Gun Hero of the Day: Ed Peruta

Cruising Facebook at 0 dark thirty, I saw this comment on the TTAG feed by Edward Peruta. Mr. Peruta was reacting to the Ninth Circuit Court’s decision to rehear his case – throwing out San Diego’s “shall [not] issue” permitting system – en banc. As our man Dan pointed out, the Court’s action doesn’t bode well for […]

Walther Returns for 2015 Texas Firearms Festival

(sponsored post) The Walther PPQ has one of the best if not the best out-of-the-box triggers in any semi-automatic pistol for sale today. No need to go aftermarket; it’s clean and crisp with a sharp reset. It’s also a supremely comfortable gun, with extremely palm-pleasing ergonomics. Walther brought the PPQ to the first Texas Firearms Festival; it was a […]

New from Bergara Performance Rifles: B-14 Timber and B-14 Hunter

Every time we post something about a really expensive firearm on TTAG or (God forbid) Facebook, nickel-and-diming naysayers come out of the proverbial woodwork. Why would anyone buy a Cabot 1911 when they could buy thirty-nine GLOCKs and a new refrigerator for the same price? Why would someone shell out a grand for a Benelli pump-action shotgun when […]

Gun Review: SIG SAUER MPX Pistol

The SIG SAUER MPX might be the most anticipated new “rifle” among TTAG’s readers. Sight unseen in the civilian market, they awarded it the highest honor last year naming it 2014’s Best New Rifle, and now after months of delays the first guns are assembled, boxed, and shipping out. Wanting to avoid the same kind […]

Now Shipping: SIG SAUER MPX

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the very first civilian production SIG SAUER MPX. We here at TTAG central command have been given exclusive access to the very first production MPX in order to test it (review posting in a few minutes), but we thought y’all might be interested to know that the first batch are […]

Guns for Beginners: Three Tips for Open Carry

When I blogged the heinous murder of a Philadelphia dog walker in a “safe” neighborhood, two things struck me. First, that the killers admitted to searching for an easy target. Second, the murderous villains would not have considered a dog walker openly carrying a firearm an easy target. Yes, there is that. I’m a firm proponent […]

Quote of the Day: Arsenal Owners of America Unite!

“This is why the NRA is so extreme: The arsenal owners control it. Poll after poll shows that the NRA’s political positions do not in any way reflect the opinions of gun owners or even rank-and-file NRA members. The NRA is run by and for a group of people who have invested a huge amount of money, time and emotional energy in their gun collections. That takes them far outside the American mainstream but also makes them willing to fight so hard for unregulated guns that it seems completely irrational. But understand, to the arsenal owners, it isn’t.” – Bernie Horn, Gun Ownership […]

Pandora Airing Everytown for Gun Safety Anti-Gun Ads

TTAG reader RO writes; So I’m listening to one of my created favorite stations on Pandora this morning. It’s commercial time which I normally tune out. But I heard an odd mix of words that triggered my spidey sense. It was an Everytown for Gun Safety ad. Are you EXPLETIVE DELETED kidding me? I screen grabbed a pic. I […]