Australian Gun Grab Goes to the Next Level

TTAG reader DM writes: Australian firearms owners are in for round 2 of the fight over (what remains of) their rights. Not content with being embarrassed after an attempted gun grab was defeated, as we reported on earlier, the socialist anti-gun crowd have decided to up the ante, by recommending a new electronic database that contains […]

My Home Carry Epiphany

By Donald Frame RF got my attention regarding the merits of home carry, so I decided to give it a go. I’ve been at it about a month, carrying more than 90% of the time at home. Here are the results so far: carrying at home is not as much of a pain as I had […]

BREAKING: Campus Carry PASSES in Texas

Moments ago, we received word that SB-11 (Campus Carry) has finally passed the Texas House, clearing the last legislative hurdle before heading to the governor’s pen. The bill was dangerously close to falling off the end of Texas’ short semi-annual legislative session, but it has now officially passed in both chambers and moves on to […]

Chicago is Now Chiraq [Video NSFW]

“I got chills when the person the background said ‘that gun going to run out of bullets’,” TTAG reader DC Studios writes [3:40 ]. “Let that be a lesson to me. I am packing one extra mag for now on.” He’s not the only person on edge thanks to “gun violence” in the gun control paradise known […]

Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Over-Penetrate a Room

“According to Houston police, the owner of the shop in the 8500 block of Westcott near Camay returned to his shop, which is currently still under construction, around 9:45 p.m. and found a man inside trying to steal some items,” reports. “The two began scuffling, and the business owner, who was armed, pulled out […]

Quote of the Day: Fill Your Hand Edition

“The only people I want having guns are police and the bad guy. I don’t want police to have to sort out who is John Wayne coming to the rescue.” – University of Dallas President Tom Keefe in Texas House tentatively OKs ‘campus carry’ proposal [at]  [h/t shootingthebull410]

Sara Tipton Renews Her CA CCW Permit. Again. Still.

It’s that time again. Time to renew my CCW permit. I have to retake a four-hour class and re-qualify with the exact firearm I wish to conceal. I can qualify with up to three guns. No more. Why? Because California. This biennial renewal is a hassle. It’s expensive and time-consuming. But it’s not as bad as it could be. Our Sheriff is a […]

Incendiary Image of the Day: CSGV Mask Slips

The guy who runs the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page is a nasty f%&k. He constantly posts links, pics and comments that treat gun owners like vermin. By doing so, he encourages anti-gunners to pour anti-ballistic bile onto their fellow Americans. His rhetoric antagonizes gun owners – by intent – hardening into hatred toward those who gladly, indeed enthusiastically infringe […]