This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: Mexican Soldiers Open Fire on Unarmed Civilians Edition

Hello? American mainstream media? Mexico! The plight of the defenseless citizens across our southern border continues to generate little to nothing in the way of U.S. press coverage. This despite the fact that American consumers are funding the slaughter of hundreds of thousand of disarmed innocents at the hands of narco-terrorists. Despite the fact that the American government is arming the Mexican […]

OMG! A Gun Emoji! On My iPhone! OMG!

We checked the calendar and tomorrow is August 1, not April 1. So apparently New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is actually serious about their #DisarmTheiPhone hashtag campaign. Who? You may remember NYAGV as the geniuses behind the fake New York City gun store stunt back in March. On the heels of that PR triumph, now they […]

Question for the Mainstream Media: How Many Members Does Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Have?

Over at, reporter Debby Yetter [above] takes a look at the Bluegrass State’s civilian disarmament movement. The majority of her piece, ‘Ky., Ind. moms pushing for gun safety’, presents a history of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, including a lengthy profile of founder Shannon Watts. Yetter doesn’t offer much in the way of information about Kentucky’s […]

NRA Debunks Bogus Universal Background Check Justification

Right up there with the laughable and oft-refuted claim that “90% of Americans support universal background checks” is the equally laughable “statistic” that 40% of gun sales happen without a NICS check. It’s trotted out by the media and members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex (redundant, I know) in an attempt to justify UBCs […]

Random Thoughts About Freedom and Tyranny

At the end of a by-the-numbers anti-gun rant in the New York Times, Contributing Op-Ed editor Timothy Egan [above] asserts “As a way to make everyday life seem less frightening, the new reality [of “enforced gun free zones”] is absurd. But that’s the cost, apparently, of an extreme interpretation of a constitutional amendment designed to fend […]

Question of the Day: Are Police Bodycams a Boon or a Bandaid?

We’ve seen lots of bodycam footage of officer-involved shootings in the last year or so since the Michael Brown shooting. As more and more police departments video officer interactions with the general public, we’re getting better and better intel on what’ “really” goes down when the cops send lead flying. I put the word “really” in quotes because […]

South Korea’s K-11 Not A-OK. Again. Still.

“The S&T Daewoo K11 DAW (Dual-barrel Air-burst Weapon) [above] is an assault rifle chambered to fire 5.56×45mm NATO rounds, as well as 20×30mm air-burst smart grenade from its overbarrel launcher.” informs, correctly deploying the “a” word. “Two conventional 20 mm shells either detonate immediately on impact or on a timed fuse after impact. A third type of shell is controlled by the […]

Lt General Russel Honore (Ret) Responds to TTAG Reader’s Email

TTAG reader NEIOWA read Lt General Russel Honore’s comments about “America’s gun culture” and email the retired military man: General, Your recent comments, as reported in the libtard US Today newpaper, regarding the firearms are poorly informed. Or worse. Given the very poor accuracy of this rag, perhaps US Today’s reporting does not accurately reflect your […]

OMG! 96 Lions Per Year Shot by Hunters in Zimbabwe! OMG!

“The death of Cecil the lion at the hands of pilloried dentist Walter Palmer has sparked worldwide outrage,” reports, “with virtual mobs tanking Palmer’s Yelp ratings, real mobs leaving angry messages at his office, and activists and celebrities alike calling for his metaphorical (or literal) head. But the tragic death of one lion belies […]

Quote of the Day: Brass Tacks Edition

“Until the gun control argument becomes a real argument instead of a transparent power grab, there’s only one appropriate response to liberal gun banners. And it’s similar to ‘Screw you.’” – Kurt Schlichter in Gun Rights Advocates Have A Devastating New Argument Against Gun Control. Here It Is. [at]

Swedish Pols: More Crime, More Gun Control

Reader Henrik B. writes: If anyone ever suggests that the security theater known as “gun laws” ever do good, please point them towards Sweden. So far this year we have had 30 explosives go off this year and one mass shooting along with numerous minor shootings. In response we got new gun laws in 2015 (it is not a new […]