BREAKING: Shots Fired Into Memphis Church


According to a report form, “Memphis Police received a call Thursday morning that shots were fired into a church located at 2016 Pendleton Street. Once arriving to the scene, MPD found no victims in the church. FOX13 spoke to the Deacon of St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church who says he noticed bullet holes in the church Wednesday night after leaving choir practice. He confirms there were no injuries.” That’s a long way from Charleston and probably unrelated to last night’s events . . .

Still, until the shooter, identified as Dylann Storm Roof, is caught, churchgoers would do well to be on their guard.



  1. avatar JWM says:

    Seems my decision to avoid church’s was a good one. Bullet magnets.

  2. Forgive my ignorance. Who is in that picture?

    1. avatar actionphysicalman says:

      Dylann Storm Roof according to reports so far. The Charleston Church shooting suspect.

        1. Been watching Fox News all morning and they just now, 10:34, released this info.

  3. avatar John Seagus says:

    Lucky that no one was at this church.
    It might be a backlash from white racists for protesting against police abuse against minorities.
    It may even be racists in the Memphis Police Department. We know they have some just like the rest of the jurisdictions do and they have to be weeded out.

    Just as racial fears were used to ban drugs, and now good white people can’t get the coke and meth they need to survive; that same racial fear was used to ban guns and will be used again.

    black people need to keep themselves armed at all times and well trained so that they can raise the price for such deviant and psychotic racist behavior.

  4. avatar DMJ747 says:

    wow, he looks like a grown up Adam Lanza

    1. Same age as Lanza.

    2. Looks more like a young Nick Leghorn.

  5. avatar cag404 says:

    Wow, John Seagus, you should seek help.

  6. avatar Shire-man says:

    Flag on the top is apartheid South Africa.
    What’s the second flag?

    1. avatar Nelson says:


    2. avatar John Thomas says:

      looks like rhodesia.

  7. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    South Africa and Rhodesia flags……

  8. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    My church’s trustee leaders are already checking to make sure that I and several others who CCW will be at vacation bible school the rest of this week and during services on sunday. It is too hot, but I may carry a. 380 BUG as well

    1. avatar Rokurota says:

      After these events, people might not mind open carry.

  9. avatar Smoke Jensen says:

    The question is, was this a selfie or a friend who took this photo?
    It looks like he’s in Louisiana or Florida in this pic.

    1. avatar Wiregrass says:

      They also have swamps and Spanish moss in South Carolina.

  10. avatar Vitsaus says:

    Based on the photo, its highly questionable that this fellow’s gene pool has a lot of variation in it.

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      He doesn’t have a family tree. He has a family vine.

  11. avatar Silver says:

    It’s just one of those days, isn’t it.

    Of course, when other people have one of “those” days, they just have a stiff drink and start over tomorrow. When we have one of those days, everyone wants to take our natural civil rights away.

  12. avatar Removed_californian says:

    Watching Fox News now, looks like they captured the South Carolina guy in North Carolina.

  13. avatar Benny the Jew says:

    Someone noticed bullet holes Wednesday night, but called Thursday morning?

  14. avatar Gabe says:

    Given the patches on his jacket…if he identifies as black, it won’t be a racist crime!

  15. avatar Don in PA says:

    Every time a crazy drops loose it wiggles the branch and a few more shake off.


  16. avatar Jus Bill says:

    Coincidence? The same day HuffPo releases a story about the CSGV proclaiming their report that claims that legal gun owners are more likely to commit a crime than prevent/stop one? The same day as Charleston?

    /tin foil hat

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