Henry Repeating Rifles Donates Ten .30/30 Lever Guns to Veteran Outdoors

Henry Repeating Arms, repeating (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

TTAG supports veterans. We hire vets and donate time and money to vets. (News of the Texas Firearms Festival’s Veterans Appreciation Day to follow.) During my recent interview with Henry Repeating Rifles’ impresario Anthony Imperato, I asked if he’d send a couple of rifles to Veteran Outdoors [autoplay audio at the link]. The charity takes veterans hunting to help heal their psychological wounds and assimilate back into society. VO spends 110 percent of the money received directly on their outreach programs (10 percent comes from their own pockets). Mr. Imperato sent VO ten .30-30 lever guns, which they get to keep after their hunts. Press release after the jump. Stories of vets hunting with the rifles to follow . . .

VO Logo

For Immediate Release

Repeating Support for Veteran Outdoors by Henry Rifles

Veteran Outdoors will be well supported in the upcoming big game hunting season of 2015/ 2016 thanks to the very generous support of Henry Rifles. Henry Rifles have been a main stay in the American firearms industry since 1860. Who better to partner with than a company that believes “Made In America or Not Made at All”?

Georgetown Texas based Non Profit Veteran Outdoors is a 501c.(3) that takes veterans, primarily wounded on their dream outdoor adventures. Veteran Outdoors became an IRS determined Non-Profit in 2008 and since then have taken over 1100 Veterans on outdoor adventures.  Many of these adventures are hunting adventures and to have the support of such a reputable firearm company that played such an important role in American History is so fitting.

Veteran Outdoors take an annual average of 169 warriors into the outdoors so Henry Rifles support of 10 .30/30 Brass with Octagon barrel will without a doubt support Veteran Outdoors big game needs. Whether its bear hunting in New Mexico or Elk in Wyoming or Mule Deer in West Texas the deserving Heroes will be completely outfitted with Henry Rifles, Carrying Bags and additional items.  Founder of Veteran Outdoors Cody Hirt stated, “Never in the history of Veteran Outdoors have we felt so touched or blessed by an Iconic American Product for such a deserving group in those we serve”

To learn More about Veteran Outdoors (www.veteran-outdoors.com) please contact Toby Nunn, [email protected] or by phone 510.305.0004


  1. avatar Mike Crognale says:

    Makes me want to buy a Henry Rifle just to support them.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Makes me glad I did.
      That is just awesome!

    2. avatar sota says:

      ironically, I just sent an email to henry last night to place my order for another pair of custom numbered rifles (Big Boy .357 Magnums.) They’re a bright spot in NJ.

    3. avatar Dale_ ND says:

      I am proud to own two Henry rifles. Perhaps I need another.

    4. avatar DickDanger says:

      Same here. I own a lever action .17 HMR made by them, but I’m looking for a centerfire for deer season. I think I have a pretty good idea who I’m gonna turn to get own.

  2. avatar karlb says:

    Well done.
    Amazingly good idea, and what a great way to build good will.

  3. avatar Mack Bolan says:

    HRR and Mr. Imperato, Gun Hero’s of the day.

    Class act.

  4. avatar jonwaynetaylor says:

    Friggin awesome. Just incredible. I already needed one, but all my kids need Henrys now.

  5. avatar DrewR55 says:

    Well, I had been trying to decide between a new Henry 30-30 or finding an older Marlin in a pawn shop. I guess this swings the vote for Henry

  6. avatar JSF001 says:

    I love my .44 Henry Big Boy. I just really wish though that they would make a version of the rifle that has a side loading gate. I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

  7. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Wish I had some $ to get a Henry-this guy is a good guy…

  8. avatar Stinkeye says:

    In spite of that awful Noo Yawk accent, Mr. Imperato is absolutely a class act. Henry Repeating Arms donates money and rifles to all kinds of charitable causes. Great company.

  9. avatar D-Fens says:

    How do Henrys compare to Rossi and Uberti and older Marlins and Winchester lever actions?

    1. avatar R says:

      The way their centerfires load is ridiculous. For that reason alone I’d never buy one.

    2. avatar Justin says:

      I recently bought a Henry 45/70. As far as the action is concerned, it’s definitely smoother out of the box from a new Marlin or Rossi. I’ve never handled a Uberti or Japanese Winchester so I can’t compare to those. Wood fit and finish is just as good as a JM Marlin, IMHO but some will debate that. The blueing on the older guns is nicer than Henry.

      People really get hung up on the lack of a loading gate, I have no problem with the loading tube on the Henry’s. I have no need to frantically try to cram shells into the gun, if another shot is needed, just pop it into the open action.

      1. avatar Justin says:

        I forgot to mention that my comparison is based on a steel framed rifle, not the brass.

        All Henry steel framed centerfires are now manufactured in Wisconsin, if that matters to anyone. Rimfires and brass centerfires are still made in NJ.

  10. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    Not questioning Henry’s motives, but this will sell a lot of rifles.
    Good for everyone!

    My wife loves her Big Boy .357. The sigts were dead-on right out of the box. Fun to shoot! Everyone should have a levergun.

  11. avatar Brad says:

    Awesome! A great company doing great things for our warriors! Thank you Henry Rifles!

  12. avatar randy e says:

    They’re so beautiful. I want…

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