Last Call for the Summer Content Contest


We’re in the home stretch now. There are still lots of Summer Content Contest in the hopper that we’ll be running for the next ten days or so, but you still have time to get yours in. That’s right, you still have a shot at a Henry Octagon Frontier lever gun or 250 rounds of Winchester AA ammo in a commemorative box. Just get your entry in by midnight Friday (click link above for details). What are you waiting for?


  1. avatar Lhshtr says:

    Jeeze, what caliber is it, looks like a Casual “454”, pretty nice! I have one too, M14, a little bigger than your 454! Be safe out there always guard you six.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      The winning gun is a Henry Octagon Frontier lever gun in .22lr.

      1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

        I think he meant the pictured tattoo at the top of the article.

  2. avatar Geoff PR says:

    ” What are you waiting for?”

    One of those freak accidents where suddenly I have the actual talent to write a winning entry…

    1. avatar Timmy! says:

      Beat ne toit… dag-nabbit!

  3. avatar Tanner says:

    Is that image a picture of the tattoo on RF’s lower back?

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      A tat like that with one gun pointing left and the other to the right would make a dandy ‘Ass Antlers’ lower back tat…


  4. avatar Hoplopfheil says:

    I will WIN you, Box of Shotgun Shells.

    (I’m being cautiously optimistic, but I would also accept the Henry)

  5. avatar S.CROCK says:

    Am I blind or has the article posted earlier today about “duty to inform” disappeared?

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Duty to inform… what?

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