Another State Backs Down After ‘I Will Not Comply’ Uproar

GovTwitterProfile“I have ordered the AL Department of Transportation to remove signs banning weapons at all Alabama rest stops to comply with state law,” Gov. Robert Bentley announced Friday on his Twitter feed. The face-saving announcement comes on the heels of a series of Yellowhammer News reports that in turn inspired pledges from gun rights advocates to defy unlawful citizen disarmament rules enacted by unaccountable bureaucrats.

Prominent among those pledges was a letter to ALDOT Director John Cooper, shared by “Three Percenter,” journalist and smuggler Mike Vanderboegh on his Sipsey Street Irregulars blog.

“[I]f you ignore the telephone blitz you are currently experiencing, it will be my honor and my pleasure to lead ‘I Will Not Comply’ armed civil disobedience actions numbering (at least) in the hundreds of participants at every Alabama Welcome Center in the state, as well as in front of your headquarters,” Vanderboegh told Cooper after outlining some of the actions he’s led defying edicts in other states. “So, I hope you save us the trouble and reverse this dangerous and deadly policy.”

Responding to activist outcry, ALDOT flack Tony Harris characterized their objections as “a distraction” from “issues we deal with day in and day out.” He then passed the buck to the Attorney General’s office, Yellowhammer News explained, “to weigh in on whether ALDOT has the authority to implement the gun ban without legislative authorization.”

Widespread defiance when all else fails, such as we’ve seen in states where registration mandates including those disguised as “background check” requirements are ignored, or where magazine bans are enacted,  is something I’ve taken to calling a “new paradigm.” For many gun owners, it is. But it’s not really new. It has a long and proud tradition in defense of liberty and advancement of rights.

It frustrates the hell out of gun-grabbers to impotently watch their demands for widespread enforcement collide with the reality of what that would entail and — and of what it would provoke. Enforcers and administrators who would have to live with the repercussions of such attempts aren’t about to stick their heads on that block.

Gov. Bentley recognized that and eliminated a rule the state has no belly for enforcing in the face of vocal dares for them to try.  Look for that to play out more and more as gun rights advocates begin to realize the power they can wield simply by declaring “I will not comply.”


  1. Good on them. One fight at a time.

  2. avatar Gman says:

    Now if only the estimated 5 million New York State gun owners who are not among the 45,000 wimps who registered their “assault” rifles and “large” capacity magazines, would come out of the closet and do the same thing, maybe the light of truth would reveal the true absurdity of the “SAFE” Act.

    1. avatar AaronW says:

      I want them to start defying the decades old Sullivan Act which requires handgun registration. That would be *real* civil disobedience…

      1. avatar The Old Coach says:

        How many hundred thousand criminals in NYC are already saying, in effect: “We will not comply” ?

        1. avatar AaronW says:

          Packing heat with criminal intent is in no way equivalent. There is huge difference between acquiring a tool for nefarious purposes and the principled defiance of an unconstitutional set of laws by otherwise law abiding people.

    2. avatar Ray says:

      IF you are a legal licensed NYC gun owner (about 40k of us) and you write a letter to the NYPD telling them that their licensing scheme is unconstitutional their WILL first revoke your permit and confiscate your gun and then likely go to a judge and get you a 3 day psych eval to permanently DQ you from moving anywhere else and owning a gun again.

      Don’t believe me? Ask Glenn Herman of NYC guns who also runs a CCW program for UT and FL licenses.


      1. avatar bob says:

        And shoot your dog when they SWAT you.

  3. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    “Unaccountable bureaucrats.”

    The statement from Gov. Bentley’s Office is a reminder that bureaucrats are, in fact, accountable to the elected officials who hired them.

    We occasionally need to remind them of the chain of command: bureaucrats < elected officials < voters.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      Hmmm… I thought the “chain of command” was the chain we went to beat them with to remind them who’s in command.

      1. avatar jlottmc says:

        You just had to work that reference in didn’t you? Love it.

        1. avatar B says:

          Can we go to the planet where I’m a folk hero next please?

        2. avatar Coffee Addict says:

          I’ll be in my bunk.

        3. avatar DamDoc says:

          Halebopp Comet transporter Bunk? Got you Nikes on?

    2. avatar Galtha58 says:

      @Curtis: Too often the bureaucrats act like a cross between a king and a spoiled brat who thinks they can do whatever they want. Great that Governor Bentley gave this one a swat on his butt and said “No, don’t touch that”. Should have happened sooner though. Why would a governor would let one of his underlings get away with crap like this for so long ? It is absurd.

      1. avatar Ben says:

        The same reason the attorney general did absolutely nothing when notified that these illegal signs were up. Because he can. The only reason Bentley did this was because he got calls after calls complaining that the prohibition was illegal.

    3. avatar Danny Griffin says:

      Many people are hired, not elected. And usually there are no civil remedies for not following the law such as being personally sued and fined.

      1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

        Hired by whom? The politicians appoint agency chiefs and department heads. It rolls downhill from there.

        The civil remedy is to vote out the politicians who let their bureaucrats get away with rule-making beyond their statutory authority. Bentley was obviously feeling the heat here.

  4. avatar Heartland Patriot says:

    As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn might have said, “Stalin does not have enough Organs”. Meaning that there aren’t enough agents (police, etc) to enforce the policy with any sort of regularity and especially without violating other rights like the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. They are bullies who care more about the criminals than the law-abiding citizens when they try and push these gun laws.

    1. avatar Uhhmerica says:

      Solzhenitsyn was disgusted and devastated at humanity’s lack of empathy for their fellow man more so than the evil soviet state sanctioned individuals. The indifference from the greater society is what is needed to eradicate entire groups of peoples and their history, not how many trigger pullers disguised as interrogators.

      The use of Social Engineering, through emotional based propaganda, and the use of the law as a weapon upon the law abiding, are exactly what lead to the trains cars being filled for the gulags.

      Thank God for the Second Amendment, which the Zeks did not have but wished they did.

  5. avatar Kendahl says:

    This was more a situation of a state agency using a questionable loophole to avoid complying with a law it disliked. They got away with it until enough people brought their noncompliance to the governor’s attention. I don’t think the governor told them to ignore violations of state law. Instead, he ordered them to obey it. The governor does deserve congratulations for standing up for his citizens’ rights.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Not just his citizens, but all of the interstate travelers who happen to stop in a rest area in Alabama. What I don’t understand is why ALDOT even cared. Some low IQ and unarmed attendant, there 24 hours or not, is not going to stop anyone intent on harm.

      1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

        “What I don’t understand is why ALDOT even cared.”

        Statists gotta State?

        “Respect My Authoritay”? (<– as in every bureaucrat seems to think they have some authority that needs respectin')

  6. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    “……the reality of what that would entail and — and of what it would provoke.”

    That’s part of what sets the Second Amendment apart from the others. It’s the only one you don’t really need, until they try to take it.

    Please don’t try to take it. Please don’t provoke what would follow. Far, far more Americans died at the hands of fellow Americans in the Civil War, than were killed by our enemies in every other war….combined. That’s not a distraction. That’s reality.

    1. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

      “…don’t really need, until…”
      i owe you two bits for a phrase worth repeating.

      1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

        Well, I can take credit for introducing you to it, just as many others in here can take credit for having brought many ideas to my attention.

        However, that particular gem I read as attributed to Thomas Jefferson. Although, historians at Monticello report that they have no documentation that Jefferson ever said or wrote the original quote or its variants. So I’m not sure of the rightful author, except that it’s not me.

  7. avatar Woody W Woodward says:

    There is a precedent:

    “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance upon the protection of divine Providence. We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

    We should be willing to do no less.

  8. avatar JR_in_NC says:

    “Look for that to play out more and more as gun rights advocates begin to realize the power they can wield simply by declaring “I will not comply.””

    With great power comes great responsibility.

    Will POTG, as they realize they possess this power, wield it responsibly? I sure hope so.

    I have great faith in my fellow citizens, but there is a dangerous edge to walk here. It only takes a very small number of “nutjobs” to undermine a whole heap of good “civil disobedience.”

    This comment is coming off more negative than I intend it to. Fighting Statism is a true, good fight. But we have to recognize there are selfish “power mongers” on our side as well.

  9. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Since I am a “nobody”, perhaps Mr. Mike Vanderboegh could organize a much more grand act of civil disobedience in California. I would love to see how the great State of California would respond to 50,000 demonstrators in Sacramento holding 20 or 30 round magazines or better yet an unloaded rifle (gasp!) on a sling over their shoulder.

    California doesn’t have the prison space to house 50,000 people much less the budget nor capacity to process and try to prosecute 50,000 people. That could be the turning point to repeal the stupidity in California.

    1. avatar Dustin says:

      50,000? That’s all?

  10. avatar Dustin says:

    It’s about effing time…

  11. avatar James says:

    That’s because they don’t have to do anything right now. All they have to do is wait five or ten or twenty years until all the uproar has died down. All those scary, eeeevil black rifles and super high capacity magazine clips are still going to be around. And so will the law. And they’re going to pick off the non-compliants one at a time, far away from the public’s watchful eyes.

  12. avatar truth is treason says:

    The media loves to highlight civil disobedience from the left – but are strangely silent when it comes to gun rights. Gee, why is that?

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