Updated Exhibitor List for 2015 Texas Firearms Festival

Comand shoot it! (courtesy texasgunfest.com)

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We’re back from a little break, hard at work getting the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival (Best of the West Shooting Sports, Liberty Hill, November 14 and 15) ready for your dancing and dining pleasure. There’ve been a lot of new developments, which I’ll update here shortly. The Retail Village is fast approaching 50 exhibitors. We’re opening new slots for “extra” tents. If you’re interested in a spot they’re $250 for a 10 X 10 tent and table. We also have two rifle positions left and a shotgun bay. email [email protected] for details. Click here for tickets, which are already going fast. (We’ve already sold 500 and it’s not even July!) Meanwhile, here’s an up-to-date list of our main exhibitors . . .

FN USA, Noveske, STI Guns, IWI, CMC Triggers, SIG SAUER, PWS, Silencer Shop, Roughneck Firearms/Liberty Suppressors, Republic Forge, Walther, 2 Vets Arms, Smith & Wesson, Bergara Custom Rifles, Leupold, Blaser, LWRC, Battle Rifle Company, Cobalt Kinetics, Precision Air Guns, Henry Repeating Arms, DSG Arms, DPX Gear Inc, Kangaroo Carry, Texas Concealed Carry, Dead Goose Society, Bond Arms, Well Said, Pipe Hitters Union, Sure Shots Magazine, Gallow, Trophy Tools, A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League, The Well Armed Woman, Fighter Design, Lone Star Gun Rights, Americase, First Command, 610Precision, Brim-It, Attorney Brian Foster, AR Customs, Ducks Unlimited, Second Amendment Foundation, Contingency X, Veteran-Outdoors, Texas State Rifle Association and Bee Tactical


  1. avatar O-Hebi says:

    That silhouette of an AR-15 is all over the place. Hopefully I can attend. Vacation is by seniority where I work, so, if there are a bunch high roster numbers wanting the same days (let’s hope they are going if they do) I can’t. Fingers crossed.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      I’ll write you a note for work.

      I’ll say you’re too well to attend. . .


      You’ve got eye problems, you just cant see yourself going to work that day.

  2. avatar Kyle in Texas says:

    I’m surprised to not see Glock or Ruger on that list. Or AAC. I guess they didn’t like seeing all their former employees across the way at Sig.

    You guys should push for Bill Wilson to bring some of his 1911s out. They would look good next to STI and Republic Forge. And it might also be the only time I can afford to shoot a Wilson. Or any of the others for that matter. Convert that shotgun bay into another pistol bay.

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