Show Us Your Barbecue Gun and Win a Minutemen Cabinet Handgun Cabinet!


Sure, smoked meat connoisseurs fire up the pit all summer long, but everyone knows the best time to plop the babybacks on the grate and start tossing the oak in the firebox is the fall. With temperatures more sane and football on the tube, you can ice down some oat sodas, have a passel of friends over and inhale that heavenly aroma until the ribs are juuuust right. But heading out to a friend’s house (or having them over to yours) for fun, frivolity and food that used to have a face means you’ll also want to sport your finest mohaska for the occasion. That’s mine, above . . .

I have RF (via Gemini Customs) to thank for this highly modified Ruger SP101. Besides being just so damned purty, it shoots like a dream, especially when loaded with .38s.

I’ve shown you mine. Now show me yours. When you have a special occasion that demands putting on your best, which piece to you pack? Send a pic of your pride and joy to [email protected] with BBQ GUN in the subject line. We’ll post some of them here and all of them to our Facebook page for your viewing pleasure (please keep the covetousness and drooling to a minimum).


The best of the lot with win a $220 Minutemen Cabinets 21″ Handgun Cabinet to keep your baby (or any other pistol you’d like) secure and hidden in plain sight. You’ve got until midnight Sunday, October 11 to get your pic to us. and name a winner shortly thereafter. Good luck and let’s see what you got.


  1. avatar TTACer says:

    Mine are all utilitarian. The opportunity cost of getting something fancy just doesn’t fit the budget, and the one time I tried the “gunsmith” really screwed it up.

    1. avatar Andy says:

      They did a little customization for me on a Ruger super redhawk Alaskan. I love the work they did ( trigger job, v8 porting, sight upgrade…) It shoots better than any other gun I own. I take it hog hunting as a back up gun.

      1. avatar Andy says:

        “They” meaning Gemini Customs.

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          Gemini Customs just may motivate me to buy another Ruger Super Redhawk .44 and have ’em black it out like the one in the pic…

        2. avatar Andy says:

          Have them port it and work on the trigger.

      2. avatar TTACer says:

        Oh, I should have gone to Gemini. Actually I stupidly thought I would try patronizing a local and then do a write-up for TTAG about it. 18 months later I just wanted the damn thing back and no longer felt like trying to become a gun-blogger. If I get some money together I may try to get Gemini to try to fix some of the stupid.

        1. avatar Andy says:

          Have them port it and work on the trigger. Worth every penny. I went with the satin bead bast finish.

  2. avatar actionphysicalman says:

    Not having a pretty gun is one of the reasons I am not an open carry guy.

  3. avatar Ray says:

    When did guns become acssessories?

    1. avatar Defens says:

      About the time early gun owners started decorating their matchlocks with brass studs and patches, and carving intricate patterns into the stocks.

    2. avatar Theo Braunohler says:

      The early 1600’s

    3. avatar actionphysicalman says:

      Some fop, you are.

    4. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      A gun can be like Dana Loesche – Pretty, yet functional.

      My BBQ gun is a Henry Big Boy in .357.

      1. avatar JSJ says:

        How rare are your steaks, to need a BBQ gun? 🙂

  4. avatar JSW says:

    If I was ever invited to a BBQ I’d certainly be carrying… but not one person in attendance would notice. And that’s the way I want it.
    However, I will say that your SP looks a lot prettier than my 40 year old Police Six. Well, the grips do, at least. There’s something about “wear and tear” markings that really appeals to me.

  5. avatar Justin says:

    Closest to a BBQ gun for me would be my Browning MkIII Parctical Hi-Power. Factory Reverse Tu-Tone with target sights.

    1. avatar Art out West says:

      Nice looking gun.

  6. avatar Spectre_USA says:

    A pic of my pairing, (don’t make me choose!), is enroute.

    An R1 enhanced, and a Sig P938.

    Winter and Summer EDC’s, respectively,and fine “accessories!”

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    I have a great recipe for barbecue gun. After I simmer the sauce for an hour, I brush it on both sides of the gun with an all-purpose brush. Then I coat the grill with FIREClean and cook the gun on medium heat. The FIREClean is very non-stick and gives the gun a yummy, Crisco-like taste.

    Note: unload the gun first for maximum flavor.

    1. avatar Marcus (Aurelius) Payne says:

      Leave it loaded for extra kick?

  8. avatar Art out West says:

    I don’t have any “fancy” guns. Of course my 642 will be in my pocket while attending a BBQ. I could take my WWI veteran Colt 1917 revolver for display purposes, though I lack a good OC holster. The gun is in good condition. It looks nice. It is old, and it is of historical interest. My guns (Glocks, Kel-Tec, Rossi revolvers, CZ82, Mosin, AK, budget 12 gauge pump, Marlin .22 etc.) aren’t exactly BBQ guns. The Colt is the closest thing I’ve got.

  9. avatar Steve says:

    Someday I will get the SIG X-Five Black & White for just such an occasion. $3500 for an accesory, but more practical than a Rolex.

  10. avatar Kapeltam says:

    Mine’s a stainless Ruger Super Blackhawk, 4.6 inch barrel. Nothing fancy. Factory stock.

  11. avatar Grindstone says:

    I don’t carry anything that is made just for looks. And I don’t carry when imbibing.

  12. avatar brian says:

    That is one beautiful SP101.

  13. avatar anaxis says:

    If I owned a BBQ-grill and could afford the meat to put on it, beers to share, and friends to make it worthwhile, I still wouldn’t have anything near what could be considered a “barbeque-gun”.
    But I did have a theoretical BBQ gathering as described in the contest, I’d probably bring out my nice, old Winchester M.1906 at some point.

    When my sole shooting-buddy and I are lucky enough to get matching days-off (and he’s allowed a break from babysitting duty), it cools down enough to hang out in the backyard (without raining), and I have enough .22 saved up to not run out after an hour of plinking….. maybe the Winchester will finally be able to make an appearance.

    1. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

      how much do friends that make barbecuing worthwhile cost?

  14. avatar racer88 says:

    My “BBQ” gun is a long gun… Browning BL-22 with a fantastic example of “flamed” Maple stock. I just love it. I was told that I won the “wood lotto” with my BL22. Picture sent.

  15. avatar Mark Horning says:

    BBQ guns are a Texas thing. It’s a consequence of Texas not allowing open carry except on private property. Thus at a BBQ (a private event) you wear your prettiest looking piece.

    For a TX BBQ I’d put the burlwood grips back on the Delta Elite

    For AZ I’d just show up with whatever my normal carry piece is since open carry out here is in no way special.

  16. avatar JSJ says:

    BBQ Gun? Exactly how rare are those steaks? 🙂

  17. avatar Chrispy says:

    One of the reasons the 1911 has a special place in my heart is that it’s very hard to tell the difference at a glance of the $600 gun and the $6000 one.

    So, my Para Expert 5″ stainless is the one that gets shown off the most.

  18. avatar jwtaylor says:

    Being a lifelong Texan and gun owner, (yes, I had a Win94 under my crib), I have to admit I’d never heard of the term “Bar B Q gun” until I heard it on this site.

  19. avatar Matt in TX says:

    When I win the lottery, I will get the fancy, matching belt and holster for my Smith and Wesson model 66 hand polished to shiny chrome. Till then I uploaded my Springfield 1911-A1 in OD green with the OD belt and holster.

  20. avatar Tominator says:

    BBQ gun?

    OMG what do I wear?

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