South African Police Blame Legal Gun Owners for Firearms-Related Crime


SOUTH AFRICA – ( – The South African Gunowners’’ Association (SAGA) has taken note of the advertisement on the official South African Police Service website [since modified] entitled “ILLEGAL GUNS TAKE INNOCENT LIVES.’ The advertisement stated that, “the majority of these illegal guns come from legal owners who were either negligent or robbed of their gun, which ends up with the gun being used for criminal activities.” While it is an indisputable fact that illegally possessed firearms are used in the commission of crimes . . .

it is most unfortunate that the South African Police Service has seen fit to blame “legal owners” as being the major source of illegally possessed firearms while on their own admission the police themselves are losing more than 4,000 firearms per year. It is further unfortunate that the South African Police Service are apparently joining ranks with organizations that are advocating a so-called “gun-free South Africa” instead of fulfilling their Constitutional responsibility of protecting the citizens of South Africa by arresting those persons responsible for committing crimes with illegally possessed firearms.


  1. avatar Dave says:

    You mean someone’s federal government is rallying against the “legal” gun owner who have a constitutional right to have guns? That sounds so familiar. Now where else have I heard about a similar situation?

    1. avatar Glen Greeff says:

      Unfortunately we don’t have a constitutional right to own guns here. In fact owning a gun costs a lot of effort and money, and most people here that are interested in guns are what you would call fudds

      1. avatar Art out West says:

        The photo appears to show a CZ-82 and a Tokarev. Apparently illegal guns are those that came from formerly communist countries.

      2. avatar HotandEmpty says:

        What you are saying is that South Africa’s black violence problem is a state sanctioned and protected act of retribution for your nation’s history, just like in America.

        In America a subject can carry a gun if the state okays that privilege, but that gun can’t be used on protected criminal classes, without incurring mob justice.

        1. avatar Daniel in NC says:

          @ HotandEmpty “In America a subject can carry a gun” A subject is not a citizen. Americans are not subjects, the United States Government is by the people and for the people. The officials are the employees, the citizens are the employers. Thank you, that is all.

    2. avatar Indiana Tom says:


  2. avatar Silver says:

    Yet another oppressive, corrupt government that fits Progressive ideology much better than America. Add that to North Korea, Venezuela, China, Cuba, and so on.

  3. avatar Gman says:

    Oh come on now, it’s only common sense, that if we outlaw all guns then there will no longer be any illegal guns and no more gun crime. Now isn’t that something we can all support?

    1. avatar Xanderbach says:

      Indeed. Now if we just make murder illegal, it should all stop…

    2. avatar Bob says:

      Right, it’s just like Prohibition and the “War on Drugs”, cause as soon as those things were made illegal/banned, you couldn’t find them anywhere anymore. Wait, was it not like that?

  4. avatar Adrik says:

    The same SA where you have to hire your own private police force if you don’t want to be dragged from your home at night and be murdered over the color of your skin?

  5. avatar Shire-man says:

    It’s grandma’s fault for not locking her arthritis meds in a vault that children use drugs.
    It’s the parents fault for handing down their old car to junior if he should get wasted at a party and blow into a station wagon full of kids.
    It’s Warren Buffets and George Soros’ fault that people are poor.

    Funny that it’s not the EPA’s fault for poisoning a river or dumping a bunch of oil off the coast of Maine.
    It’s not the FDA and CDC’s fault for poisoning society with trans-fats when both agencies spend a good 20 years lobbying to get them added to any and all food stuffs they could as a “healthy” alternative to natural fat.

    It’s never the direct perpetrators fault. It’s always my fault or your fault whenever something happens.

    1. avatar BDub says:

      nailed it.

    2. avatar DaveL says:

      Being the government means never having to say you’re sorry.

  6. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    The disarmament will happen, because the Afrikaners gave up their country in the face of world pressure. The slow genocide of white South Africans will continue apace.

    1. avatar Jared says:

      For anyone who has actually been to SA or have a very important person living there, you will see that white people still run SA.

      Most of the upper management of the SA police are white.

      Their gun laws that were passed in 2000 were written in the 1980’s. So it has little to do with the racist apartheid government collapsing.

      That reminds me, next time I go back to SA, a friend of a friend promised to take me to the range so I can shoot his 17 guns 🙂

      1. avatar Yellow Devil says:

        Mostly old white guys at the top with the blacks filling the underling positions? Kinda like the modern Democrat party here in the U.S. then.

    2. avatar TG says:

      By historical standards, they’re lucky they weren’t slaughtered wholesale. If they wanted a country where only white people were in charge, maybe they shouldn’t have left the fucking Netherlands.

      I never understood the fetishization of racist regimes. The South lost, people, and Africa hates us for good reason.

      1. avatar Cloudbuster says:

        Sure, I’m all for withdrawing all aid for Africa and leaving them without any of our evil white influence. They’ll build utopia in no time, I’m sure.

        1. I was unaware that we were providing aid to South Africa.

          The glorification of apartheid regimes by some members of our community greatly disturbs me. We complain about our rights being taken away, yet so many people seem A-OK with apartheid rights inequalities.

        2. avatar HotandEmpty says:

          “I was unaware that we were providing aid to South Africa.”
          -It is called google and stealing from American tax payers to give to those who hate us.

          “The glorification of apartheid regimes by some members of our community greatly disturbs me.”

          -That is because to those of us, who are not consumed with white guilt, we know that our ghettos are the American version of Apartheid, which means freedom of Association. The apartheid was a solution to protect the white people that were living and trying to prosper among an uncivilized people.

          “We complain about our rights being taken away, yet so many people seem A-OK with apartheid rights inequalities.”

          The rampant Black violence epidemic is the main threat to American gun owners rights.

  7. avatar neiowa says:

    And there is a tremendous shortage of guns on the dark continent (snark – POS AK behind every third tree).

  8. avatar some dude says:

    When the cops lose 4K bloody guns a year there is absolutely zero good going to come of griping at civilians for doing VASTLY better about keeping their guns under lock and hand.

  9. avatar Silver says:

    If “illegal guns take innocent lives,” then why aren’t you arresting the guns and putting them on trial? Seems like an easy fix. Better call an exorcist too.

    Or did you mean “people take innocent lives”? Oh, I see the difference. One version lets you blame an inanimate scapegoat while the other would force you to deal with the real problem at hand. Dealing with problems like mature adults is so 20th century.

  10. I wonder why SAPS isn’t pointing the finger at itself and the few thouands guns it loses each year.

  11. avatar Mark Lee says:

    “… the official South African Police Service website [since modified] …”

    I wonder what the original sign had said that they were compelled to modify it? Inquiring minds want to know!

  12. avatar Ralph says:

    Forget it, Jake; it’s Africa.

  13. avatar Conway Redding says:

    The headline of this story is seriously misleading, and stinks of Chicken Little type alarmism. It is hardly blaming gun-related crime on legal gun owners to say that much of that crime involves guns that have been STOLEN from legal owners, unless it is also maintained that the people who own guns legally have been complicit in the thefts, an assertion which strikes me as being doubtfully true.

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