Free Ammo at the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival


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According to our 2014 exit survey, some 90 percent of last year’s attendees at the Texas Firearms Festival promised they’d be back for year two. Even so, we’re expecting an influx of newbies who may not know exactly how this thing works. It’s simple enough. You buy a ticket, you shoot guns. That’s it. Your Saturday or Sunday Shooter or VIP ticket (November 14 & 15) entitles you to free ammunition at every station. Sure, you can buy ammunition. But that’s the gun food you take home with you. So don’t worry about “extra expenses.” That said, we’ll have top-notch food truck cuisine and 50+ vendors in the Retail Village, selling everything from holsters to knives to laser simulators. Not to mention discounts on firearms in the gun store and on the line. So your credit card may get a little warm. If you know what I mean . . .


  1. avatar Jim R says:

    I REALLY wanted to go, but once again it seems finances aren’t going to allow it. Maybe next year.

  2. avatar rob says:

    Is open carry allowed?

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