Springfield Armory Rolls Out DUEL 3 Give-Away


We don’t pump every give-away and promo that comes over the electronic transom, but sometimes we hear of a particularly good one that’s worth passing along. Springfield Armory’s back again with the third iteration of DUEL giveaway. Strangely enough, they’ve named it DUEL 3. Go figure! Anyway, many will enter and lots will win including 125 firearms. That’s a lot of shootin’ fun. And you don’t even need a MyFace page to enter. Their press release follows . . .

One of the shooting industry’s largest gun and gear giveaways of its kind is set to launch soon. The Springfield Armory® DUEL 3 promotion is back, which means participants will soon be able to submit for daily and weekly prizes, as well as one spectacular grand prize experience.

Pre-registration is now open, so those interested in participating can go to DUEL.SpringfieldArmory.com. Voting will be open Sept. 1 at 12:01 AM CST.

“For shooting enthusiasts, it’s rare you’ll have such an opportunity,” Springfield Armory® Marketing Director Chad Dyer said. “With tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes up for grabs from some of the industries leading manufacturers and more than 125 firearms, including some exciting new product announcements, participating is easy. September will be an exciting month.”

More details on DUEL 3 will be released in the coming days.

About DUEL 3:

This is Springfield Armory®’s third iteration of one of the shooting industry’s largest gun and gear promotions. Participants are eligible for daily and weekly prizes, as well as one incredible grand prize experience.



  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Alas, Springfield can’t sell guns in MA. Neither can Glock.

  2. avatar MamaLiberty says:

    Clicked the first link above, no pre-registration seems to be available. Clicked the second link and got an error message. I’ll be looking back at it. I love my XD.

    1. avatar Katy says:

      Looks like they are just collecting email addresses for now, and you get notified as things move forward. I wouldn’t call it pre-registration, but eh.

      1. avatar MamaLiberty says:

        Didn’t see that either, Katy… just the screen shot above. No prob… will simply wait until Sept. 1 and look again. 🙂

  3. avatar RenegadeDave says:

    If they could send me one of each 1911 that’d be great.

  4. avatar jlottmc says:

    It looks like they are getting email addresses now, and the field to input an email address is hard to see.

  5. avatar Matthew says:

    Yeah it was good up until 5 days ago, I voted every hour on the hour besides sleep, now it won’t let you vote and just shows the loading sign when you log in. There’s no telling how many votes I have put in and still haven’t won anything. Good luck

    1. avatar nightstryke says:

      You aren’t the only one that hasn’t won anything, though I’m surprised a lot of the winners at most half are in states with strict gun restrictions. Which makes you wonder, is this really a fair contest, or is it just a show for something more?

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