Former Ohio LEO Guilty of Machine Gun Possession

A former member of the Greene County, Ohio Sheriff’s Office found himself in hot water thanks to a Heckler & Koch HK416 machine gun, reports the Dayton Daily News. Former Sheriff’s Maj. Eric Spicer was convicted in December of two counts related to the acquisition and possession of a machine gun. Specifically, he was found […]

Deconstructing a Warrantless Traffic Stop, Or What Illinois’ Finest Think of Your Fourth Amendment Rights

Reader Mike Kane writes: I sell packaging equipment for other companies and recently designed my own machine. One customer wanted details about how it works, and being reluctant to send pictures or video over the Internet before the final design is complete, I packed up the slide-in camper and headed to the Wolverine State. The presentation […]

Billy Johnson Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce “Protecting Liberty” Documentary

If you’ve never seen one of filmmaker Billy Johnson’s video commentaries – either his own, or those he used to produce through the NRA – you’re really missing something. No one out there presents clear, level-headed pro-2A analysis quite like he does. Now he’s launching a Kickstarter project to produce a full-length documentary with the goal […]

Personal Responsibility. What’s Your Policy?

After the war, when my father finally escaped the Nazi labor camps, he returned to his village of Oradea. There was nothing for him. His brothers had survived, but the Nazis had murdered his parents in Dachau. Villagers had taken his home, as they had taken the property, homes and lands of Jews throughout Europe. There was no work. No […]

ShotSpotter Fails. Again. Still.

We’ve been deriding the ShotSpotter gunshot detection system for years. It’s a hugely expensive technological “fix” that only fixes politicians’ need to be seen to be “doing something” about “gun violence.” Which is why you’ll find it in urban areas where “strict” gun control does even less to reduce firearms-related crime. The number of stories we’ve […]

Gun Hero of the Day: Browning Firearms

“When the people around Bogalusa and St. Tammany Parish learned that 16-year-old Leyton Page had lost his new shotgun while rescuing two boys in turbulent water Saturday they wanted to help. They raised $1,500 for Page,” reports. “Page refused to take a dollar of it, St. Tammany Fire District Chief Scott Brewer said. Instead, Page insisted […]

Gear/Gun Review: CZ 75 Kadet Adapter

Sure, .22 LR has been a bit hard to come by over the last couple of years. That’s a change from the norm, of course, where .22 LR was the choice for inexpensive practice. While owning dedicated .22 firearms is great — great for collecting, for fun, for plinking, hunting, and target shooting — .22 conversion […]

Texas-Based Clear Channel Donates Billboards to MA Anti-Gunner

“Beginning Tuesday, Stop Handgun Violence will be ‘saturating’ highway signs [in Massachusetts] at three-dozen locations across the state,” reports . . . The new highway signs being installed this week will read, ‘We’re Not Anti-Gun. We’re Pro-Life. Massachusetts Gun Laws Save Lives,’ and feature a Bushmaster XM-15 assault rifle, with a white surrender flag […]