Question of the Day: Spray and Pray?

As TTAG’s Bruce Krafft has pointed out many times, Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms does not depend on the democratic process or arguments over social utility. Until and unless the Second Amendment is amended to prohibit any particular type of firearm, caliber or magazine, all firearms of any caliber equipped with any type of magazine are protected from any and all government regulations. Thanks to the zeal of unrepentant statists, malevolent Moms and other gun control advocates, not so much. Working on it. Meanwhile, what’s the largest capacity magazine you owned before your boating accident and how often do did you let loose like this?


  1. avatar DJ9 says:

    Largest-capacity mag? 100 rounds.

    Nowadays, 40 is max, and it doesn’t get used very often. More likely to be chosen are 10-30 shot mags, especially in .22 LR. And they might not even get filled to capacity, depending on the intended use.

  2. avatar PeterC says:

    I recently had an opportunity to test-drive a big-bucks 150-round double drum for 5.56. What dandy fun! Clouds of oily smoke pouring out of my Tavor! Unfortunately, the mag was on loan, and I had to give it back.

  3. avatar Patrick says:

    I had a beta C-mag for my AR15. Unfortunately when my car rolled off a cliff while I was camping somewhere in the wilderness, they were both destroyed in a glorious explosion. I never shot it much though so it’s OK. Too and I never had the money to fill it all the way up.

  4. avatar DBM says:

    She shoots better than most soldiers I’ve seen. Has better toys too.

  5. avatar Red in Texas says:

    Couple of 60rnd Surefires, and they have done just a few FA mag dumps.

  6. avatar Joe R. says:

    “Until and unless the Second Amendment is amended to prohibit any particular type of firearm, caliber or magazine, all firearms of any caliber equipped with any type of magazine are protected from any and all government regulations.”


    The Second Amendment is there so that you can prevent people/government [a/k/a your stupid neighbors needing jobs] from limiting your rights. Further the Bill of Rights was never meant to be exclusive, it was meant to be non-limiting and virtually otherwise inclusive. I hope I have all of your concurrence on this point, but (as I can only assume you’re ready to do the same) will be diligently prepared and watchful for the inverse.

    P.S. – not to be rude, but I first though Spray ‘n Pr_y was the brand of her shorts. (not a complaint mind you)

  7. avatar Will says:

    i dont know if im more intimidated or turned on…

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      She’ll probably consider both to be a win…


  8. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Just 17-and I’m not sure it WAS legal here in Cook county,Illinois. Before the boating mishap…

    1. avatar Avid Reader says:

      Yeah, I seem to remember a couple of years ago when I was still in IL. I think all of mine disappeared that day I was going to play golf at Lost Marsh everything sank in the mud. Or maybe that day on the Calumet going to the Windjammer. . .

      Yeah, that’s it!

      1. avatar Former Water Walker says:

        Ha! I live 2 blocks from the Little Calumet Avid Reader…

  9. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Boring 30, but that video was more fun than I’ve had lately. I just LOVE that shotgun/flamethrower, how much do those rounds cost? I’m guessing $10-20 each.

    1. avatar TheBear says:

      $20 for a pack of 3.

  10. avatar Bill Kohnke says:

    Well, if I link all my belts together…

  11. avatar tdiinva says:

    I have a 20 rounder for my Remington 750/30-06 hunting rifle making it a poor man’s M-14.

    Largest pistol magazine is 19 rounds for my XD/m compact 9mm.

  12. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Before the boating accident? I might have had a couple of 50 round mags for a Ruger 10-22 and a couple of 30 rounders for the Glock model 17. I also had some 20 round mags for a FN-FAL in .308, but they got sold with the rifle so I could make the down payment on the new boat. I only had the FN-FAL for about a year and a half so those mags didn’t get used a whole lot. The 30 rounders for the Glock were freaking heavy when full and really upset the balance of the gun. They didn’t get much use either. These were mostly bought for emergency use for whenever “they” came. I worry a lot less about “them” coming than I used to, probably because I’m close to 60 years old and really don’t give a hoot anymore.

  13. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Tough to beat a 100 round beta mag with an M-16.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      Indeed. I’ve got a decently reliable 100 round beta clone, as well as dozens of 40, 30, 20, and 15 round mags.

  14. avatar Owen says:

    Occasionally at night when I don’t turn on the bathroom light…

  15. avatar Mark N. says:

    Largest–10 rounds. Smallest–five rounds. Guess where I live.

    1. avatar DJ9 says:


      East-coast or left-coast subdivision?

    2. avatar Ralph says:

      Lemme guess — Massivetwoshits?

  16. avatar Wiregrass says:

    Can’t see the video so I am making some assumptions based on the title. Had a couple of 30 rounders, but truth is I just don’t get that much satisfaction from dumping mags. I’m okay with you doing it with your ammo, but I just prefer to make precise controlled shots even in rapid fire.

  17. avatar Mike says:

    75-round AK drum. Still haven’t had a chance to use it since the AK it’s meant for is still a collection of parts.

  18. avatar Jim Barrett says:

    “As TTAG’s Bruce Krafft has pointed out many times, Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms does not depend on the democratic process or arguments over social utility. ”

    Unfortunately that’s not the way things work and I wish we would quit pretending it does. The statement above should correctly read “Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms SHOULD not depend on the democratic process or arguments over social utility. ”

    If you really believe the Second Amendment grants you broad rights, then I invite you to do an AR-15 open carry stroll through downtown New York, Boston, or Washington D.C. and see what happens. The fact is that we all know how such an event would turn out.

    What we need to do is acknowledge that the current structure of laws, court rulings, and demanding mothers have created an environment where rights are subject to both the democratic process and arguments over social utility and then work to change it.

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      Excellent point. We don’t live in the country the founding fathers tried to create. We (meaning all subsequent generations since the Revolution) have gradually pissed away most of the liberty they were trying to protect, and we need to acknowledge that that’s the world we’re in, and that most people don’t really want to live in a truly free society. “Shall not be infringed” went from being a command to being a suggestion almost before the ink was dry on the vellum, with very little resistance from the great mass of the populace.

      Except for the part where you say the 2A “grants” rights. You know better than that! Rights are (supposed to be) protected by the Constitution, but if they’re truly rights, then they exist whether any given government respects them or not.

  19. avatar Geoff PR says:

    Largest attempted mag dump was a 25 round banana mag for the AR-7 Survival I had.

    Except I never got through the whole mag without a feed failure.

    I still have a pile of 20 and 30 round stainless mags for that original factory folder Mini-14 I had.

    I’ve never done a spay-n-pray with centerfire rifle or pistol ammo. Ammo is too damn expensive!

    I will be happy to do a mag dump for anyone that provides the ammo.

    I’ll even lie and say I like you… 🙂

  20. avatar dlj95118 says:

    …sad to see someone go through all the trouble setting up a decent video while completely ignoring the audio quality.

  21. avatar Ralph says:

    As a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I’m limited to ten rounds. The Ruger BX-25 is ten rounds, right? Right?

    And spray and pray is a great tactic for skunks, not people.

  22. avatar Yazz says:

    Am I the only person seeing the tracers ricochet? I’ve been to places that look as empty as that and you can find better backstops then none at all. Who knows where those ricochets will land, especially tracers that may be hot enough to catch brush on fire.

    1. avatar EMT Jeff says:

      I agree with you on that one — the first thing I thought when I saw the video was that this was a great reminder for why you should always set your targets up in front of a hill, mountain, or berm, so that anything that goes down range impacts into the dirt immediately… she must be sending those things hundreds of yards down range (and towards power lines, too). It is admittedly a statistics game that she’s likely to win, but it still seems like quite a bad idea.

    2. avatar Skeptical_Realist says:

      Ball rounds do that too; it’s just a lot easier to see with tracers. Anytime you shoot without a backstop, there is a ricochet fan where rounds will land.

      Brushfires, however, are fairly unlikely, especially in Death Valley-type places like the one in the video. Even if there were brush to catch on fire, it wouldn’t be caused by ricochets; they stop burning before coming back down. Brush fires will be caused by the rounds that don’t ricochet.

      It also seems that the entire area of any possible ricochet fan in the location shown is uninhabited. Ricochets lose a lot of energy when they hit the ground. Ricochet fans for 20mm and 30mm are only about 2-3NM; small arms are probably less than one mile.

  23. avatar steve says:

    I have a 10 round mag… I love being young in California.

  24. avatar Mikial says:

    Can’t say I think much of shooting large caliber guns with absolutely no backstop. Hope some dirt biker didn’t get his head taken off by a .50 round a couple miles down the lake bed.

    As for spray and pray, when I was working private security in Iraq with Kurdish Peshmurga, the Kurds had AKs and RPKs, but all the expats had semi-auto M4s. The team leaders told the Pesh their jobs was to lay down suppressing fire in an ambush. If there was someone they couldn’t hit, to come get one of the expats with a semi-auto and show them where the bad guy was and they would shoot him for them.

    Aimed shots will overcome spray and pray any day.

  25. avatar Dustin says:

    My son with his Christmas present. Spray your aimed shots. That Saiga .223 bolt carrier really soaks up the recoil. Left hand pulling reduces it even more… There is no spray and pray with this thing. It’s well placed spray. I can easily decimate an assortment of clays on the berm and still have more than half of the 35rd mag left. That’s 12+ BGs on 2 or 3 seconds.

    You should see it on the Saiga .308… Just becasue you see spray, does not mean the pray goes with… Some people are actually good at this stuff, ya know…

  26. avatar JAFactory says:

    Targets are on sale 10% off in honor of Lisa Jean at the rep site.

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