Deconstructing a Warrantless Traffic Stop, Or What Illinois’ Finest Think of Your Fourth Amendment Rights

Reader Mike Kane writes: I sell packaging equipment for other companies and recently designed my own machine. One customer wanted details about how it works, and being reluctant to send pictures or video over the Internet before the final design is complete, I packed up the slide-in camper and headed to the Wolverine State. The presentation […]

Billy Johnson Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce “Protecting Liberty” Documentary

If you’ve never seen one of filmmaker Billy Johnson’s video commentaries – either his own, or those he used to produce through the NRA – you’re really missing something. No one out there presents clear, level-headed pro-2A analysis quite like he does. Now he’s launching a Kickstarter project to produce a full-length documentary with the goal […]

Reader: Mike Thompson is Not a ‘Fudd’

A reader who prefers to remain anonymous writes: Recently I read an article accusing Mike of being ‘Fudd’.  I am here to tell you right now Mike Thompson is not a ‘Fudd’ (as in Elmer Fudd of Buggs Bunny fame).  I have voted for Mike faithfully for years.  He has done many good things for my district. Charles Michael […]

Gun Review: Ruger Redhawk Hunter .44 Magnum

(This is a reader-submitted review) By Russ C in Alaska The Ruger Redhawk is Ruger’s flagship revolver, providing the user with the cannon-like firepower of the .44 Magnum since its introduction in 1979. The Redhawk is offered in several configurations; mine is the Hunter model, with a 7.5-inch barrel, ready to accept a scope, should you […]

Quote of the Day: Naturally Very Bitter Edition

“I understand that when the white men see their guns disappear into thin air before their very eyes—a fate that most certainly awaits them, due to the actual existence of an actual gun vaporizer over which I have complete actual control—they may feel distress or sadness. This is why my evil matriarchal regime will be collecting white […]

On Flinging Poo and the Right to Self-Defense

Reader Arthur Milton writes: This was originally intended as a response to Bruce Krafft’s ‘Schooling a Young Scholar‘ posted last week, but then realized I had quite a bit more to say. I once read a bumper sticker that said, “Our political discussion has been reduced to reading each other’s bumper stickers.” At the time, I chuckled and thought […]