Vermont Backs Away from Universal Background Checks

Kate Webb (D) VT


Vermont, a “constitutional carry” state, currently has few restrictions on guns, but that could change soon. An important gun control bill is close to passing the Vermont legislature. The state’s house gave initial approval for the passage of one bill that has already passed the senate. The House voted 79-60 in favor of the bill (SB 31) and a final vote is expected today. As TTAG mentioned before, this bill would allow the prosecution of some convicted criminals for firearm possession and require the “dangerously mentally ill” to be added to the federal background check system, therefore denying them firearms . . .

Those who are released from the Department of Mental Health would be allowed to petition the courts to grant them permission to be removed from the list of banned individuals. The state would then have six months to object or the person’s right to own a gun will be restored. The law also allows the prosecution of convicted felons for the possession of a firearm.


“This is a bill that both respects the Second Amendment and protects public safety,” said Representative Kate Webb (above), a Democrat from Shelburne and the assistant House majority leader, at the conclusion of Thursday’s debate.

The provision to force all gun sales to undergo a background check was removed after intense opposition from gun rights groups. The bill titled SB 31 is expected to become law.

Of course, possession of a firearm by a felon is already illegal under federal law, but Vermont is the only state that lacks this particular statute.



  1. avatar JohnO says:

    The people will be safer because it will be double illegal for felons to have guns.

  2. avatar SteveInCO says:

    good news.

  3. avatar davidx says:

    And once again, someone not from around here gets their pretty little mitts deep into it and wants approbation from her many fans out there, no doubt, Shelburne being a ritzy lakeside community with lots of money.

    From her state bio:

    “Kate was born in Maine and grew up in Chappaqua, NY.”

    And Chappaqua is where that big lovable lug of a guy, Larry Klinton lives, with his lovely wife Bruno, a.k.a. Field Marshal Rodham.

  4. avatar Dan says:

    fwiw adding ‘dangerously mentally ill’ to the background check system is basically total prohibition to any employment as well. most companies conduct background checks prior to employment …

  5. avatar Alan Longnecker says:

    In a desperate attempt to prove that after more than 100 years of passing laws, the state still needs to employ full time legislators, they’ve passed a law that’s already a law. Brilliant.

  6. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    “This is a bill that both respects the Second Amendment and protects public safety,” said Representative Kate Webb (above), a Democrat
    Don’t they all?

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