Primary Weapons Systems at the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival. Come and Shoot it!

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According to Primary Weapons Systems, they’re “a company of shooters.” Copy that. PWS’s bay at last year’s Texas Firearms Festival looked more like a rifle shooting master class than a sales event. But a sales event it was. And will be. PWS is bringing an arsenal of rifles to the 2015 Festival in a selection of calibers and configurations, and plenty o’ guns to buy right then and there. Here’s the firearms rundown and some big news on price . . .

Shooter and VIP ticket holders visiting PWS’s big ass bay get serious trigger time behind Primary Weapons Systems’ highly-prized rifles. [Click here for Nick Leghorn’s five star review of the PWS MK114.] That includes PWS’s “Diablo,” their MK107 7.62 caliber rifle with a 7.75” barrel. Ticket holders can also try their hand at the MK11 16 in .308. Too loud? How about a GEMTECH suppressed MK109 in 300 Blackout? [GEMTECH reps will be on-site.]

PWS’ Lone Star State dealer Bullit Proof Armss will also be there, selling a stunning selection of box-fresh PWS rifles … at an exclusive show special price. If you’re from Texas, come and take it! (If not, BPA will ship your new rifle to your local gun dealer. Bring a copy of their FFL.) There’ll be some cool gimmes and a chance to buy hats, T-shirts and PWS patches, too.

PWS’s goal: “create a lifelong relationship with our customers who believe our ideas and the quality of our products.” Great people. Great guns. Come and shoot it at the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival November 14 and 15 at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill. Click here to buy tickets before prices go up and tickets sell out.


  1. avatar Anonymous says:


    If you actually want to see a barrel blow up you can watch crazy Iraqveteran8888’s video:

  2. avatar KMONtang says:

    how does one get the VIP/Shooter tickets?

  3. avatar SittingElf says:

    I’m nowhere near Texas, but I DID just order a MK109 full rifle. Gonna put a SilencerCo Omega on the hot side and subsonic 300 Blackouts in the chamber. Bedside protection with no ringing ears!

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