Self-Defense Tip: Call the Cops

I have a rep in these parts for being anti-cop. I’m not. I’m anti-bad cop. If I hear someone breaking into my house or nosing around my property, I’m calling the my good friends (at that moment anyway) in the police department. I’m not going to investigate. I’ll gather friendlies, assume a defensive position and […]

NERF Vulcan Sentry Gun

I don’t think there will ever be a time when we’ll be able to purchase remote control firearms for self-defense. While the Second Amendment’s protections against government infringement don’t contain a clause prohibiting these devices, the ATF would throw you in a deep, dark hole should you Playstation your Mossberg. An autonomous gun with artificial intelligence? I’m […]

Jesus Wouldn’t Join the NRA. Allegedly.

“Polls show that 90 percent of Americans support universal background checks for gun buyers,” filmmaker Abigail Disney writes at Reuters, “yet a bill mandating this died in the Senate. Evangelical Christians, however, may well be the key to shifting America’s broken political dynamic around gun rights.” So now you know: Abigail Disney’s Armor of Light is […]

Question of the Day: Are Gun Dealers “Uniquely Shielded” From Federal Oversight?

There’s a civilian disarmament complex JournoList. How else do you explain the New York Times article on Governor Cuomo joining the Brady Campaign for Prevent Gun Violence’s upcoming crusade against “bad apple” gun dealers coming within hours of’s article Only 7 Percent of Licensed Gun Dealers Were Inspected Last Year? In the wake of Representative Gwen Moore’s Gun Dealer […]

Gear Review: 1911 Gripwrench

I’ve had more than a few 1911s over the years. A couple of them required a barrel bushing wrench to disassemble. One of them required a barrel bushing wrench and a mallet. I got rid of those guns, both Les Baer 1911s in .45ACP. They were shockingly accurate guns, they just took a lot of maintenance. […]

Kickstarter Drop-Kicks Gun-Hiding Art Campaign [VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP]

“Indiegogo will be the first crowdfunding platform to host a campaign for artwork-hidden gun cabinets,” Instant Access IPS announces in their presser. Not that there’s a lot of artwork-hidden gun cabinet crowdfunding campaigns vying for investors’ attention. Nor, as it turns out, a lot of crowdfunding sites that allow firearms-related fundraising campaigns. “Other crowdfunding sites like […]

Rohnert Park, CA Cop Skates for Pulling Gun on Camera Phone Guy. Official Statement [VIDEO]

STATEMENT BY CITY OF ROHNERT PARK REGARDING CONCLUSION OF INVESTIGATION INTO JULY 29, 2015 INCIDENT October 28, 2015 Background: On July 29, 2015 a resident of Rohnert Park filmed an encounter with a Rohnert Park Public Safety Officer, and posted it on-line. The City commissioned an investigation of the incident by an independent third-party investigator. The investigator had […]