that talking to the police is almost never a good option. If our state ran education system was worth a tenth the money we put into it, civics class would teach all about our rights to not be bullied into searches, incriminating statements, and the like by the state sponsored enforcers.

  17. You did good.. Everyone has the right to protect thamselves and if you don’t like it tough $hit.
    The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution so the people could protect themselves from a corrupt government. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

  18. avatar Swerve says:

    Good news. Visions of rainbow-shitting, cute, little baby angels come to mind when I picture this sorry motherf***er committing an armed robbery take a hot one in the gut. I love shit like this. The victim who had just returned from an honest days work had the skill to beat the thug to the draw. Probably because he was responsible, sober, guiltless, blameless and in his own driveway whereas the perfect – arguement-for-abortion was likely strung out, jonesing, high, nervous and fearful of being caught.

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