FOSSCAD 3D-printed Rifle Fires Larger “Deadlier” Round (7.62mm)

The era of the 3D printed gun is here. Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed kicked it off by creating the world’s first 3D-printed handgun: the Liberator. “The following year, they unveiled an AR-15 receiver capable of firing hundreds of 5.56mm rounds without fail,” reports. “This year, designers from FOSSCAD has (sic) raised the bar yet again. […]

First Genuine Death-by-TASER?

TASERs are painful. Incapacitating even (duh). But safe. Unless the TASEE’s hopped-up on some serious stimulants. Or the TASEE has previous health complaints. Or, usually, both. We know this because TASER aggressively defends each and every TASER-related lawsuit in court. And there have been a LOT of ambulance-chasers trying to milk that particular cash cow. None of which hit […]

Ten Range Bag Must-Haves

By Michael Wardlaw via Don’t you hate it when you get to the ballgame only to learn you forgot the tickets? Nothing will ruin a session on the range more quickly than leaving something at home. A well thought-out range bag will go a long way toward an efficient, enjoyable session . . .

Life in New Jersey: Brian Aitken in His Own Words

We’ve written about the Kafkaesque case of Brian Aitken before. You may have heard about what can happen to someone caught in America’s armpit with so much as a single .22 hollow point round. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says the Garden State’s hideous gun laws aren’t his fault. That’s probably true, at least in part. […]

Hunting: The Morning After Thanksgiving

Back in December, I regaled you with the story of getting busted by a doe and watching as one of the best whitetail bucks I’d ever seen ran off at full tilt. Looking back through the archives, I realized that I’d never gotten around to telling the story of the morning after that hunt. Still […]

Quote of the Day: That’ll Do Edition

“Kansans already have two documents granting them the right to concealed carry — the Constitution of the United States and the Kansas Constitution. That should be all they need.” – Kansas State Rep. Travis Couture-Lovelady in Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit [at]

The Five Best AR-15 Rifle Slings

By Norman Gray POMA Member Arizona ( –  The humble rifle sling is one of the most valued, yet strangely enough, under used part of a rifle. Anyone who has ever served their country or just hunted this great land knows the value of a rifle sling. It is used in the act of shooting, transporting your […]